Personal Marketing: what it is and how to do it [mini-guide]

What is Personal Marketing? Literally speaking, Personal marketing is translated as marketing oneself. So, to give a definition to this scenario, we can say:

The strategy of Personal Marketing on social networks is based on defining our strengths and effectively communicating them by asking some questions: What can I do? How do I do it? What are my strengths and what do I offer? Why am I better or different from my competitors?

Normally, personal marketing, self-marketing, and personal branding are used as synonyms. Other terms used are self-branding and self-positioning. Although we can offer a clear distinction between these three ways of personal marketing:

  • Self-marketing can be understood as all communication activities, both online and offline, aimed at promoting oneself in one’s profession and career.
  • Personal branding, on the other hand, concerns one’s personal reputation and how one is perceived by their target market.
  • Personal marketing, therefore, is the process by which a person can position themselves distinctly in the market, especially in their profession and career.

The advent of Web 2.0 in recent years has led to an evolution of communication methodologies. In fact, interpersonal relationships, at this historical moment, are dictated by communication on Social Media. Nowadays, especially older individuals, seek information of all kinds through Social Media, starting from news articles to sunglasses sales.

The modern World Wide Web allows us to interact with users of all kinds and ages through social channels, so Personal Marketing is important to gain recognition in terms of your career!

By social networking, we mean the process of building and developing an online social network for business or leisure purposes using digital tools such as social media. Personal Branding is, therefore, the reputation we create for ourselves on the web, everything we do on the Internet, on social networks, forums, and the values we communicate through the web, all contribute to creating a positive image of ourselves online.

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Who engages in Personal Marketing

As already implied in the previous lines, Personal Branding is a process used by those who are looking for a job or want to change careers, those who have a freelance profession, those who want to take their work to a level of excellence, and those who have a professional activity to develop.

personal marketing examples

In fact, the classic Curriculum Vitae is now a thing of the past, as an employer wants to know not only your skills but also what you can actually do. How does it do that? The Curriculum is in progress!

Now our resume is Google, because by typing our name, everything we have created, done, written, and shared on the internet comes up, and this has a concrete effect on how the internet talks about us. So, managing your digital profile well is essential, it’s also necessary to clean up inconsistent statuses and posts with our values because the web is a presentation of ourselves, especially for those who use it as a professional tool.


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How to do Personal Marketing

  • Strategy: Having a strategy is the best starting point for defining your goals. This doesn’t mean just a mental outline of what could be done to gain an online presence. It requires putting pen to paper and creating your Personal Marketing editorial plan. In this plan, for a given period, you should detail what you intend to publish, topics to discuss, preferred channels, and more to give purpose to your actions. The best method is to use the personal branding canvas in PDF format. In essence, you need to establish a funnel of content types for each period. The ideal sequence would be:

personal marketing strategy

  • Microcontent: Making yourself known and generating hype to gain followers on social media;
  • Content: Demonstrating your skills and expertise, akin to running a blog;
  • Relationships: Enhancing communication with users through newsletters and the so-called Soap Opera Sequence, which involves scheduling promotional emails that we receive daily.
  • Create an identity: An important premise is to showcase your activities and life without being ostentatious. It’s important to note that storytelling is crucial for Personal Marketing; ultimately, making yourself known means talking about yourself. However, it’s essential to avoid exaggeration and becoming tedious. In creating a Personal Branding identity, you need to stand out on the web. How do you reach a broad audience without using social networks? The first step is to join various platforms such as:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Best Practices:

  • Register with Gravatar: It allows you to manage all your social networks from a single place, namely Gravatar.
  • Simplify the search: To be more recognizable on social networks, it’s advisable to use similar or identical profile pictures, backgrounds, and page colors. This practice is prevalent among Personal Blog experts, as the human eye associates similar images or colors, making it easier for readers to remember you.
  • Target: Identifying your target audience is a critical step. It can either significantly increase user interaction, have no effect, or even decrease it. The target is the main focus of your content, and it should not deviate excessively from other topics. Here are some tips for choosing the right target:
  • Know the target: It may seem basic, but choosing a topic you know nothing about will make it challenging to discuss content.
  • Know your readers: Having information about your content consumers is crucial to understanding their preferred topics, and reading style, and to avoiding criticism for unwanted content.
  • Differentiate: In a saturated or potentially saturated industry, the goal is to stand out in various aspects. Communicating this distinctiveness to readers is essential for them to choose you for your uniqueness compared to other content.
  • Personal Blog: Setting aside all the preliminary strategies in creating a Personal Brand, let’s define that the true starting point for Personal Marketing actions is the creation of a Personal Blog. The blog is the central hub because it allows you to showcase what you do, and what you sell, and highlight your role on the web. Why is a personal blog important?

