Talkwalker: what it is, what it is for and how it works in 4 steps

Talkwalker is a social media monitoring and social listening platform, useful for monitoring social networks for particular trends, brands, or keywords. In addition to “monitoring” a brand or already existing conversations, this tool is also used to study consumer needs and analyze the needs, trends, and tastes of the people who animate the web.

Social media monitoring is an activity aimed at quantifying the virality and engagement of content on the web, using powerful research tools. What is social listening used for instead?

It includes all the activities of analyzing and monitoring online conversations around the brand, industry, competitors, and specific topics of interest.

Listening to users’ conversations is very important to identify the hottest market trends of the moment and to prevent brand crisis situations where negative comments are published that undermine the brand’s image.

talkwalker social listening

As part of social listening, there is sentiment analysis, which is defined as the analysis of opinions on the liking or disliking of a brand, or a product/service, left on the web by users (reviews and comments to posts, forums, social profiles, and more).

This qualitative activity measures satisfaction with the brand or product/service through the language used, highlighting critical issues and opportunities.

Talkwalker is a useful tool for planning a marketing and communication strategy based on current trends and what your consumers want most. With this tool, you can also monitor what is being said on social networks about your company, your products or services, or any initiative you have launched on the web.

At the same time, you can monitor your company’s brand reputation, because you can check through specific alerts when your brand is being talked about well or badly and intervene promptly.

In this article, I will show you:

  • what Talkwalker does,
  • how to use Talkwalker;
  • the advantages of using this listening tool for your company.
  • platform costs.

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What is Talkwalker and what it is for

Talkwalker is a tool for doing social listening and social analytics. In the incipit, I already gave you an initial definition of what social listening is. To explain it better, it is the activity of continuously updating you on the web, and in particular on social networks, about a brand, a topic, or a conversation that you want to keep track of.

It can be a conversation, or a brand of your company or of your competitors, or a specific market trend that you want to follow. It enables companies to optimize their digital strategies by understanding conversations on a global scale.

With this tool, you can carry out social media monitoring and sentiment analysis on your brand or competitors because you can monitor web conversations and automatically process a large amount of data.

And also, identifying the most relevant ones with respect to the search carried out and filtering the type of channel used, but also the language and other demographic information such as the age and gender of users.

Talkwalker works with an Artificial Intelligence system that processes a large amount of data taken from the web. Its main capabilities are:

  • have a huge availability of data taken from media, social, customers, and consumers around the world;
  • analyzing and processing, through the Artificial Intelligence engine, data are taken from the text, but also images, video, and audio;
  • assessing the sentiment of a particular search, i.e. providing a qualitative assessment of how that particular search is perceived by the web, based on the type of engagement found;
  • segmenting and classifying the audience for a given search;
  • make available frameworks and methodologies, reporting with a certain historicity, and customizable deliverables;
  • offer customized consultancy to clients to provide support in building the research and then the strategy, and then analyzing the results.

Through this tool, you can easily read social media analytics, and based on the results you can better plan your media activities and optimize your social media marketing.

So what is a platform like Talkwalker for and what can it do for you and your business? I will explain it to you in points.

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Monitor attacks on your brand on the web

By setting up a search on your brand or on the names and surnames of the top figures in your company, Talkwalker scans the entire web and social networks to find all the times that name or those names are used in an article, blog, social network post or even in a comment to a post written on a social network, in an image or in audio, for example in a podcast.

From the moment that name you chose to monitor appears on the web, after a range of 5-15 minutes you will receive a notification of this mention and also the link to the resource from which it was made.

This way you can read what was said and take action, either with a response or, in extreme cases, with a banning request. But Talkwalker does even more: thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it can even send you back only mentions with negative sentiment, with an error rate of around 25%.

This means that if you accept a 25% error, you can also only be alerted to negative mentions, avoiding a blanket check on all the times that your chosen keyword is used on the web.

Measure the health of your brand and digital initiatives

Again, by setting a keyword or keyword phrase with Talkwalker you can monitor entire conversations on the web and measure the impact of these on your audience.

If you want to measure how successful a topic you have brought to the web, e.g. with a blog article, a marketing campaign, or a social media post, is or what kind of impact it can have on your audience and on which audience, Talkwalker is a tool that can measure the sentiment of your conversation with respect to the audience, and also send you back the audience that liked your initiative and its features the most.

With this type of research and analysis, in the Analytics section of the platform, you have a real consumer intelligence tool at your disposal. In fact, you can find the audience that is really and most interested in your digital initiatives.

In fact, in relation to a search on a keyword, the platform shows you the contents of the users specifying the date, time, social of origin, location, and reference URL. By clicking on one of the contents found, you are redirected to a page where the engagement and virality of the content are analyzed.

Also in the Analytics section of Talkwalker, you can also filter your content by sentiment, so you can immediately understand how it is perceived by online users.

You can also investigate the demographics of your audience and find out in which countries users are most active with respect to your keywords, the languages used, gender, work, interests (through semantic analysis), and their sentiment and family situation.

