Telegram Marketing: 5 strategies + 6 software to use

Telegram Marketing is a business tool for companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Thanks to Telegram, the free instant messaging app on the international market, it is possible to advertise brands and sell products or services.

It differs from its “rival” WhatsApp due to its structure with guarantees a high level of security, allows users to remain anonymous, and its Broadcast logic, which favors one-way communication. Thousands of companies use Telegram as a conversational marketing tool, exploiting the platform as a mailing list and the channels as a newsletter.

Do you want to know why Telegram marketing is perfect for increasing customers? To develop digital marketing strategies? Well! Continue reading the article.

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How to use Telegram for marketing

Telegram is an instant messaging app used by more than 500 million users. In 2021, there was a boom in downloads, thanks to Generation Z and Millennials.

It was founded in 2013 by Russian Pavel Durov. To date, it is in the top 10 most downloaded apps on the various Android and iOS platforms, as well as iPad OS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Speed and security are the strong points of this platform. According to recent research, it is the fastest instant messaging app on the market. Thus, users are connected to a single distributed network with a worldwide data center.

What can be published within a Telegram channel? You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, and files of any format (.DOCX, MP3, ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and generate bots for your automation. It is the ideal platform for creating an online community, coordinating Team Work, and sending customized newsletters to customers.

There are 3 types of Chat:

  1. Classic chats: based on client-server technology, i.e. messages are encrypted from the device to the Telegram server. This guarantees a private conversation that will not be stored on other clouds or devices.
  2. Secret chats: based on end-to-end encryption. The conversation is only encrypted between the two devices, without going through the Telegram Business Cloud. With Secret Chats, it is possible to set a self-destruct timer, i.e. a period of time for the message to live, after which it self-destructs. It is one of the highest forms of security for an instant messaging app and guarantees user privacy.
  3. Voice chat: whereby users can exchange audio notes using push-to-talk technology. An innovation that allows you to surf and listen to audio at the same time. In 2021, Voice Chat 2.0 was introduced with which you can record various conversations and hide your profile picture.

Telegram app: 3 innovative tools for marketing

How to use Telegram for business? I mentioned to you the great potential that this messaging platform provides for companies, and in general for those who do advertising, to develop web marketing and social media marketing strategies. This is possible thanks to some of the tools it makes available.

Telegram channels

The Telegram channel is structured like chats, but what distinguishes it is the broadcast logic, i.e. a one-way type of communication. What can be done with a public Telegram channel for marketing?

Within a Telegram channel, only the administrator can write and publish content. Those who receive messages can only read and view what the administrator publishes.

Thus, it is possible to avoid the possible spamming of a typical conversation. The administrator, in fact, has full control over the content and timing of sharing without the fear that any replies from users might take away from the visibility of his topics.

telegram marketing services

Why use this application instead of WhatsApp? Telegram channels can have unlimited followers and you can share any type of content: photos, videos, audio, broadcasts, newsletters, links, social profiles, and much more. A Telegram channel can therefore become an excellent marketing tool.

Imagine you have a blog, a website, or an E-commerce. Can you understand the extraordinary potential of a social channel in which to advertise products or services? Advertising that will reach a perfectly targeted audience.

In fact, remember that it is the user who decides to enter a certain channel that deals with a certain topic. Moreover, it is completely free! It is easy to see that marketing with Telegram can yield great results.

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Telegram Groups

Groups are virtual rooms where a particular theme or topic is discussed. Unlike channels, Telegram marketing groups are group chats where messages can be sent and received. Many-to-many logic is used where all members can reply.

Groups can reach a maximum of 200,000 subscribers. Interested active users can receive push notifications whenever a new update on the topic is published. They can be likened to Facebook groups, with the advantage that a Telegram group has the speed typical of the instant messaging app.

This function makes it possible to create a real Community in Target. In this way, registered users can stay up-to-date on the target topic and the founder of the group can increase interaction, engagement and the likelihood that his content will be displayed inside or outside Telegram (links, blogs, landing pages, social pages, etc.).

We know how important communication is for those who want to develop a good social media marketing strategy. And we also know how expensive paid Ads on the various ad platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) have become due to the strong competition.

That is why exploiting Telegram groups for marketing and finding new potential customers interested in your business is essential for your digital marketing strategies.

Telegram bots

Marketing with Telegram Bots has become a best practice for companies. Bots are accounts managed by third-party programs, integrated with the platform, that allow you to devise marketing automation strategies and accelerate business processes.

For example, you can create automated responses within chats and groups to send to potential customers. You can create surveys, make invitations and send scheduled messages.

This innovative function is a best practice of Telegram marketing and can make life much easier for those working in the field of Social Media Marketing or Social Advertising. Why? Easy!

With Telegram Bots, you can offer the community or new customers immediate assistance. Companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can create their own Telegram bot from scratch using the “BotFather” function.

