Sales Management: an effective sales-oriented business activity

Sales management is a highly important business discipline for companies, focusing on the practical application of specific sales techniques and the overall management of a company’s sales activities. In this article, I will cover the most important points, focusing on killer features and the advantages that this discipline brings at the company and professional levels.

I will summarize them in:

  • Work activities
  • Strategies and tools
  • Sales management
  • Customer management

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Specific Sales Management Activities

Sales management activities focus on selling products and services and monitoring a company’s sales goals and KPIs. Various tools can be used to perform these activities effectively, including Sales Planning and Sales Reporting.

Sales Planning

Sales Planning represents a sales strategy, defining business objectives based on profit. A sales plan also includes future forecasts for a specific business and demand management. A sales plan is a document that outlines the objectives, activities, and sales resources.

Usually, it follows the guidance of a marketing plan but delves into achieving objectives through the sale of goods and services.

Sales Reporting

On the other hand, Sales Reporting represents an actual sales report that includes KPIs. Key performance indicators describe the performance and sales processes established primarily in the sales plan.

This allows sales managers to analyze and act promptly if sales processes appear to be slow. These reports enable comprehensive data collection and more precise work organization.

Post Sales Management

Sales management activity doesn’t end with the sale of a product to a potential customer; instead, it probably begins the most complex phase of the business, which is the sale and promotion of additional products or services.

The most significant revenues often come from selling accessories attached to the main product. To give a practical example, when we’re in a shoe store, the salesperson, in addition to selling us a pair of shoes, suggests products for shoe care, matching socks, or other items (this is cross-selling).

This also happens in the digital marketing field, especially sales managers should be adept at selling additional services and more. Sometimes, various sales techniques can be used to encourage and maintain the customer relationship, perhaps by offering bundles or discounts on future purchases. These could be excellent sales maneuvers.

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Sales Management in the Digital Era

The sales activity has undergone various changes with the advent of the digital era. The role of the digital salesperson has transformed, focusing more on online business. The relationship and interaction between the customer and the salesperson are of vital importance because this is where the core of the business lies.

Establishing trust and respect towards your customers from the outset brings benefits both in the present and the future, resulting in true customer loyalty. Once this is established, it’s essential to take care of tailoring your offerings to the individual customer based on their personal preferences and interests.

The key lies in the personalization of offerings through targeted advertising campaigns, utilizing the tools and software at our disposal, such as email marketing. Only in this way can we ensure complete customer trust and loyalty. If the mistake is made of overusing advertising and perhaps offering products or services that do not align with the customer’s interests, you risk losing them.

Digital sales processes provide interactivity in customer interactions, especially in the customization phase of offers. This allows the potential customer to explore all available choices with maximum clarity. By doing this, a connection is established that will undoubtedly lead to new business opportunities in the future.

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Benefits of Sales Management for an online business

Digitizing sales trends is essential to ensure efficient and effective sales management, using advanced tools and software, even the latest-generation mobile apps.

There are various tools that the sales manager can use to increase their productivity.

The sales agent will have all the necessary digital materials, such as interactive multimedia catalogs, marketing materials, and interactive videos, to quickly conclude sales negotiations. All of this material can also be used without an internet connection.

Therefore, negotiations can still be completed, and there is the possibility of generating and signing contracts using digital signatures.


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Who is the Sales Management Professional?

As I mentioned earlier, Sales Management is one of the key elements for a successful, sustainable business that can last for years.

Today, the market is increasingly competitive, and scenarios change frequently. That’s why you need to stay up to date and continue to update your knowledge.

Companies must be able to manage all aspects of this discipline to develop their business to the fullest, conduct proper market analysis, have a well-defined marketing plan, and, most importantly, have goals. All of this must be managed and guided by a competent person and their team. Let’s see what the Sales Management professional is responsible for and what they do.

The flagship of Sales Management is the direct sales manager of the company. They are responsible for outlining the company’s sales plan, focusing on the best sales strategies to achieve objectives, defining the target audience, and managing the budget allocated by the company. They also play the role of a trainer, specializing in and training their sales team to create a winning team.

The Sales Manager possesses various characteristics and competencies. To be successful in this role, it’s essential to have multiple skills, including staying attuned to trends and being able to change direction if something is not going in the right direction. They must be adaptable and have a good understanding of the market and its trends.

They must manage the sales network well to aim for success and have excellent customer management skills. Leadership qualities are part of their skill set.

We have therefore established that Sales Management is crucial for businesses, but it needs the right components and, above all, a competent leader in the field.

Thank you for reading my article, and I hope I have been as comprehensive as possible!

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