Promote a blog: ideas and suggestions to be found online

If promoting a blog, as a company, freelancer or aspiring blogger is your goal, you must first know that this is a real job. To promote a blog it is not enough to write interesting articles and publish them online waiting for someone to read them, but a real strategy is needed.

If one of the most common wishes is in fact to be able to advertise a blog for free and automatically, it is instead important to clarify right away that there are well-defined actions to be implemented. This will require a lot of resources, at least in terms of time.

The probability of increasing traffic to your blog will also be higher if you are willing to utilize more channels and invest in as many shares. For example, it will be important to understand how to optimize a blog on search engines, how to advertise a blog on Instagram, or where to share your articles, without forgetting that before starting it is essential to know how to create a successful corporate blog.

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Promote a blog on search engines

The first action to do to promote a blog, once you have chosen to create one, is to optimize its positioning on search engines. Start by monitoring the competition, identifying which topics it deals with, and after which think about how to give something more in terms of completeness and quality. Identify the keywords you want to compete for and once you have chosen your identity and your tone of voice, write SEO-optimized articles.

Make an editorial plan that organizes what to say and when to predict the publication of content constantly. You have to consider that today the noise is very high on the net, we talk about everything and more and more, and to bring out your blog you will have to work a lot on the strength of the content.

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The quality content

The content is worth and will always be worth more, which is why you must write all content, relevant to the reader’s search intention. To ensure that your posts emerge in this hyperspace where information is increasing day by day, take care to communicate something really useful for your user. This means providing him with information that solves a problem, a doubt, or that intrigues him and that has real value for him. Content at meets search intent ll naturally be chosen more frequently by users, and search engines will reward it as relevant.

A suggestion to distinguish yourself: choose to treat topics already covered in more detail, or treat them in a simplified way, if the topic is very complex. Or look for something new, that no one has yet talked about, and try to write a post by identifying a latent question from your reader.

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Publishing more articles rewards

You should know that one of the actions that generate more traffic to your blog is quantity, as well as quality. That is, the blogs with the most articles are also the ones that generate the most traffic. As well-known research published by Hubspot shows, traffic grows significantly on blogs that publish more than 16 articles per month, getting 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than companies that publish between 0 and 5 posts.

how to promote your blog

Of course, to have a sufficient number of posts to increase visibility, one cannot improvise, but it is necessary to have an editorial plan that provides references in terms of timing and content. To make it happen, you need to have a good support team producing them.

The length makes the difference

Another element that can help you promote a blog and display your posts is the length of the articles. There are now numerous searches that show that both Google and other search engines prefer longer articles. Specifically, a search by SerpIQ, which analyzed the top 10 search results of over 20,000 keywords, found that Google prioritizes and classifies content that has more than 2,000 words as the best.

Another research by Buzzsumo, conducted together with Moz, analyzed 1 million articles and found that posts containing 3,000 to 10,000 words even get twice as many shares as those with up to 1,000 words. The same rule always applies, it will not be enough to write a lot, but it will also be necessary to write well.

Promote a blog through social sharing

Certainly, to promote a blog, you cannot ignore one of the most important strategies: sharing on social media. Social channels are very powerful tools for giving visibility to content, but very often they are used without knowing their users, tools, and language. This is why you need to choose the right platforms and know right away which functions you can take advantage of.

First of all, we remind you to add the share button on each article or page, so that your readers can be the first to promote your content on their social pages, increasing your visibility to their friends or fans. If you are a WordPress user you have many plugins at your disposal that allow all share buttons to be added automatically, and you can choose the shape and position within the post.

How to promote your posts on Facebook

If you want to use Facebook to promote your posts, first of all, you need to know that organic visibility is zero today and it doesn’t work anymore, so don’t spend too much time building a fan page and instead focus on other actions.

how to boost your posts on facebook

First, create the company’s Facebook page and then create:

  • Events,
  • Direct,
  • Community,
  • Advertising.


The Facebook events function allows you to send geolocated notifications to promote courses, seminars, conferences, fairs, and congresses, or represent a good reference test to understand how to promote a product and sell it online through discounts or promotions. It can also be used on a personal level to create invitations to anniversaries, receptions, and entertainment events.

If your business lends itself to this type of activity, creating an event, therefore, becomes a very effective and free way to promote a blog and to make yourself known.


Live on Facebook is an excellent solution and is currently increasingly used because it creates a direct and immediate relationship with the public. Ten minutes of live often create much more interest and generate many more conversions than any invitation to click on a link. In this case, however, you have to study your target well, design and propose topics that are useful and engaging, and study a lineup that allows you not to forget steps, and go straight to the call to action. Remember, in a live stream there’s no way to repeat, so you can’t go wrong.


Facebook communities are interesting because they bring people together and give a sense of belonging. Being able to involve your audience around an interest or feeling and having a dialogue with them will certainly be a powerful move to promote your blog.

how to promote a blog for free on fb

But it’s not always easy to get a community to talk and dialogue. Also, in this case, study your target, where they get information, what they read, and what language they use. Then make a content plan to stimulate them, use images and videos, and check the posting times with the greatest response.


Another fascinating world opens up on the Facebook Advertising course, because if you want immediate results to promote a blog, invest in advertising. Facebook offers you the possibility to target your audience very well, selecting them by age, interests, geographical area, and even by sentimental situation and much more and to reach them without high investments. In this case, you will have a much faster result, and visibility is guaranteed.

Don’t forget, before starting a campaign, to identify your objective and the target you are targeting. Based on this information, creates once again engaging and useful content for the call to action. Nothing must be left to chance.

