Online Affiliations: what they are and how much you can earn

Online affiliations are a highly profitable business that allows you to earn directly from the web easily and quickly. However, it’s not easy to understand how to start this activity when you come across a lot of conflicting information and opinions while browsing the internet, which doesn’t fully help you understand the risks, benefits, and difficulties you may encounter in various online affiliate programs or networks.

Whether you have a website, a blog, or a social page, it’s right to search and choose the most profitable affiliations that are suitable for you. But how do you do it? Which one to choose? These are the most common questions you might have asked yourself, and you can delve into them professionally by following the specific Online Affiliate Marketing Course.

Meanwhile, to get a comprehensive answer and start your business, continue reading the article, and I’ll explain everything you need to know about the subject:

  • what they are and how to start working with online affiliations;
  • what the best online affiliate programs and networks are;
  • how Digital Coach’s affiliate program works;
  • what products or services you can sell through affiliations;
  • how much you can earn in a few simple steps.

What are Online Affiliations and how do they work

Online affiliation activities in digital marketing allow you to convert your digital channel’s traffic into money. How? By signing up for an Affiliate Program and inserting selected content into your blog or website. This makes it clear that to achieve interesting compensation, the monthly traffic to your online platform must be high enough.

If you don’t have your domain, there is also the option to join affiliate programs without a website. That is, by sharing your affiliate link on your social profiles or through links or banner ads linked to the products or services of the company you’re affiliated with. However, not all brands accept this second method.

Some insist on having a personal website, which I recommend because this way, you have the opportunity to create a much more scalable structure. Once you bring traffic, your website will work for you without the continuous sharing of links. Furthermore, with the established advent of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, you can create your website online even without programming skills.

The money conversion you will obtain is paid according to the “promotion method.” It defines the payment methods, which can be of 4 types:

  1. PPS, which is Pay Per Sale, where the commission is allocated for each sale made;
  2. PPL stands for Pay Per Lead, where earnings are measured based on how many contacts the affiliate can bring to the company;
  3. PPV, Pay Per View, allows you to earn based on the site’s visits;
  4. PPC is Pay Per Click, which distributes earnings based on clicks on the banner or affiliate link.

This type of activity is also called affiliate marketing. In its definition, it’s a sales channel where the affiliate, using a specific link provided by the company or affiliate network, sells a product, or service, or finalizes an action such as completing a form in exchange for a percentage. This percentage usually varies depending on the difficulty of the sale but is decided by the provider of the aforementioned affiliate link.

Before getting more specific, you should know that there are 2 ways to carry out online affiliation activities.

  1. organically: by sharing the link on social media, a personal blog, or articles written for other blogs;
  2. through advertising: where you invest a budget in advertising to be distributed on Google, Facebook, or other channels.

The main difference between the two lies in the type of investment: time in the first case, where there are no dissemination costs, but you work strategically on building an audience to whom you can show the products to sell; monetary in the second case, where it’s easier to generate traffic because the ads are immediately visible on various channels, but you will have to do the math to recoup advertising costs.


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Network vs. Online affiliate programs

Online affiliations in practice primarily consist of two players: the company that owns the service or products to be sold through affiliation, and the affiliate who is responsible for their promotion. When an affiliate collaborates with a company, what is called an affiliate program is initiated.

affiliations network

There is also a third player in this process, which is the affiliate network. It serves as an intermediary, where companies with products to sell include them in these networks, and people interested in selling the products or services, also known as affiliates, can turn directly to the network to start selling products from various brands within the network.

Now that you understand the difference between the two, you need to see the advantages and disadvantages of starting an online affiliation activity with a network rather than a program. I’ll go into more detail to help you understand how both work and which of the two types of collaboration might be more suitable for you.

Best affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are websites that offer a range of online affiliate campaigns, composed of various brands. Each network may specialize in specific niches, such as dating, adult content, fashion, electronics, or online service affiliations. Here are some examples:

  • MyLead. Excellent for beginners, it includes many famous international brands. It features e-commerce and well-known services like Shein, Canva, and Pandora but also offers distinct opportunities in niches such as finance, dating, and betting.
  • TradeTracker. One of the largest and most structured in Europe, with over 20 offices in various European countries. It offers brands in the fashion, travel, marketplace, and publishing sectors.
  • Finance ADS. Located in Germany, it specializes in finance, banks, and financial products.
  • Awin. A pillar in the online affiliate network market, it has been collaborating with major brands for over 20 years, boasting partnerships with nearly 250,000 affiliates.

What they all have in common is that they retain a commission on each product/service sold. For example, if the company, commonly referred to as the advertiser, offers 15% whenever the target is reached, the network site takes 4%, and the affiliate gets 11%. To choose among the best online affiliate networks, you should evaluate based on your interests, skills, or the topics covered on your blog and the niches you want to address.

Best affiliate programs

If you are not sure about joining large affiliate networks, perhaps because you prefer direct contact with the company you want to collaborate with, you might be interested in finding online affiliate programs that suit you.

The choice of the affiliate program should be based primarily on the relevant niche you want to tap into and the degree of reliability of the brand. Some online affiliate programs offer very high percentages and commissions but may not always align with search engine policies or, even worse, the law, which could harm even a simple affiliate.

Therefore, the advice is to opt for more evergreen solutions, even if they offer lower commissions. Consider relying on brands that provide the opportunity to earn online through affiliations more steadily in the long run.