In this way, you can identify more and more specifically and in-depth who your buyer personas are.

It allows you to plan your online marketing activities with precision and quality

Knowing how your audience moves on the web and social networks can help you better plan your content and digital initiatives. Once you have identified the topics your company is positioned on, you can run searches in Talkwalker to investigate trends on those topics, how competitors are moving around them, and what audiences are involved.

In particular, this social listening tool allows you to:

  • identify new trends by monitoring hashtags, themes, and emoji related to the search term;
  • Identify the top influencers thanks to an immediate overview of the top influencers who are talking about a particular search term;
  • display in-depth details on the audience interested in a particular topic, identifying who is talking about your search term through demographics, interests, and audience occupation, in order to better define the target audience;
  • find out the location of the most followed conversations in order to create relevant campaigns for each geographical area;
  • monitor the competition by comparing your performance with up to five competitors.

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How Talkwalker works in 4 steps

By accessing the Talkwalker homepage, you can request a free demo with a salesman who will show you how this media monitoring tool works or you can register for free with your email address from the button above and try out some features for free.

In particular, you can create free alerts on a keyphrase and monitor a particular brand, hashtag, or theme of your choice. If you ask for the free demo, the Talkwalker salesperson will show you the entire operation of the platform with examples and details of all available search and reporting levels.

talkwalker homepage website

At the end of the demo, based on your needs, the consultant will make you a customized offer of the package best suited to you with the availability of add-ons that you can purchase later.

If you decide to purchase one of the available packages and become a customer, Talkwalker will provide you with a consultant to help you set up your profile and your searches to help you analyze and report on the results, to guide you in reading and interpreting the data.

In this case, you will first need to register and log into the platform; then, with the support of your consultant, you will set up your profile and all the research fields that you will need to monitor your brand, measure your initiatives and listen to and observe your target market.

Search Settings

To properly set up a search in Talkwalker, it is important to understand what kind of in-depth and detailed analysis you have at your disposal with respect to your search term. You can filter your search by media type, country and/or region, languages, devices, sentiment, and other demographics.

For each of these items, you can add further filters, and thus go into more and more detail. Compared to Google Alert, which sends an e-mail with the results found to the user’s set e-mail address, Talkwalker enables more detailed monitoring programming using advanced search.

In fact, you can define the query even more specifically by using Boolean logic, i.e. the use of the words AND, NOT, and OR, to include or exclude other terms. For example, you can set the search according to a simple structure consisting of 3 parts divided into terms: [main term] AND [context terms] NOT [excluded terms].

Once you set up a search on a new word, Talkwalker’s platform will make available to you the monitoring history on that word starting from the last 7 days if you have a free account, or from the last month if you are a customer.

From the moment you start searching for that keyword phrase, the tool will go on collecting information and keep the data history until you remove that search.

Talkwalker is a multilingual platform and this gives you a way to set up searches and then read the results easily.

Analysis Metrics

All your search results can be further refined through filters by channel used (media types), country, language, and time period.

The search results are available in 6 different TABs within the specified period. In each TAB, you can select the time period of the results and use a range of filters such as the demographics of the users who expressed themselves on the keyword, type of device used, type of media, language, and geographical origin.

Below are the 6 tabs with the available metrics.

  • Key metrics. It encapsulates in one screen the most important information of the search performed on a given keyword, i.e. how many times that word was used in the different channels (social networks, blogs, etc.) and with what interaction rate, i.e. engagement. It also shows the percentage of positive and negative sentiments related to that search.

talkwalker key metrics

  • Top themes. The main themes related to the search carried out are represented with a theme cloud, a cloud of the “top trends” associated with the search set with the size of the words proportionate to the corresponding number of results found on the web.

theme cloud section talkwalker

  • Influencers. It provides a list of the top 10 influencers who used the searched term, the people reached and the interaction achieved on that content (engagement rate). The bottom right also shows the distribution of results by type of media and for which social network.

talkwalker influencers section

  • Demographic data. This metric shows the distribution of the use of the searched term by gender, age, and language in a given period. But that’s not all. Talkwalker is a tool that also shows people’s types of interests and their professions, information that is crucial in understanding what type of user is interested in that particular search term.

talkwalker demographic section

  • World map. In this TAB you can have an overview of the use of the searched term by geographical area represented either by means of pie charts or on a world map. By zooming in on the world map, you can change the granularity of the search on an individual country level and you can display individual searches with a list of links for each country.

talkwalker globe section

  • Results. The last TAB of Talkwalker’s metrics shows the list of all links to web and social pages that contain the keyword chosen in the search performed. For each link, the sentiment, engagement, and type of engagement (likes, comments, views, shares, etc.) are shown at a glance. In this way, by clicking on each link, you can go directly to read the content where your search has pointed.

talkwalker results section

Analysis of results

With all the metrics provided by Talkwalker, you can analyze the performance of your brand, of a keyword that is of interest to you and your business, you can monitor the mentions and trends of a particular campaign, yours or your competitors.

