Seomofo: what it is and how to use it

What is Seomofo? Seomofo is a very useful free tool that allows you to preview the snippet of the article you are writing, helping you understand how it will be displayed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The goal of this “SERP Snippet Optimization Tool” is to optimize the advertisement. In this article, I will explain to you some of the ranking factors that influence Google search results positioning.

The objectives to achieve when writing a snippet are twofold:

  • Rank high on the first page of organic search results
  • Maximize the Click-Through Rate (CTR)

seomofo meta description

Seomofo as a “SERP preview tool”

The SERP Snippet Optimization Tool is designed to help website administrators and content creators create compelling page titles and meta descriptions. This ensures attractive and visually appealing listings on Google’s natural search results page.

You can access the page of your interest from the site’s home: just go to the right sidebar and, within the “popular content,” click on “Snippet Optimizer“.

serp snippet optimization

Alternatively, you can directly access the landing page by typing Seomofo in the search browser query, which, in the suggested results, refers to the specific page of the snippet optimizer.

You will immediately see the enlarged image of the typical structure of a snippet while completing the boxes, the snippet preview appears in real-time in the section below:  

  • SEO title

The SEO title is what appears first in the snippet: it has a larger format than the rest of the box and is indexed by Google. The rule is that it must be a maximum of 70 characters.

It should preferably contain the keyword related to the query, possibly at the beginning. If it exceeds the allowed number of characters, Google will replace them with […].

The SEO title directly affects the site’s indexing, being one of the most relevant ranking factors for Google’s algorithm.  

  • Meta tag description

The meta description, although not indexed by Google, is still essential to ensure that our web page is not just an “impression,” but is clicked by the user.

So, it will help Google evaluate our site as interesting from a user perspective in the medium to long term. The space dedicated to meta description is a maximum of 156 characters.

In this case, Google replaces excess terms with […]. The presentation of the web page must be captivating, intriguing, and interesting.

However, it must also be consistent with both the query and the topic discussed on the landing page where the user will land. The description is therefore essential to optimize the Click-Through Rate (CTR).  

  • URL

Google also indexes the URL and it appears in the snippet, below the title, just as seen in the simulated structure by Seomofo: it should be simple, contain the keyword, and be concise.

We know that with specific tools, the URL structure can be customized, and this should be done with SEO optimization in mind.

  • Rich snippet

An interesting feature of Seomofo is the ability to simulate the inclusion of a Rich snippet, additional elements such as author name, price, images, videos, geo-location, and reviews in the form of stars.

Providing this data gives an extra opportunity to attract clicks.


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Seomofo as a “free serp checker”

The panel next to the snippet simulation, titled “Display Options,” is what makes Seomofo a genuinely useful tool. From here, we can check the boxes to activate the simulation panel of a Chrome page, with our snippet’s keyword as the query.

We will then see the position the snippet can realistically achieve within the SERP with completeness.

free serp checker

We can include:

  • Sponsored links at the top of the SERP
  • Sponsored links on the right side of the SERP
  • Organic search results

The preview panel of the Chrome page is located in the section below the snippet simulation, without having to change pages on the site.  Thanks to this tool, it is possible to real-time editing of the title, URL, and meta description.

You can also consider bolding certain keywords.  Thus, our simulator becomes a true snippet optimization tool.

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An interesting fact about Seomofo: why this name?

Seomofo is a combination of “mofo” and “Seo.” Mofo in English is an abbreviation of “motherfucker,” an expression subject to various interpretations, but definitely provocative. In fact, the site’s logo is quite ironic, and the blog’s tone tends to be sarcastic.

The term Mofo, usually referred to people, means “unpleasant, difficult, challenging.” Here, however, it refers to Seo, that is, the discipline that aims at optimizing the positioning of the SERP in the context of non-paid searches.

serp optimization

The tool provided challenges for Google to reach the goal of top positions in organic search results. I created the snippet of this article using Seomofo; it’s easy to use and quite amusing.

Irony is indeed the tone that characterizes the entire site while providing reliable and effective tools.

Fundamental concepts

It’s not enough to rely on snippets to generate leads; it’s the first step to getting noticed. It’s essential to be engaging, pique curiosity, and align with the user’s query.

The snippet serves as the presentation of the web page and creates expectations that the landing page, where the user will arrive, must then fulfill.

google feeling lucky

Otherwise, even with an SEO-friendly title and URL that meet Google’s requirements, the acquired position will quickly be lost. What are the best practices for SEO positioning in the long term?

The keyword

We’ve discussed the importance of including and positioning the keyword, both in the SEO title and in the URL and meta description.

But, as mentioned earlier, optimizing the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is equally important because frequent user clicks and returns confirm to Google that the page’s content satisfies the searcher’s needs.

Google rewards this by maintaining our position. To encourage users to stay on our content, the keyword needs to appear frequently in our article.

The keyword must meet specific SEO requirements:

  • Density
  • Prominence
  • Proximity


A concept closely connected to that of the keyword. The semantic domain consists of words that are most frequently repeated in the initial SERP results associated with that keyword.

In the case of Seomofo, for instance, these concepts include SERP optimization, Google snippet preview, and technical SEO SERP optimization.

The presence of these “key phrases” in the text signals to Google that the entire page is relevant to the user’s query.  


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The snippet, whose drafting must follow certain rules (for which Seomofo is an excellent tool) and the consistency that the web page must maintain with the snippet are the main elements by which Google evaluates the positioning of the web page on the site.

There are many more ranking factors, about 200, and the approach must be geared towards optimizing all of them, none excluded.

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