Social Media Advertising: what it is and how to advertise in 4 steps

Social media advertising is interactive advertising based on advertisements within various social networks. More clearly, we can say that this term indicates all those sponsorship and social media marketing paid through ads, banners, and advertisements on various platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.

The way of advertising has completely changed, and, on the other hand, the advertising channels have also changed. Television, which until a few years ago represented a gold mine for advertising, has now been supplanted by new digital tools such as the web and social networks.

And speaking of this, social media advertising is becoming more and more popular, establishing itself as the most performing form of promotion because it allows you to reach people who don’t know you yet, but with whom you share interests and needs, guaranteeing a greater return on investment.

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Used both to increase visibility and for lead generation, advertising on social media facilitates the operations of targeting and retargeting because it works on a strictly profiled audience of which a large number of information can be known.

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How to do social media advertising in 4 useful steps

To create an efficient social media advertising campaign, you must first set up a marketing strategy with attention to the smallest details and establish your objectives and target audience.

Depending on the target audience, you can invest in one or more social channels in order to achieve their goals. And it is precisely from the audience and from the objectives that we need to start to study a social media advertising strategy that is able to lead to excellent results.

Identify your target, set goals, and consequently, key KPIs through which to analyze the trend of advertising actions: this is the starting point for being able to choose the platforms with which to communicate, the messages to be transmitted, and the budget that one intends to make available for any advertising campaigns.

1. Targeting the audience

Thanks to the characteristics of some social networks that are able to profile the public based on age, gender, origin, interests, and consumption habits, we can make the most of the potential of social media advertising.

Precisely thanks to these potentialities, we can precisely define our reference target to which to direct our advertising messages, advertisements, and banners

But we have to choose our audience very well, taking into consideration that the latter is identified on the various social networks with the following breakdown:

  • Retargeting: the audience that already knows the product or service and is identified through pixel tracking or uploading a database of people who have already come into contact with the company.
  • Similar audience: this audience that Facebook identifies as similar to the starting audience, provided by the company through the community, event participants, and newsletter subscribers.
  • Audience segments: is that audience set manually using the targeting options offered by the platform.

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2. Choice of platforms

The choice of social media to use for your advertising campaigns is dictated by the audience we intend to speak to and the feedback we expect to receive. Each platform is structured differently, is used for different purposes, and, last but not least, embodies different ways of communicating.

Social media with the most suitable characteristics and potential to meet the objectives are certainly the means by which to invest the most. But let’s never forget to create a good synergy between channels and strategies because the key to success lies precisely in this.

3. Budget definition

How much budget should I invest in a social media advertising campaign? This is undoubtedly the most frequently asked question for those who decide to focus on advertising on social networks.

There is no exact answer to this question; the budget to commit depends and differs according to the scenario in which your brand or company is located. To be clearer, I can tell you that your budget will vary depending on:

  • Sector concerned, therefore service and/or product offered.
  • Quantity and quality of your competitors.
  • Type of your business, for example if you are the owner of a local business or e-commerce.
  • Time you want to dedicate to achieve your goals.

Then the secret is not having a huge budget but knowing how to invest a small amount of money in the right target.

A good starting budget is, however, welcome because it allows you to run various tests on different social media in order to understand which channel worked best, which was the most receptive audience, and which message is the most appreciated.

In the beginning, some attempts will be made, which will not lead to any results, but it is only in this way that we can understand what is the best strategy to promote one’s product or service.

4. Ad type to use

There are different formats that you can use for your social media advertising campaign. The main social platforms, although different from each other, allow the use of broadly the same types of formats.

The most common and frequent advertisements are:

  • Images
  • video
  • slideshow
  • carousel
  • collection.

Whatever format you choose, the creativity of the message and the way it is presented will always be rewarded.

Likewise, it is possible to define the period in which the sponsorship will be displayed, also allowing the launch of dynamic ad campaigns that allow the platform to create diversified ads based on the user to whom they are shown.

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Tools to support social media advertising

In addition to the ad platforms integrated within the different social networks, many complementary tools allow you to plan and manage social media advertising on all channels simultaneously.

We can enclose the different tools you will need to make your social media advertising campaign foolproof in the following categories:

  1. Research and monitoring. It is very important to monitor people on social networks; you have to find out what they like and what their interests are in order to capture their attention. I advise you to use Google Trends and Google Alerts.
  2. Management. Managing all the planning of your strategy in the best possible way is essential; there are tools that allow you to keep all social platforms under control at the same time; this is the case with HootSuite.
  3. Analyses. Speaking of analysis, one cannot fail to mention Google Analytics, an indispensable tool for monitoring your campaign, thanks to which you will have a detailed overview of how your campaign is going

Conclusions and Free Consultation

To learn more about these topics, in addition to Digital Coach Courses in Social Media Marketing, I suggest you read the guide “What is an Online Advertising and How It is Done,” an article that will provide more beneficial insights about advertising in cyberspace.

Furthermore, with Digital Coach, you have the possibility to request a free personalized consultation. An expert in the sector will answer your questions, directing you toward an effective social media advertising campaign.


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