Quora: what it is, why use it and how it works

Do you know Quora? If the answer is yes, then you will find this article useful and interesting. If you have no idea what Quora is and how it works, then you are in the right place!

In this article, I intend to explain:

  • what Quora is;
  • how it works;
  • why its usage is important;
  • the relationships between Quora and content production.

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What is Quora?

Quora can be considered as the means through which questions and answers are shared (Q&A). It allows people to ask, answer, and even edit their opinions or views on practically any topic or industry.

This particular communication channel can help its subscribers satisfy any curiosity regarding any kind of interest; it also allows interaction within the community. The blogging platform was co-founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

In December 2010, the popularity of Quora started to grow significantly; today, the number of users subscribed to this platform continues to increase immensely.

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The arrival of the Quora site was in April 2012. Some users also had the opportunity to discover the pleasure of knowledge by engaging in a new type of forum.

Personally, I like to define Quora as a place where you can share and better understand the world. In other words, it is a place where anyone can ask or answer questions on any topic they want to delve into.

People use Quora, for example, to seek advice on their personal or professional lives, to get more information about products and services, or even to ask for external insights on various areas, and much more.

After using Quora for a while, you will definitely find yourself quite involved as you interact with many people; sometimes, real friendships are formed.

This tool is very similar to other social networks as it allows its users to follow other people as well as specific topics that pique their interest.

You can also interact with other subscribers by commenting on answers and asking them to respond to a specific question.


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How does Quora work?

Quora can be defined as a portal that brings together all the questions and answers from various users with the intention of seeking advice or simply demonstrating their knowledge on a specific topic.

By using such a platform, users can rate a question positively or negatively. The commenting feature allows participating and starting a discussion about the topic of the post.

In general, it can be said that Quora is very easy to use. Registered individuals can be driven by curiosity or be true experts with a high level of education and possess knowledge in various areas of study.

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Create an account on Quora

How to create an account on Quora?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Registration: go to the Quora homepage; you can sign up in different ways, including using your Google or Facebook account or your email address.
  • Select at least 10 topics to follow: once registered, you will see a window asking about your interests and providing you with numerous themes. Choose at least 10 that are closely related to you. If you find the topics too general, it’s okay, as you can always change them later.
  • Complete your profile: when filling out this section, keep in mind that it should establish that you are reliable and credible. You should try to provide information as truthfully and accurately as possible. Remember that your profile description is crucial in first impressions.

When writing the description, make sure to use words you would normally use in everyday language.

quora login

To enhance your profile further, you can add your qualifications from your current job or some information about your education or place of residence.

  • Upload a high-quality profile picture. Choose a profile picture that is presentable. Additionally, it is advisable to use the same photo you use for your other social profiles or personal blog.
  • Always remember that the more information you input, the more professional and credible your profile will be.
  • Quora gives you the opportunity to share your answers on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can make this connection through the settings option in the menu.
  • Optimize your privacy settings. Privacy settings are crucial. These can be adjusted to maximize your visibility inside or outside of Quora. Click on settings to modify and update these specific settings.

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Finding the right questions

How to find questions on Quora?

Asking a good question is definitely one of the first steps to engage within the community and increase the number of views. It only takes a limited amount of time to find the right one.

So to start, you need to look at your strategy. What do you want to achieve on Quora? If you already know exactly what you want to write, then you should look for questions that fit your answer.

finding the right questions

If you’re open to answering any question that doesn’t align with your marketing goals or personal interests, know that this attitude isn’t very positive.

On Quora, you have endless possibilities, but you always need to be focused on the results you want to achieve.

  1. Always think that the question should convince you of your answer even before you write it;
  2. Choose questions ranked high on Google. This is very important, especially because they will bring a lot of organic traffic to your answers;
  3. Always check the number of feedback: if the number is low, it indicates low quality;
  4. Always look at your competitors’ answers. Your competitors can be an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge.

How to write answers on Quora?

In general, there isn’t a best practice for writing perfect answers that, in turn, generate positive votes or clicks.

writing answers in quora

However, there are some rules that will help you achieve these goals, the main guidelines to follow are:

  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and ask what they are looking for;
  • Write as clearly as possible;
  • Read all the other answers and try to write the best one;
  • Try to be helpful to others;
  • Add images, videos, statistics, expert opinions, or links to relevant resources to enhance credibility;
  • Be creative;
  • Try to be brief and concise;
  • Often simplicity is key, but it depends on your goals.


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Why use Quora?

Using Quora is very helpful nowadays. With the increasing use of major communication channels, businesses and consumers are now more interested in discovering all its features.

The main advantage of Quora is not only that it’s a great resource to provide its users with answers to their personal queries, but it’s also a great opportunity to network with other professionals.

Another advantage is that you can stay updated on the latest news from the world or the most unusual information! As more users interact with each other, the site inevitably becomes more robust. Quora can’t be defined as a true social network, but it can be partially considered one.

There are several compelling reasons to consider using Quora:

  • You can choose to follow different topics based on your personal preferences, so you’re not obliged to follow pages that don’t interest you;
  • It enables you to specialize and become proficient in a particular area;
  • You can build interpersonal relationships;
  • Through your answers, you can provide concrete help to others;
  • Stay updated on the latest news (of course, referring to topics you intend to follow);
  • Rediscover its usefulness in certain digital sectors such as content marketing;
  • You can learn from the best as the quality of answers you can find is impressive.

Quora: a useful tool for content marketing

What does Quora have in common with content marketing? Initially, it might seem that it has no connection with content marketing activities, but that’s not quite true.

Through this site, you can accomplish multiple content marketing goals such as getting more traffic or increasing your authority in a specific industry.

You can also refine some marketing strategies that aren’t that difficult to execute, of course, you need to know how to do it correctly.

useful tool for content marketing

However, you should always verify the information you find on Quora before using it as inspiration in your content. Although it’s quite reliable, there are no checks for grammatical accuracy.

But why should you use Quora as a content marketing tool?

Below are some advantages.

  • Improve lead generation and conversions: when you consistently provide real value in your responses, people love to learn more and are more likely to visit your website, blog, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and so on.
  • Reach more people: Quora is a highly popular interactive space and can help you reach an entirely new audience.
  • Manage customers directly: people might use Quora to ask questions about your products and services. Make sure to be there to provide excellent service and answer any doubts or queries as soon as possible.
  • Know your audience: another great use of Quora is for market research. Since it’s a site where many people ask different questions, you’ll certainly be able to find out the needs and interests of your target audience and use them to enhance your strategy.
  • The flexibility of use: most people doing marketing on Quora have found it to be a flexible tool as it’s suitable not only for large companies but also for small independent entrepreneurs who want to establish their expertise in a growing field like digital marketing.
  • You can intercept potential keywords and find an answer to your specific topic.
  • There’s a real opportunity to improve your content.
  • You can enhance your professional authority or social influence.
  • The relevance of content is always valid and current.

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As you’ve understood from this article, Quora is an intriguing means of communication. It must be used carefully to avoid mistakes, especially concerning the right digital strategy for your business.

You can expand your knowledge, make new friends, and also help people through useful advice and tips.

Personally, I believe that tools like Quora can add extra value to our lives and help us see the world from a different perspective. Through digital means, you can build a successful career.

I strongly encourage you to request a free strategic consultation with one of Digital Coach®’s consultants and understand how you can use this platform to design and expand your business goals.

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