How to be successful network marketing: useful steps and skills

Not sure how to be successful network marketing? You are in the right place! In this article, I will show you the steps and skills to acquire to establish yourself in Network Marketing, analyzing the importance of having proper training and a highly specialized team.

You will understand:

  • which professional training courses to choose from,
  • why it is so important to have specific skills to make your business successful,
  • which tools to use.

Surely you are wondering what is Network Marketing, also called multilevel marketing (MLM). It is a form of direct selling where sellers sell products directly to consumers, obtaining their turnover. Furthermore, they encourage and recruit new collaborators to be rewarded, not only by sales made directly but also by those made by other salespeople they recruit.

This profession is attractive to many because it is possible to become your boss, establish a self-employment schedule, and achieve success with your skills. Network Marketing requires a lot of effort, but it can be quite a lucrative career if the business strategy is well structured.

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Be Successful Network Marketing in 6 Steps

By following the steps I will recommend, you will be able to achieve the goals, targets, and performance of successful Network Marketing.

You will be able to:

  • understand the concept of duplication,
  • become the Leader of your team,
  • help the best collaborators who will support you in your work,
  • always be focused on your focus,
  • stay up to date with continuous training on current technical innovations and strategies.

Let’s start!

Broadcast your attitudes

To be successful Network Marketing you will need to be able to understand the two concepts of duplication.

1. Duplication of actions and skills in the field

It consists of passing on your skills and the strategies you use in your work to the team. You will need to guide them in learning:

  • of the working method,
  • of how they will have to present themselves to customers,
  • the sales strategies and techniques to be used,

for them to duplicate your method.

2. System duplication

It consists in transforming your “small” network of people, and your turnover, into a much larger network by leveraging the resources (time, work, money, knowledge, skills) of many people. The purpose of Network Marketing is precisely this: to earn, not only based on your turnover, but thanks to the overall system you will have created.

So you can already understand that the earning potential goes far beyond what you could do on your own. As you can understand, the principles of duplication are essential to successful Network Marketing. The art of duplication is learned over time and requires a lot of patience.

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The best living example of Leadership

To achieve success in Network Marketing you must strive to become the epitome of leadership. How to turn yourself into the best example to follow? You will:

  • convey passion and dedication in the work you will do,
  • work harder than anyone
  • act first,
  • think first,
  • come before any other.

You will become the Leader, the forerunner: you will always be the first who advances and who decides to advance, in any situation. People will rarely listen to your advice, but they will hear the unmistakable sound of your actions and accomplishments.

Help your employees achieve success

Another important step is to help your collaborators achieve success. Why? Simply fact that if your collaborators don’t reach the set goals, you too won’t cross the finish line of successful Network Marketing.

Your essential goal as a leader will be to identify your best collaborators because it will be with them that you will have to invest the vast majority of your time and resources, to train them and “replicate them like you”.

Concentrate on Focus

Focus is a fundamental element for achieving success in Network Marketing. The key is to maintain unwavering focus on your goals without losing sight of them. You need to devote your full focus to your project and goal, making it the central focus of your entire business. Avoiding distractions is crucial to staying on course.

If you find yourself in difficult situations to solve, don’t let yourself be demoralized, but analyze the problem and find a solution as soon as possible. Never forget that success requires the most complete and total focus, always and everywhere.

Studies and training

Never forget the importance of personal training, until you become a true professional in Network Marketing, you will have to insist on studying to improve yourself. Be careful not to make the classic mistake of someone who says they do it but never actually does it and keeps procrastinating, this will be a failure.

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Without study, there is no growth, and without growth and evolution, there can be no success. Always invest in your education and it will be the biggest investment of your life. Always remember that to become a great Leader, and therefore a great teacher, you must first become a great student.


Persevere in your goals

Perseverance is an essential quality that must be cultivated, because motivation, perseverance, ambition, and will are essential to be successful Network Marketing. The value of perseverance is the necessary condition to obtain what we want to achieve because if in practice there is no constancy to continue on the path undertaken day after day, real growth cannot be achieved.

