Telegram business: guide on how to use it

Do you want to use Telegram Business as a communication tool for your company, but are not sure if it will be effective? Or do you want to use this app to integrate it into your marketing strategy? Telegram Business combined with other means of communication can be a very effective weapon for growing your leads and increasing clicks, not to mention the great utility it has for building customer loyalty and the great conversion power it has. In this article, we will try to give you a guideline on how to use it, why to use it and, above all, how to make the most of it for you or your company.

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is among the newest instant messaging apps; the platform is completely free. The Telegram platform has been very successful in recent years, growing exponentially from 4.7 percent in 2016 to 32 percent in 2020 (in terms of global users), enjoying great success among Millennials and Generation Z. Through this app it is possible to chat with other private contacts, create or participate in public or private groups. In addition, it gives the possibility to take advantage of tools such as BOTs or channels.

Who is Telegram’s business aimed at?

Telegram’s app is aimed at all those users who want to set up a profitable and high-performance marketing strategy. It is functionally suitable for freelancers and companies. Although it does not have a specific app dedicated to business, Telegram can prove to be an excellent marketing weapon for companies or online shops. Telegram business is already being used by several companies thanks to its functionalities, which are effective on lead generation, but above all give an extra boost to sales, not to mention the advantage of relieving customer service.

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How to create a business account on Telegram

Creating a Telegram business account is very easy, you simply download the app and sign up as any private user. But unlike a private user, when prompted during registration, you will have to enter your brand name instead of your first and last name. Always remember to set a username! So that your customers can contact you even if they do not have your phone number.

This can be done by clicking on Settings > Edit Profile > Add Username.

From the settings, you can also add a photo of yourself or your brand, and enter a small description (maximum 70 characters) so that your customers know who you are and what you do. It is much easier if you do this within the online version of Telegram Web or on the desktop version of Telegram.

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How the company communicates with customers on Telegram

Once you have efficiently created your Telegram (business) profile, 3 main functionalities allow you to interact and communicate with your customers: channels, groups, and bots. Each functionality has its advantages and disadvantages, all depending on your communication strategy. We will now outline these features so you can understand which best suits your business.

Telegram Groups

With this functionality, you can create and name your group, insert an inherent profile photo, and add up to 200,000 contacts (unlike WhatsApp business which only allows you to add 256). With this function, you have the possibility of creating a real community, since groups can be publicly accessible, and you have a very large number of users who can participate in the group. The main disadvantage in all this is that anyone can participate in the conversation and write within the group, which means that a lot of confusion could be created within the conversation, with the possibility that many users could quickly leave the group.

Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels will soon have the same structure and functionality as groups, with one important difference, only channel administrators can send messages! Anyone within the channel can share content, but if you are not an administrator, you cannot reply within the channel. By creating a Telegram business account, you can post a profile picture and add a description of up to 256 characters, the number of users who can participate is unlimited! Each channel you create is completely free of charge, and you can create infinite channels.

telegram business platforms

Here we see a great advantage in conveying information and the possibility of being able to showcase our product without creating the havoc that can result from groups. Unlike Telegram groups, the disadvantage is that you have one-way communication, and interaction with your users is very limited. As a result, the channels can be used very effectively as marketing communication. To promote offers, blog articles, images, and videos by accompanying them with a hashtag.

A channel requires a CONSTANT commitment since it must always be interesting for users. Telegram does not allow any kind of automation in this sense on channels, so you cannot import automatic messages, let alone schedule them in advance.

One must always take into account that when posting too frequently within the channel, users tend to mute or even delete the channel from their homes. Consequently, one has a better result if communication is limited but constant. Of course, it also depends very much on the type of channel and activity, since a news channel can have a daily, if not hourly, constant, while for most other activities it is advisable to remain at two to three posts per week.

How to use a Telegram bot

What is a bot? It is artificial intelligence that allows users to communicate automatically with the company and retrieve information or get assistance. Bots are very useful to be able to interface with a very large number of customers, even at the same time! So, as mentioned above, users can get customer support or useful information without having to wait a very long time.

To create a bot on Telegram business, you will need to:

  1. type ”BotFather” into the Telegram search bar
  2. start a conversation with ”BotFather
  3. click on ”newbot” within the conversation

Give a name to your bot, which must end with the word ”bot”. For example, DigitalCoach_bot

Once this is done, you will have created your bot and can create and choose commands following the Bot Father instructions that are shown within the chat. Communication through a bot is not very developed everywhere, both because of the technical skills required to optimize it and because the user base for which it is required is not so large. Only large companies benefit from it. Because it has a very large catchment area, it is easy to get assistance with more basic operations.


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How to do web marketing with Telegram

Telegram on its own cannot be an effective means of setting up a winning marketing strategy, but combined with other means, it proves to be an excellent communication weapon that can facilitate the achievement of your business goals. It is all about asking yourself a simple question, what do I want to use Telegram Business for?

To have better internal communication?

Through the groups within Telegram, one can stay in line with one’s team to be able to strategize on product promotion and tools to be used

To increase communication with your target niche?

I can publish and promote within the channels or groups, products for which already registered users may be potentially interested and may discover the products my company promotes.

To improve Customer Service?

With clear and immediate communication, customers can be supported to generate Loyalty and have higher conversion rates.

Increasing sales with a corporate Telegram Business account

To succeed in increasing sales with Telegram Business, it will be necessary to apply it in a targeted manner within one’s strategies, because this app gives us the possibility to have various functionalities, as we have already seen before, to manage and publicize our company. We can exploit the showcase potential that the group and channel functionalities give us, being able to directly showcase our products and promote them.

We can leverage customer functionality through bots or personally to help potential customers choose their products or solve problems they may have during buying. Furthermore, we can have unrestricted visibility of users so that we can later leverage a lead strategy.

Generating leads with a Telegram Business Channel

Do you want to exploit Telegram Business for lead generation?

Then you can communicate a discount within your group or channel by inserting a link that leads to a landing page by entering a form with which you are entitled to the discount code that will be sent by e-mail once the form is filled in. In this way, you can obtain information, such that you can contact users even if they remove themselves from your group or channel.


In conclusion, the Telegram Business is a powerful tool that, when combined with other platforms and strategies, can generate promising growth and become an important tool for Conversion Marketing. Reaching customers and prospects in digital marketplaces where real conversation between people is increasingly taking place.

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