Optimize YouTube Channel: the secrets and best techniques

Are you an aspiring content creator on YouTube? Interested in mastering the secrets and top strategies to optimize YouTube channel?

YouTube stands as one of the most influential search engines today, drawing in an impressive 120 million daily users and significantly boosting views and engagement for countless videos.

Given the substantial traffic opportunity, it’s not surprising that content creators gravitate toward YouTube to increase the viewership of their content. And with SEO, optimizing a YouTube channel is now easier than ever.

There are several reasons to consider optimizing your YouTube channel:

  • Increases Overall Visibility
  • Boosts Engagement
  • Drives Traffic
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Improves Conversions

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Optimize YouTube Channel: what is it?

What does “optimizing a YouTube channel” mean? It’s simple: highlighting your account by adopting some measures of SEO for YouTube that can improve the visibility of your videos in searches.

This applies to both app users and desktop users, so you’ll understand that it’s a necessary practice to ensure the success of your content.

By paying attention to certain aspects, you’ll find that the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) will be generous to you, which means landing more traffic on your channel… and therefore more views!

Tricks of the trade

There’s no magic formula that instantly attracts a significant number of users to your platform, but there are some factors that influence the ranking on YouTube’s search engine, which seem to be very similar to Google’s.

Starting from these elements, we can change the perception of our content by applying some optimization secrets.

What are the ranking factors?

As mentioned, it’s not a static rule, but some elements are clear. Some of these are the main ranking factors, including watch time, video length, number of subscribers, and number of interactions.

How can they influence the success of a video? Let’s get into the specifics of each variable.

Average watch time of a video

Knowing how long a user stays on the page while the video is playing is important because it provides information about the relevance of our content: it’s logical that the longer the stay, the more interesting our channel will be.

So, creating well-crafted videos that attract users also improves the chances of ranking in the SERP. It follows that this tactic allows you to optimize your YouTube channel effectively.

optimize youtube channel tips

Video length

A comprehensive, well-researched, and interesting video usually should exceed 10 minutes in duration, indicating that the topic has been thoroughly explored, and providing a complete answer to the viewer’s questions.

Of course, it’s advisable not to overdo it and add unnecessary minutes that make the viewing experience boring.

How many subscribers does the channel have?

The number of subscribers is an important credibility message that reaches YouTube’s algorithm and contributes to favorable ranking points. Having many subscribers means gaining the trust of users.

If you are trying to optimize your YouTube channel, you need to be as attractive as possible to those who land on your platform in order to “retain” them.

Check the number of interactions

How many shares does that video have? How many comments are there? How many likes has it received? Anything that involves user action indicates the viewer’s willingness to engage.

If the call to action is effective, it can be seen through the realization of these actions. Keeping track of these aspects means understanding how to optimize a YouTube channel.


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The key points of optimizing a YouTube channel

After learning about the major factors that influence ranking in YouTube’s SERP, it’s time to discover the main secrets to direct traffic to our channel effectively.

Keywords and channel name

As you already know, it’s important to have the keyword on which your content production is based in your channel’s name. So, not only in the title of the video you are optimizing but also in your channel title.

This is rule number one to attract the attention of indexing, even for Google’s SERP.

The importance of the “About Us” Page

It happens that this space remains empty: never! This container must be filled because YouTube is a perfect place to show the first 48 characters on the results page.

Not only does it provide the user with a clear picture of who you are, but it proves to be a formidable snippet capable of enriching your video with content.

In this case, too, the rule of keywords applies: wherever possible, insert as many keywords as possible because they give greater prominence in terms of ranking.

Always in the logic of common sense, though: never exceed, but resort to the use of numerous free tools (for example, SEMRush and Google Search Console) that can suggest the best keywords for you.

Pay attention to the trailer!

Every channel can use a presentation trailer lasting 30-60 seconds, with which you can go straight to the users’ attention. Seize this opportunity by asking for subscriptions to your channel, not only vocally but also by introducing a textual message in the video.

The optimization of the YouTube channel also involves a pleasant and captivating opening.


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Never forget the keyword tags

YouTube Tags or keyword tags, what are they? These are the labels that allow you to index your YouTube channel more accurately, just like you can do with a website.

You can find them in the Advanced Settings tab, and not using this option would mean missing a golden opportunity.

The first 15 seconds are like a gold mine

Maximizing the first 15 seconds means keeping viewers on the video for the rest of its duration. This is because, in that initial viewing portion, the user will decide whether to watch the content all the way through or skip it.

So, be interesting at the beginning but also give those on your channel at that moment a chance to understand what to expect in the following minutes of viewing. In those 15 seconds, you capture the audience’s attention!

never forget youtube tags

Playlist or no playlist?

Definitely yes to playlists! This is a trick that encourages users to stay on your channel. If your video is in a playlist you created, once it ends, YouTube will automatically move on to the next one.

So, this is a method to increase the time viewers can spend on your platform, moving from one interesting content to another.

Improve thumbnails

Until some time ago, thumbnails were static. Now, by hovering over them, they are animated. Not everyone, however, knows that they can be customized.

This can make your channel unique, encouraging the user to choose you over someone else because your originality has hit the mark. A bit of creativity is all it takes to combine colors, banners, and patterns effectively.

Choose a strategy based on synergies

Optimizing a YouTube channel requires skills in SEO as well since it’s about combining forces for the most effective strategy. Even though it’s YouTube, other digital marketing concepts are valuable allies in creating an effective communication plan.

As reiterated, there are no strict rules, but certainly, suggestions that can increase the views of your videos and allow better positioning in the YouTube SERP for your content.

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