You will have to persist towards your goal, persisting when faced with obstacles. Difficulties and hitches are part of the game, and what often makes the difference is perseverance; it is therefore important that you do not let yourself be discouraged by the critical issues you will encounter along the way.

Skills to be Successful Network Marketing

What are the skills to develop to be successful in Network Marketing? Surely one of these is excelling in sales, but not only! To be successful in Network Marketing you need to become an entrepreneur of yourself, optimize the time available, be a good teacher for your team, coordinate your team and be a leader capable of motivating and demanding the most from each collaborator.

Sell your experience, your emotions

Knowing how to sell is not “child’s play”, but a real art. The sale is not a sort of forced persuasion, but a mixture of superfine technique (which is acquired with study) and art (the latter you acquire with experience). The profession of salesman brings great personal satisfaction and enthusiasm. To achieve success in Network Marketing you must be able to create relationships and engagement with your audience and guide them towards the right purchase for them.

Become a recruiting expert

To become a successful networker you must become your company’s recruiting expert, you will need to be able to recruit and select the right staff for your business.

To quickly find the best candidate for you, you need to structure:

  • a strategic plan,
  • innovative screening techniques,
  • quickly and easily recognize the characteristics and aptitudes of a person.

Successful hiring will positively impact financial performance.

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Be a good trainer

The key to building a successful network in Network Marketing is to be a great trainer. What characteristics must you possess to become a Coach?

  • be a positive and empathetic person,
  • convey passion and trust,
  • be able to inspire,
  • transfer his skills,
  • transform its collaborators into entrepreneurs.

Enthusiasm is the most important ingredient that distinguishes good trainers from all others. Being enthusiastic and transmitting this enthusiasm to others is the essential element that allows a trainer to be effective and achieve great results.

network marketing skills

Theory must not be missing, but do you know what makes the difference between the characteristics of the trainer? The Practice. Anyone who works in this field must always keep a foot in daily reality and must be a professional who works every day.

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Tools to achieve successful Network Marketing

To be successful in Network Marketing you need to use some specific tools for this type of activity.

Email marketing

Nowadays, we communicate more often with instant messaging apps, because they are smart and simple to use, but don’t underestimate the importance of classic e-mail. Email is by no means obsolete, but alive and in excellent health! E-mail is certainly an excellent tool for successful Network Marketing because it allows you to keep in touch with customers and your collaborators, creating personalized and accurate messages.

network marketing success with email

An extra tip that can help you successful Network Marketing is to build a website, a sort of online showcase for your business, which with the right strategies and skills can bring traffic to your site.

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Another useful tool for reaching all your Network Marketing targets is Skype, perfect for presenting the company’s marketing plan or simply for discussion, keeping a long-distance relationship alive. It is an online tool, very practical and effective to be successful in Network Marketing. You will also be able to follow or hold One to One training sessions.

successful network marketing skype


Don’t forget the very simple and user-friendly new entry Zoom. It can be used for any type of meeting (call conference), even with several people at the same time; needless to underline that it is possible to use the instant messaging function and exchange messages in real-time with all the participants in the room, sharing successful Network Marketing. The dominant feature of this tool? No registration is required for those invited to the call, just enter the room ID (meeting ID) or the name itself and enter.

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WhatsApp Business

The messaging dogma to be successful Network Marketing is the indisputable WhatsApp Business. The functions and benefits that this application offers are endless.

network marketing success with whatsapp

The WA Business activity profile allows you to create a Company Page on your profile, where you can enter various information, such as:

  • the logo,
  • email address,
  • your business description,
  • a weekly calendar,
  • the opening hours,
  • the location of the headquarters,
  • your website,
  • automatic replies,
  • quick answers,
  • welcome messages.

The most useful and interesting function of WhatsApp Business is the labels, which allow you to mark contacts to identify them (with writing and colors) in the simplest way possible.

The other features that I consider essential to becoming a successful Network Marketing are:

  • quick response, which allows you to create preset messages, which you can send instantly;
  • automatic reply, where your message will be delivered at the same time you should receive a message to which
  • you are unable to reply; just like a bot;
  • the welcome message, which you can send to people who will contact you for the first time on WhatsApp Business.

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