personal marketing plan

  1. Gathering Audience: Attracts new users.
  2. Clear Vision of USP: Unique Selling Proposition, is nothing more than identifying yourself in a role on the web. In other words, defining “Who you are? What do you do? Why people should follow you?”
  3. Visual Identity: On the web, the visual aspect is crucial as it determines the user experience on the blog. The visual identity encompasses colors, design, logo color, and stylistic choices for your blog; and if someone in the world has decided to spend $15,000 to change the Visual Identity of their WordPress, I would trust it!
  4. Results: It’s what users/customers expect to get from us, the reason they are reaching out to us. People don’t contact us because we are attractive or friendly but because they want a specific product or service from us. Especially, when searching for a professional who can do their job quickly and cost-effectively, we need to leverage this!
  5. Testimonials: Reviews reassure customers. In a world of scams and inexperience on the web, people rarely trust us if they don’t know us and only have reviews from others in their favor. Let’s make use of it! How? By asking for a review at the end of the job.
  6. Copywriting: Writing on the web doesn’t mean writing an essay or adhering to all the writing criteria we all know. In fact, writing this way on the web can only drive users away because we interact with users of all kinds, so we need to make ourselves understood by everyone! Copywriting is the primary tool to resonate with your “Tone Of Voice.” Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to be expressive, and even use strong words if it comes from within. Being understood, and effectively communicating our role and work is what matters most in Web 2.0.


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Personal Marketing Video

In recent years, the practice of replacing images with videos has been steadily increasing. The mass conversion of those working in the digital realm happened swiftly. According to a US study, the click-through rate of a video ad is 17 times higher than that of a static ad.

As a result of this study, those involved in Personal Branding also adopted this practice. The rise of video in a blogger’s life was driven by the advent of two platforms, Snapchat first, and then Instagram. These platforms allow us to share daily life stories, and those who capitalized on this trend became known on the web.

Why should we be interested in other people’s lives? I wondered the same, and I concluded that on social media, we follow those who interest us, becoming passionate about their lives and forming a connection even if that person may not even know we exist. Videos are the essence of Personal Marketing, helping us get noticed, showcase what we do, and explain to people why they should choose us over someone else.

It was interesting to discover how a blog’s visibility could increase significantly with a simple video, as in the case of Dario Vignali. He simply narrated his story in a video shot in New York, resulting in a significant increase in audience.

Mobile Video

The rise of video, to condense content and make it more engaging for readers, goes hand in hand with the dominance of the Mobile experience over desktops. According to a recent Google analysis, 98% of individuals aged 18 to 34 who own smartphones (81%) use them to watch video content. Thanks to Personal Marketing Video (PMV), which combines the visual impact of video messages with CRM data capable of delivering them to the highest potential for conversion.

Practicing Personal Branding by riding the wave of video and mobile is a smart move that only a few have missed. It has been understood from studies that those who browse the internet or social media visually select what they want to read and what they don’t, given the vast amount of content available.

Conversely, the video experience is less likely to be skipped. Consequently, the situation is similar for your own blogs in Google searches as it is for sponsorship on social media channels.

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Why Personal Marketing

It’s a common question for those who are not familiar with the digital world, and in many cases, it’s believed that wanting to do Personal Marketing means wanting to become a web celebrity or simply having an inflated ego.

In reality, those who engage in this simply aim to have relevance on the web, not to be talked about by everyone, but at least talked about by employers. The reasons that drive people to build their personal brand are many; here are the most important ones:

  1. Employment: Given the historical period and the job opportunities, trying to cultivate one’s own skills and have future certainties is relevant. In fact, Personal Marketing helps us create a well-defined professional profile that will provide us with more opportunities in this regard.
  2. Assistance: Since it is a form of marketing that involves interacting with people, it can help us surround ourselves with people who can help us and who, in turn, will support us for common interests.
  3. Communication: Managing our professional image in terms of content, images, and videos encourages us to develop this skill, which certainly cannot be created in a week.
  4. Added Value to the Company: Knowing how to market ourselves is a quality that new companies admire because, through an individual’s network, they can expand their company’s network. This practice is called Employment Marketing.
  5. Opportunities: Generating income and a following that respects you will undoubtedly pave the way for great opportunities; it’s noticeable when you work well.

According to a study by Mark Schaefer, a model of key points has been devised that aims at creating a relevant Personal Brand. The points of contact between people that Schaefer has identified as an example of a successful Personal Brand include:

business is-personal mark schaefer

  • Great interest in a specific topic;
  • A predefinedplace to publish content;
  • Publishing excellent content consistently for years;
  • Significant effort in building a sufficiently large audience.


Real Case

Let’s consider the practical example of Tim Ferriss to talk about one of the best successful examples of Personal Marketing in the world. Tim Ferriss is the famous author of “The 4-Hour Work Week,” a book that was a New York Times #1 bestseller. It has sold over 1.5 million copies in thirty-five languages worldwide and remains one of the best-selling publications. Hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide have used Tim’s ideas from the 4-hour workweek to create their own success stories and create a lifestyle of their choice.

The 4-Hour Workweek remains Tim’s most famous work, and the brand he built around it has helped him become a league A forever. Today, his blog at receives over 2.4 million visitors per month, his podcasts from “The Tim Ferriss Show” get over 100 million downloads, and he is featured in Mashable’s top 5 Must-Follow Twitter accounts. Aside from the dazzle, Tim’s freestyle business and his status in the “A league” allow him to live a lifestyle of his choice, or as he puts it.

Thanks to the fame gained with the book’s publication, where he explains this 4-hour-based lifestyle, he made himself a lifestyle model. Tim was able to do Personal Marketing by writing a book, capturing the readers’ attention, and making himself a role model to the point of becoming known worldwide. Of course, he continues his Personal Marketing practice, leveraging emerging Social Media.

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