Simply enter the word “BotFather” in the search bar and overwrite the bot name with your brand name. All are completely free of charge!

In addition, the platform provides some official bots, also known as Inline Bots. To find them, simply type “@” and the name of the bot in the search bar. Where to find bots for Telegram? Here are some of the most popular official bots in the world:

  • @gif – to search and send GIFs;
  • @bing – for sharing images with Bing;
  • @wiki – to find and share Wikipedia entries in all languages;
  • @vid – to find and share videos from YouTube;
  • @Imdb – for information on films;
  • @bold – to format parts of the text;
  • @pic – to share images with Yandex.

Telegram Marketing for Companies

How to use Telegram for marketing? Now that you understand how Chats, Channels, and Bots work, I’ll explain which best practices to use in Telegram marketing for businesses. If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or own a business, you will know very well how important it is in 2022 to look after your blog or website.

Keeping your social channels constantly updated with valuable content is very important to retain customers and attract as many active users as possible.

“OK, but specifically how can I use Telegram to do social media marketing and help my company?”

  • Constant nurturing: Plan in advance various quality and valuable content that is really useful for customers. Remember, you can take advantage of free Telegram channels and groups to send your campaigns as if they were newsletters. If you have an E-commerce shop, you could publish feeds of new products in the catalog.
  • Create an active community: Don’t be obsessed with millions of followers. Especially if they never open the content you post and do not interact with it. How to create a community on Telegram? You can use Telegram as a social network. Create valuable content that meets the needs of your readers. It is much more effective for an optimal marketing strategy to have a few active users, but really interested in your products or services. This is the basis on which you have to expand your brand and promote communication and useful content. Keep in mind the differences between Groups and Telegram Channels. In the latter, try to do content marketing. Stimulate readers to interact with the content you create. Increase your social proof, show what you can do for them, and why they should choose you and not your competitors.
  • Create a VIP channel for your most loyal customers: Use channels to propose a product or offer a service. Insert an eye-catching image to avoid scrolling, insert a Call to Action, and link to your website, blog, or landing page. This way you will increase organic traffic for free. Launch preview offers on your new products and services. Pamper the “fans” who spend the most with coupons and exclusive promotions. Your goal should be to increase lifetime value, average receipt, and purchase frequency.

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Earning with Telegram: 5 marketing strategies

Is making money with this instant messaging platform possible? Of course, it is! With Telegram marketing, you can enter unexplored markets. If you learn to use the platform and its functions well, you will realize that this app is a real business machine.

With more than 500 million subscribers, it represents a true no-cost marketplace. Here are the five Telegram marketing strategies I promised you.

Build brand awareness

Getting recognized online and positioning your brand on the market is one of the most difficult missions for any professional. It takes a long time for users to identify your brand with the service product you offer.

It goes without saying that you cannot sit on your hands and expect to position yourself in your chosen niche market. You need to take advantage of social networks to build brand awareness.

Let people know your story, the story of your company, where you started, where you have arrived, and where you want to go. Exploit the potential of the Telegram app to increase your organic traffic.

In order to develop the right Telegram marketing strategy for your business, it is important to do thorough market research to understand your customers’ needs and wants.

Take advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and analyze organic Google searches relevant to your market. Ask for reviews from satisfied customers and report on their experiences. This will increase social proof and help other users trust your brand.

Create your community

How to increase subscribers on a Telegram Marketing channel? A community on Telegram is a prerequisite if you want to identify an audience interested in your market. Creating interaction between users promotes engagement and is decisive for increasing traffic to websites, landing pages, and blogs.

Although the app favors anonymity and broadcast logic (one-way communication), there is the possibility of creating a community through public groups.

How to create a community on Telegram? Set up a group image, create a description of what you do, use hashtags, and invite users from other social networks to join your group via an entry link. Create web marketing strategies and exploit the potential of the app.

The many-to-many logic allows you to reach up to 200,000 followers. Building that audience strongly interested in the products and services you offer is the second step for a conversion-oriented Telegram marketing strategy.

By downloading the Free Guide you will learn the basic steps to create an active Telegram through Youtube and Video social channels

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Find new customers

How to find customers on Telegram? One of the key goals for entrepreneurs and freelancers is to increase their customer base. More customers, more income. It is important to understand, especially if you have no digital marketing skills, that you need to develop a good digital marketing strategy in order to achieve satisfactory results.

Doing Telegram marketing in 2022 can give you significant advantages in your sales funnel. How do you communicate with Telegram? Start at the top end of the funnel. Create a channel dedicated to your brand. Start sending messages informing users about what you offer and what the benefits of your products and services are.

Set up a lead generation strategy with Telegram marketing. Land users on a landing page and ask for personal data in exchange for an offer or a free product (lead magnet). Start creating a customized audience, a contact list and you will realize that this is the right way to get conversions.

Automate your work

Once you have positioned your brand in your niche market, and created a community on Telegram, you need to keep up interaction with users and respond to their questions and needs.

