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Hi, while wandering around various sites I became very curious about a social media management tool called PostPickr, have you ever heard of it? It is a truly formidable tool that gathers all your content by topic, type, or category and automatically imports it into your social platforms, saving you up to 70%.

I would like to tell you more about it, if you are interested, read on for more information. Quotes from your official team: it is the most efficient system for scheduling and publishing your content on multiple social networks.

Manage personal profiles, company pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, company pages, and Linkedin groups in one environment.

PostPickr, how it was born

It was born about five years ago as a result of a small algorithm created by Antonello Fratepietro, a founder of the app together with Maurizio Lotito and Maria Miracapillo, who, at programmed frequencies, would choose a link from his favorite youtube playlists and automatically publish it on his Facebook profile.

This is how this Apulian start-up was born, made up of three guys who decided to call it PostPickr, a truly innovative and intuitive creation with the aim of collecting and selecting content to share on social networks.

After launching the first prototype 6 months later, PostPickr immediately managed to collect its first subscribers, growing more and more until it reached 5000 subscribers.

Definitely a revolutionary app, it was created with the intention of consolidating and affirming the product on a national level and then expanding and focusing on an international level.

postpickr login

Who chooses PostPickr?

Honestly, everyone can use PostPickr, even if you use two accounts and you are a novice in e-commerce, you can use it right from the start.


  • Companies or individual professionals
  • Publishers or bloggers
  • Fledgling start-ups

In short, anyone who wants to use social channels strategically without wasting time and then reinvesting it in other future projects.

The person who uses PostPickr is the Social Media Manager. Take the test and find out if your profile is in line with this profession

social media manager test eng

PostPickr, what it is, and how it works

PostPickr is a social media tool with the aim of automating tasks and reducing workload, whether you have to manage a single page or an entire set of social channels for your customers.

The purpose of this app is to simplify the lives of businessmen, and if you too are tired of publishing content on various social networks by hand, I highly recommend using this application, and why?

Because thanks to this app you can save up to 70% of your time, isn’t that brilliant? I don’t know what social network you are using, but there are so many of them and programming content takes a lot of time. What can you do with this app?

What PostPickr allows you to do

Thanks to PostPickr you have the possibility to:

  • Create enriched text with the integrated emoji picker.
  • Attach photos or galleries of images together with the possibility of editing them with the integrated photo editor.
  • Schedule and publish videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., uploading them from your computer or Google Drive.
  • Customize your links with Rebrandly, Bitly, or Google.
  • Save content to specific Facebook albums or Pinterest boards.
  • Create posts targeted by location, language, and demographic segments.
  • Plan a single publication in advance or automatically republish the post as many times as you like and according to your preference.
  • Engage interaction with the community directly from within the platform.
  • Audience: analysis of the audience of each project for performance measurement.
  • Mobile app: provides another advantage over other competitors, it works well.

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Managing Posts

When you decide to create content, all the files you create will be published in the post section, which you can use to search, edit, reuse, and organize them to your liking very quickly. I will briefly explain how to use them, but open PostPickr and follow me step by step.

post management

Go to the main menu, click on the content item, and select the post item from the drop-down menu. You will see a chronological list of all posts generated in the following project:

Initially, the first individually scheduled posts will be displayed, followed by published posts, saved in address books or archived, depending on when you created or last edited them.

  • Filter the list of posts: in the right-hand column there are a number of filters that, used individually or in combination, will allow you to quickly find the content you are looking for. Use the type drop-down menu to view: already published posts, individually scheduled posts, posts that generated an error and were not published, etc.
  • Post information: in the header of the post, the profile picture and the name of the social channel, the type of content, the date of publication, scheduling, saving, or last modification of the post is shown. The channel name and associated information are clickable and act as a quick filter. Clicking on the badge will open a pop-up with information about the author of the post and the date of the last modification.
  • Edit and approve posts: Click on the light blue arrow at the top right of the post to access the post options menu. Click on the edit item to open the post editor and edit the content (fields may vary depending on the content). If the post is subject to the approval process, click on the approve/remove approval item to approve or put it back on approval. Following these steps click on the archive item to manually archive a post. To later view all archived posts, use the filter list type>archived posts, in combination with the other available filters. If the post was automatically archived after publication via a section, you can put it back in the original section by choosing the “put back in section” item which will appear in the options menu

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Editorial calendar

PostPickr gives you the possibility of planning an editorial plan for up to a maximum of 1 month, where you can easily determine day by day the content to be published in the various social networks

Once you have planned your calendar, posts will automatically start according to your choices. Furthermore, if you have made any mistakes or are undecided about your planning, you have the possibility to change your schedule and the content available in the headings or individual posts.

Postpickr has a license that corresponds to the most classic freemium system. It means that you can experiment with a small number of social accounts with certain functions for free, and then move on to more specific things for a fee if you need to use additional tools for more complicated needs.

Like so many other applications PostPickr is half free and half paid, but think about it: it gives you the opportunity to start immediately and save time for free with up to 3 social accounts at the same time.

In my opinion definitely a very powerful weapon, 3 accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube could be enough to monitor a brand in social channels without complaining.  If you have a very famous brand like Amazon and 3 social accounts are not enough, I strongly recommend downloading the paid version to be more comfortable.

post subscription plan

There are several subscription plans and PostPickr gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a 30-day free trial, with no obligation to provide a credit card.

  • Professional: €19 per month with the possibility of using 12 social channels with the addition of 1 team member.
  • Business: €49 per month with the possibility of using 40 social channels with the addition of 4 team members.
  • Advanced: €99 per month with the possibility of using 80 social channels with the addition of 9 team members.
  • Agency: €149 per month with the possibility of using 150 social channels with the addition of 18 team members.

Moreover, if you are undecided, PostPickr gives you the opportunity to compare thresholds, features, and functions to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

What kind of support do they offer?

I was very intrigued by this topic because they really manage to keep up with you as if they were your parents. Customers on the free plan can only ask for support via email, while subscribers to the commercial plans receive essential support via a traceable and certified ticketing system integrated into the platform.

In addition, upon request, customers subscribing to the advanced (€99) and agency (€149) plans can receive dedicated support via Skype or phone call – in my eyes, genius.


PostPickr is a very powerful service, important for facilitating the work of the social media manager. The thing that intrigued me the most is that it is a site completely made by 3 young people with a great desire to improve, in fact, there are some subsections with the words coming soon, we will see.

Now it’s up to you to make your own social media assistant and remember: being present on social does not only mean creating a profile, but being constantly active on the social profiles you create. I think I’ve been helpful, now it’s up to you to take matters into your own hands.

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