Pinterest Ads: guide to creating high-performance ads

Pinterest Ads is the online advertising platform of the eponymous social network created specifically for the growing number of content creators, businesses, and professionals who decide to use it to create a digital marketing strategy.

Sponsored Pins represent an incredibly effective tool for intercepting a large number of users who use the platform daily in a simple and targeted way.

As you know, nowadays, social channels are an essential means for both personal branding and managing the online presence of a business, regardless of its sector.     

With a Social Media Manager Course and Personal Branding Course you will acquire the necessary preparation to manage the most popular social networks, including Pinterest, learning how they work and using them as advertising channels.

In this article, you will see how to use Pinterest Advertising and its advantages. In particular:

  • What Pins are?
  • Why start advertising Pins?
  • How to set up advertising campaigns with Pinterest Ads?

Why use Pinterest Advertising?

As in the case of many other social media, Pinterest also allows the creation of sponsored content. But how do Pinterest Ads work?

In 2019, the business version of Pinterest was launched, a service designed for all members who want to advertise their pins, increasing visibility and dissemination among their target audience.

pinterest ads best practices

But what advantages can the use of this advertising tool guarantee?

A hybrid between a search engine and a social platform, the Pinterest platform is now a showcase par excellence for visual content, whether it be images, photos, or short videos. It is a kind of large virtual pinboard online, very simple and intuitive to use.

Each member can create and share new Pins, which are like bookmarks that people use to save their favorite content on the Pinterest platform, as well as save those published by other users in their pinboards.

In light of this, have you ever thought that utilizing Pinterest Ads could be a useful tool for your business?

More and more people are using this platform to seek new creative ideas, find inspiration for a personal project, or get excellent shopping recommendations, whether it’s for clothing, furniture, or a car.

Knowing how to advertise on Pinterest is essential to achieving various strategic goals and represents an excellent opportunity to reach that portion of the audience that might be most interested in your content, products, or services.

Let me give you an example, you are a small artisan who wants to sell their products with Shopify and increase the online presence of their storefront. With Pinterest Ads, you can increase visibility by using multiple channels.


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Pinterest Ads in numbers

While not yet able to compete with giants like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest has seen significant growth in recent years: a positive trend that shows no signs of reversing.

There are now over 459 million active users who use the site every month. The topics that interest pinners from around the world are diverse, ranging from fashion and beauty to travel, food, and technological devices.

The reasons to use Pinterest Ads go beyond the broad user base.  As reported on the official platform website, 73% of surveyed users declare using ideas provided by the social network to organize a new project, while 67% state that they try and test the saved suggestions in real life.

But perhaps the most important data is another, a whopping 78% of subscribers use the platform to be inspired in their purchases. This means that the average Pinterest user is highly likely to buy what they have searched for.

A real boon for those familiar with the tools offered by Pinterest Business, who have some knowledge of social media marketing and know how to optimize their content marketing strategy.

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How to create ads with Pinterest Ads

Before using Pinterest Ads as a business tool, it’s important to understand how it works and learn to optimize ads based on your business goals.

Here are the main steps to follow to create effective and targeted campaigns.

Pinterest login or opening of the business account

The fundamental requirement to sponsor pins with Pinterest Ads is to have access to a business-type account.

If you don’t have one, don’t worry, creating a business profile is a simple and free operation:

  • Go to the registration page of Pinterest Business which is
  • Fill in the required fields and click on the “Sign up” option.
  • Complete the profile by adding additional information about your brand and an avatar consistent with its image.
  • You can also receive personalized tips based on the type of business.

If you already use the social platform and have a personal profile, you can request a simple account conversion. After logging in with the Pinterest Business account, you can start creating sponsored content by clicking on the “create ad” command.

pinterest business account

Define campaign objective

Now you can move on to creating an advertising campaign, the broadest level in the “hierarchy” of advertisement in Pinterest Ads.

Having a clear understanding of the sponsorship goal is crucial to increase your chances of success. Once set up, the campaign can be edited or duplicated at any time.

Go to the Report section and click on edit. It is worth noting that there is also the opportunity to publish a single sponsored ad, and it is the first option shown when you start creating an ad.

Undoubtedly, it is a faster and simpler procedure, but to outline a complete and long-term strategy, it is preferable to set up a campaign from the beginning.

set up a campaign

Pinterest Ads allows you to choose among 3 different strategic objectives:

campaign objective

1. Increase awareness

The first step in a good marketing plan is to make your brand or company known to as wide an audience as possible. Choosing this goal is suitable for those who want to build brand awareness, increasing the spread and visibility of their pins or video views.

If you decide to select this option, with Pinterest Ads, you can outline the details from the start, such as the name, the daily spending limit, and the weekly limit. The budget will not be set in the campaign settings but in the subsequent steps related to the ad group.

You can also set the pacing (i.e., how often funds are withdrawn from the budget) and the target CPM rate, which is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a single view.