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How to promote a blog on Instagram

How can I promote a blog on Instagram? This is one of the most frequent questions, due to the growing notoriety of this social network and the captivating tools it is giving us.

The first thing to do to advertise a blog on Instagram is to create your page. You will be given more features, such as highlighting your blog by adding the link in your bio. Which you will not be able to do as effectively in your posts, because the inserted link will not be clickable.

how to boost instagram reels

To promote yourself on Instagram, the recommended strategies are those of visual storytelling, which consists in creating a narrative path that tells the story of your blog or your company, using the:

Use Instagram albums

Translate your content into images and create a sort of photographic story and narrative path for your user through images or infographics. At this point create an album on Instagram, a feature that can contain up to 10 photos and a video and which is displayed in the posts. The great opportunity lies in accompanying the images with text, or with a quote, and you can insert your logo and brand here. Also, in this case, the quality of the images and the content and creativity win.

Instagram Stories

Fun, fast, and captivating are increasingly used. It’s about Instagram Stories. Use them to talk about the work you do, the article you’re writing, or to announce an upcoming influencer interview or guest post. You can also announce an event, show behind the scenes of your office, and propose questions on topics that your users would like to see covered. There is a way to interact a lot with your target and involve them in your work.

The world of IGTV

Take advantage of the new and increasingly advanced Instagram video platform that is already widely used to promote blogs and online businesses. This is the evolution of Stories as it offers a longer duration in terms of time and the opportunity to be included in interesting content. This allows you to be seen even by users who do not follow you directly. For the narrative of your blog, it could be the right choice if your content is suitable for being explained visually.

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Promote a blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no longer just a platform used for job searching but has increasingly become a channel for promoting marketing strategies and for bringing traffic to one’s site or blog. If your blog deals with b2b, know that you’re in the right place because Linkedin is particularly suitable for promoting content and implementing content marketing strategies.

To start, also in this case, create a company page on LinkedIn where you can introduce yourself and explain your services. Index it immediately for specific keywords in your sector, so that it can be found by search engines.

Once this is done, start sharing content from your blog and use Slideshare to publish your projects. If you manage to publish 3/4 posts of interest per day, your visibility will be rewarded. Then reply to the comments and try to build a relationship with your readers and customers.

promote a blog on linkedIn

Within a LinkedIn page, you can also share mini-guides, ebooks, and case histories and in this way strengthen leadership in your area, generate visits to your blog, create engagement, and promote events. It will always depend on the initial definition of your goals.

Remember that LinkedIn can be very engaging, but it is also very challenging because it caters to specialist niches. So choose carefully what you want to talk about and what you want to achieve and then dedicate your time to it.

Increase visibility with the guest post

Guest blogging is another popular practice that we suggest you use to promote your blog. It is a question of inviting a blogger, or an authoritative person in your sector, to intervene on your blog with the primary aim of increasing mutual visibility, but not only. This activity will also help you to have more quantity and variety of content, which is one of the main problems of blogging.

Let’s analyze this practice and its benefits.

promote blog with guest posts

Expand your circle

With your participation through a guest post in other blogs, you will have the great benefit of making yourself known to other readers, who perhaps you would not have reached. This is why it is an opportunity not to be missed to give as much information as possible about your business, but above all to offer quality content. In this way, you will generate quality traffic toward you and the host blog.

I also suggest you return the favor and invite a guest to your blog as well. This can also help you get to know your readers.

Guest blogging in exchange mode is very interesting for mutual visibility: it increases professional prestige and contacts with the target. This is why it is one of the best-performing strategies for promoting a blog.

Create good relationships

Creating a partnership with a colleague or blogger can also help build a relationship and work closeness. Sometimes it is possible to obtain even more extensive collaborations, which perhaps go beyond the blog, but open up the opportunity for you to be known by its community.

how to promote your blog on social media

If you cultivate this relationship, always offering quality content, over time your readers will also learn to perceive you as an authoritative blogger on the topics you cover (in fact, we suggest you stay within your target). This too will undoubtedly bring new visits to your blog and for this reason, it is good to cultivate these collaborations.

Exchange links

The use of guest blogging is also essential for exchanging links and for your link-building strategy. As you know, in fact, the exchange of forced links, such as abusive link building, is penalized by search engines which greatly appreciate the exchange of links with authoritative sites and reliable blogs. For this accept and invites you to produce only quality content on your blog and do the same on that of others. If you can, also commit to diversifying the invitations, to create a varied and authoritative network around your blog.

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Promote a blog through the mailing list

One of the main sources of traffic for a blog is email. This is why to promote a blog it is necessary to build a mailing list so that a traffic peak is recorded with each newsletter sent to one’s subscribers.

The use of e-mail is a very powerful means of generating traffic since it takes advantage of a contact base that is built over time and continuously increases. Users rarely unsubscribe from the mailing list if it is filled with valuable content.

Therefore counting on a fixed and growing database of readers is the best tool for constant contact. You can start building your mailing list right away: request the subscription to the newsletter on your blog in an easy way, that is by connecting WordPress to Mailchimp and creating posts that have this specific call to action. Then manage your database and the sending of each new post through Mailchimp. 

Connect with other bloggers

Identify the best blogs in your niche, follow them, comment, and start interacting with them regularly. If you comment on an authoritative blog in an interesting and pertinent way, the blogger and his niche are likely to be interested in you. Promoting a blog is also a relationship job and to generate traffic you need to target the respective niches.

promote blog connecting with other bloggers

In the same way, you can make a direct request to other bloggers, compiling a list of the most authoritative on the topics you deal with, to ask via email to publish your article or to link it in one of their posts.

There are many opportunities to make yourself known on the net, but you have to start with defined objectives, implement a strategy and pursue it.

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