The platform allows you to obtain a lot of information on the same keyword, showing you the content of users who have interacted with that keyword by specifying the date, time, social source, location, and reference URL.

Through the Results TAB, by clicking on the individual link which then takes you to the social network post where that word is mentioned or to the relevant web page, you can go into even more detail about the content analyzed.

By clicking on the content posted by the user, you are shown a graph with the trend of engagement and virality of the content over time. Going into even more detail, the platform allows you to analyze the lifecycle of the content, making it visible in which countries it was shared, by whom, and in what timeframe it was disseminated.

Through the Demographic Data tab, you can get a lot of information about the users who are interacting with the keyword or keyphrase of your search.

This gives you insight into who the people interested in your brand are and what profile they have, or, if you are monitoring a trend or a certain content on which to plan your future activity, you can build your target audience in great detail.

Talkwalker Alert

Among Talkwalker’s features, even for the free version, there is the possibility of activating alerts. Just like Google Alerts, the platform will send an email to the email you have entered as recipient, whenever it finds terms you want to be alerted about on the Internet and social networks.

The paid version provides more data and analysis and many additional components than the free version, which can still provide a broad overview of the tool’s functionality. For customers who pay for the paid version, the alert can also arrive only 15 minutes after the search term has been published on the web.

This allows you to monitor your brand reputation by responding to or banning those who attack your company on the web or social media.

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Benefits of Talkwalker for your company

Monitoring online conversations gives you the opportunity to act promptly and strategically in the event of a business crisis and to channel your potential into the most attractive markets with effective solutions. Thanks to Talkwalker you can:

  • Identifying new business opportunities.
  • Know your competition and how they are doing on social channels and the web.
  • Gathering valuable information on trends and consumer needs, anticipating competitors with tailor-made solutions.
  • Know your consumers or the target audience of your potential campaign.
  • Strengthen your customer service by paying more attention to what your customers want and improve their customer experience.
  • Count on an instant alert system to reduce risks from negative conversations about your company and better manage brand reputation.
  • Convert crisis situations into opportunities by actively responding to those who attack you and showing yourself close to them, even in negative cases.
  • Increase brand visibility and trust in the brand.
  • Select influencers and micro-influencers best suited to your business and in line with your brand.

A social listening tool such as Talkwalker is essential for building a digital strategy for your company because it allows you to identify business opportunities, analyze what your competitors are doing and monitor your marketing initiatives.

How much does Talkwalker cost?

If you want to use Talkwalker in the free mode, you can register and have access to two functions: an alert on a keyword and a search on a topic via the Free Search tool that only allows you a 7-day history of data.

And by entering a keyword, keyphrase, company name, or hashtag you want to monitor, Talkwalker provides you with what it has found in the last 7 days on that search you set up. The alert on the keyword you set, on the other hand, always remains active even with a free account and you will receive a list of links where that word appears by e-mail.

If, on the other hand, you want to buy the PRO version, you have access to different plans and multiple add-ons. The plans differ depending on how many different keyword searches you want to monitor and how many social pages/accounts you want to follow.

The basic plan costs $9,000 per year and includes coverage of more than 150 million sources (blogs, forums, online news, online magazines, and newspapers, etc.), coverage of more than 10 social networks including:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, local and international coverage (187 languages and 196 countries), data export, access to all the platform’s online resources (Digital Excellence Centre), technical support, and immediate access to 30 days of historical data.

In addition, the basic plan provides:

  • Unlimited users who can use the platform.
  • Unlimited monthly results.
  • Unlimited reports.
  • Unlimited alerts.
  • Access to all metrics.
  • 1 logo recognition (the ability to monitor a logo in text, audio, and image searches).
  • 15 topics & filters.
  • 15 social pages or accounts.

If you want to monitor more topics and more social pages, you have to upgrade to the top floor, which costs $12,000 and allows you to monitor up to 20 topics and 20 social pages.

You can always add specific add-ons to these basic plans at any time, for example:

  • 5 more topics in searches at a cost of $2,970.
  • 10 more topics in searches at a cost of $5,400.
  • 10 more social pages to be monitored at a cost of $1,530.

Final advice and strategic counseling

Talkwalker allows you to listen to and analyze your target market based on what is published online.

This social listening platform is capable of analyzing social networks, websites, radio, and TV, collecting all references to your brand, your company, your products, or those of your competitors. It can monitor all significant social media in 187 languages and even detect the use of your brand in photos and videos.

Talkwalker is a tool for small companies as well as multinationals: its functionalities apply to different industries such as airline companies, public administration, insurance, beauty products, luxury goods, sports, professional services, manufacturing and petrochemicals, and many others.

This web and social listening tool can help you both in planning your marketing strategy and in monitoring the results of what you have already implemented as marketing campaigns. In addition, you can effectively monitor your company’s brand reputation.

Thanks to Talkwalker, you can learn more about who your potential customers are and build a more effective and timely digital marketing strategy.

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