2. Increase consideration

This is the goal to aim for if you are interested in increasing traffic to the website or social channels generated by clicks on advertised pins.

By choosing this mode, you can decide, at the campaign level, the specific amount to allocate to sponsorship. Once chosen, the budget will be automatically distributed by the system to optimize the CPC (cost per click).

Currently, consideration is the only goal of Pinterest Ads whose spending can be set at the campaign level, not at the ad group level. Additionally, you can decide whether the sponsorship should run continuously or on selected specific dates.

3. Achieve conversions

An interesting and captivating visual presentation is one of the keys to generating interest in objects and services. As already considered, a very high percentage of subscribers have a good propensity to make purchases.

Most users who use the platform are interested in buying new items or services. Among the adjustable goals of Pinterest Ads is the increase in actions taken on your site and promoting products for sale.

If you choose this strategic goal, you should know that before activating it, you’ll need to activate the verified Pinterest tag, necessary when opting for conversions to monitor traffic data.

Installing the tag is not particularly complex, the advertising platform will provide all the instructions to do it without too many problems.

install  pinterest tag

Shopping Ads

If your main goal is advertising products, you’ll be interested in Shopping Ads. Let’s talk about the most suitable sponsorship method for selling with Pinterest Ads.

But how do you use this feature? The first step is to add products to the “Catalogs” section, once done, you can promote them as Shopping Ads.

You’ll need to select the “catalog product sale” option, a subcategory of the conversion goal, and then proceed with the campaign setup as usual.

The advantage of using this option is that you won’t need to select a target. Thanks to the information provided about the product, the Pinterest Ads platform will target the audience most interested in purchasing.

The potential of Shopping Ads doesn’t end there, and in addition to individual ads, you can create real collections of products by associating an entire group of related images with a pin (always set on catalogs).

Among other things, this Pinterest Ads option allows you to set up a retargeting campaign, a useful function to reach those who have already shown interest in your products for sale, visited your e-commerce, or added products to the cart without making a purchase.


Unless you have an almost unlimited budget to invest, you surely know it’s impossible to reach all web users with your content.

To make Pinterest Ad campaigns as targeted as possible, it’s crucial to manage targeting properly. The platform offers various options to select the potential pool of interested users.

  • Reconnect with users: the targeting will be set on people who have previously interacted with the pins you’ve posted.
  • Find new customers: the audience consists of pinners who haven’t interacted with the profile but share interests and activities in line with the target.
  • Choose the audience: Pinterest Ads allows you to customize your target to the maximum. This way, you can manually manage many different parameters, including interests and demographics. You’ll also have the option to set the advertising placement, choosing where your pins will be displayed (feed or searches).

choose your target audience

Ad creation

Now it’s finally time for the actual creation of the ad. You’re ready to unleash your creativity! Choose images and formats that best represent the brand or product you want to sell, take inspiration from Pinterest trends, and create your pin.

Remember to choose a title and description consistent with the image, containing keywords relevant to your industry and interesting for users. Also, remember to incorporate the link to your website as well.

ads creation

Depending on the preferences set during campaign creation, pins will appear in search results, the feed, or related pins.

Visually, Pinterest Ads look like regular pins, you can choose from the same configurations, with the only difference being the indication of sponsored content.

The available formats are as follows:

  • Single photo ad
  • App installs ad
  • Video ad (standard and maximum width)
  • Shopping ads (which, as mentioned earlier, include single ads and collections)
  • Carousel ad (composed of multiple images)

Pinterest Ads costs and differences from other social platforms

How much does advertising on Pinterest cost? It’s difficult to say exactly how much online advertising on Pinterest costs, but we can discuss estimates and try to make comparisons with other social platforms.

I won’t consider Google Ads because it plays in a different league. That said, is this social platform worthwhile? Yes!

Specifically, let’s analyze the CPC (cost per click). “Pinterest Ads cost” has an average of $1.50, which is very good compared to other channels. For Instagram, it’s $3.56, $3.21 for YouTube, and $0.97 for Facebook.

With a good ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), meaning the return on money invested in a campaign, it can be defined that Pinterest Ads are much more cost-effective compared to many other platforms and with greater efficiency in advertising campaigns.

Using Pinterest Advertising can prove to be an excellent marketing strategy, especially considering the automatic bids, where the platform itself adjusts your bids automatically to maximize performance.

Thus, allowing you to reduce expenses and increase results.


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Conclusion and strategic advice

By now, you will have understood how to succeed on Pinterest and that the opportunities provided by social advertising are truly limitless.

Now more than ever, it is important to learn how to leverage all marketing tools to stand out from the competition and allow the audience to appreciate your added value.

Undoubtedly, Pinterest Ads are an excellent tool to build a winning digital strategy and showcase your services and products on one of the most visible platforms on the internet.

Optimizing social media advertising capabilities is not a walk in the park, however, you can seek the advice of an expert by requesting Completely Free Strategic Coaching.

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