To this end, I can suggest some excellent solutions both in terms of commissions and support for those entering the online affiliate business.

  • Amazon. It’s the most famous marketplace globally, and many wonder how to collaborate with Amazon and, indeed, how much can you earn with Amazon affiliations. Given the ease of selling its products, the percentages are not among the highest; they can vary from a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 12/13%. It also has the feature of being able to earn from indirect sales. If a user enters the site through your affiliate link and, instead of buying the product to which you directed them, they buy another product, you still receive a percentage.
  • Siteground. It’s a WordPress hosting service that manages around 2 million domains and offers very attractive commissions. Commissions start at a minimum of $40 per sale and can exceed $75 per sale. For those who can generate high volumes, personalized commissions are also available. What characterizes this online affiliate program is the support, and equipped with excellent promotional tools.
  • Booking. If you are passionate about travel, Booking offers very interesting services. Its commissions range from 25% to 40%. Your earnings will depend on the volume you can generate. There are certainly good opportunities to earn with the online affiliate programs in tourism that this platform offers.
  • Fiverr. It’s a freelance platform with multiple ways to monetize. For every service you sell, it’s essential to understand whether it can be part of a one-time purchase or if it involves regularly purchased services. The two main options are Fiverr CPA, the basic mode where you receive a fixed fee for each new user making their first purchase on the platform through your affiliate link, and Fiverr Hybrid, in which you can earn an additional 10% commission for each subsequent purchase after the first.
  • Shein. It’s a fashion brand, certainly one of the most sought-after online affiliate programs. The reason is its attractive percentages (between 10% and 20% for each sale) and possible bonus opportunities for promotions. Unlike other programs like Amazon, which allow you to earn from indirect sales, the commission will be granted only if the item linked in your referral is sold.

Digital Coach Online Affiliate Program

Last but not least, I would like to point you to one of the best online affiliate programs of a company that for more than a decade now has been consolidated in the training market, growing more and more both qualitatively in terms of the courses it offers, and quantitatively in terms of its staff, turnover, number of collaborators and affiliates.

With Digital Coach’s online affiliations, it is possible to earn up to 30 percent on courses and programs, thus combining the possibility of collaborating with a solid and reliable reality, with very high commissions when compared to the average of other brands of similar magnitude.

To monetize with Digital Coach’s online affiliations, you need to sign up for its Affiliate Program. The steps are quick and easy: to become an affiliate, simply fill out the appropriate form by typing in your first name, last name, email, password, and PayPal address. Once your application is accepted, you will have access to your dashboard, which will contain your personal affiliate links.

Through affiliations you will be able to:

  • start a business that allows you to supplement your salary;
  • earn money in a clear and transparent way;
  • manage everything via the web;
  • become a partner of the best digital training school

How much can you earn with Online Affiliations?

Earnings from online affiliations depend on various factors. In addition to the niche and the percentages that each program can offer, one of the main factors is certainly the traffic generated on your website or your social media page.

In addition to qualitative work, you must also focus on quantitative work. This is because only a small percentage of users who visit your content will make a purchase or perform the action for which the brand will pay a commission. Therefore, the more traffic you can bring to your channels, the higher the number of this small percentage of users.

how to earn with online affiliations

At this point, you might still have some questions:

  • which products to sell through affiliation?
  • what are the most profitable online affiliations?

For the first point, a correct market analysis needs to be done. In many cases, you can learn by doing, even as a self-taught affiliate. You can learn by making ”mistakes” and then adjusting your approach. One piece of advice I’d like to give is to assess the difficulty levels of the products you want to sell through affiliations.

Some of these characteristics can be margins and sales difficulty. Products such as home automation, sports accessories, beauty, and personal care products require a certain technical knowledge of the subject. However, they generally have higher margins compared to products like smartphone accessories, for instance, where the topic is simpler, and the margins are lower for each product sold.

Regarding the second point, to earn online with affiliations, consider whether you already have channels where you discuss specific topics, something you are knowledgeable or passionate about. This way, you can easily find collaboration with a company interested in advertising its e-commerce by someone who knows the products they sell. If you are starting from scratch, it is advisable to begin with programs that are already fairly well-known and established. While they often offer slightly lower percentages, they are easier to sell.

If you want to find more profitable affiliations, with less risk of ethical issues, you can explore the solutions listed above, which offer attractive commissions along with security.

At this point, it is essential to address one last topic when diving into the online affiliate business or other entrepreneurial activities in general: taxation.

If you are wondering how to declare earnings from online affiliations, know that it is best to consult a tax consultant. There are conflicting pieces of information on the internet and elsewhere, activities carried out continuously, as is the case with an affiliation collaboration, it requires the issuance of invoices to be submitted to the Revenue Agency.

Conclusion and free consultation

Now that you have reached this point and have seen some examples of online affiliation programs to earn online, networks, and Digital Coach’s program, you have certainly gathered enough information to start operating and find your way in the online affiliate business. If you feel ready, you just need to start practicing and get your hands dirty to see if you’re truly cut out for it.

However, if you want to be more cautious and rightly think that by collecting all the information you need strategically, you could avoid making mistakes that would cost you a lot of time and, above all, a lot of money, you can book a free strategic consultation. You will have an expert at your disposal for an hour who can guide you on the path that suits your needs or provide you with the best information about our affiliate program.

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