The larger the audience, the more time will be spent on customer care. This is where bots come in, which will help you automate typical customer care processes.

How do you create a bot on Telegram? Simple! Within the channel, type the Slash symbol “/” and a list will appear with a number of bots with their respective functions. Here is a list of the best Telegram bots for companies and freelance professionals:

  • QuizBot, you can create quizzes with questions on a topic.
  • PullBot, you can create polls and do interaction.
  • CommentsBot can generate posts with a comments section.

Learn how to sell online

How to sell products on Telegram? The last step in the Telegram Marketing funnel is the online sale. Let us start off by saying that selling directly on Telegram is not possible, unlike other social media such as Facebook, there is no Telegram shop.

If you have a product catalog, you can use Telegram as an assist and land users on your website or blog. The conversion or online sale is the logical consequence of all the previous steps.

What are the best practices for getting results from Telegram marketing? If you have well positioned your brand in the market, created an audience interested in your business, attracted new prospects, and retained “fans”, the sale will happen accordingly.

The mistake many professionals make is thinking that once a sale is made, the funnel process is over. This is a mistake not to be made. After-sales is crucial to building customer loyalty and increasing the likelihood that the customer will return to buy from you.

Telegram Marketing: 6 indispensable tools

There are plenty of third-party software and tools useful for marketing with Telegram. In fact, you can add functions that the platform does not provide at the outset. Here is a list of 6 software and tools for your business models:

Telegram Scraper

This software for Telegram Marketing is very useful. Based on artificial intelligence, it allows you to extrapolate from other Telegram groups a similar audience to your niche market.

The Scraper software will export to CSV a list of contacts that according to an algorithm are similar to your users.

This list will be added to the members of your group. Adding new target members is relevant to your business. When you publish content and send it to an interested audience, your click-through rate will increase, as will your traffic.

Telegram Add Member

It is software for adding members to Telegram marketing groups, similar to Telegram Scraper. You can send bulk messages to users based on their usernames.

In addition, you can find active users who are interested and would like to follow your content. In this way, you can easily increase the growth of your channel, attracting more people who have a real interest in your work.

Telegram Sender

With Telegram Sender you can automatically send bulk messages to any user.

Furthermore, you do not need to add people to your group or channel, as this tool can retrieve an unlimited number of user IDs in any group or channel thanks to artificial intelligence. With this feature, you can start lead-generation campaigns automatically and effectively.

Telegram Subscribers

With Subscribers, you can buy fake users. The sole purpose of this tool is to increase the external perception of various users.

We all know that seeing a channel or group with thousands or millions of users attracts attention and social proof. However, this practice is strongly discouraged for doing Telegram marketing, as it is a strategy that does not pay off in the long run.

Telegram Auto

With this software, you can export members from both groups and competitors’ Telegram channels in a legal (if not very ethical) way. With Telegram Auto you can import user IDs and send bulk messages to promote your products within the channel. You can add a maximum of 8,000 people per day.


It is a very useful tool for those who decide to set up a Telegram marketing project. Unlike other automation software, with TextAPI you can send messages to all your contacts with a single click. It can also export all members from any Telegram group without any limits.

The advantage of TextAPI is that it uses the official API for Telegram. This makes it one of the most secure and up-to-date tools to integrate into Telegram.

Best Telegram bots for E-commerce

What are the advantages of Telegram marketing? Thanks to its multiple functionalities, the instant messaging app has become a powerful ally for E-commerce.

After studying the industry and researching the market, are you ready to sponsor your products and push your prospects into the sales funnel?

If you do not yet feel like an expert, rely on professionals in digital marketing to develop a web marketing strategy.

Pavel Durov’s instant messaging app provides thousands of bots, official or third-party.

Here is a list of the Best Telegram Bots for E-commerce:

  • Amazon Europe Price Compare: compare prices of products in all European shops free of charge and automatically.
  • AppFollow – @appfollowbot: locates useful apps within the Google Play store. AppFollow can find an app that is useful for your needs. It can also draw up a list of apps based on topics, categories, and keywords.
  • Giohy GIF Search: this bot is very useful for finding GIF images in addition to the standard ones.
  • TrackBot: this is essential for e-commerce, as it allows you to track the movement of parcels and keep track of shipments.
  • BotMother: Spread all over the world, BotMother creates alternative platforms to create bots. It is very often used by e-commerce companies to create new bots that accept lesser-known payments, but which are present on Telegram.
  • Chatfuel News Channel – @chatfuel: In 2022, it is unthinkable not to have an auto responder chat in every single product tab of e-commerce. With Chatfuel, you can offer immediate assistance to users of H24 and is easily integrated with WordPress.
  • Skeddy – @SkeddyBot: this reminds you of all your appointments and tasks. It can be very useful as a reminder to pay suppliers, check stock in the warehouse, open or close advertising campaigns, etc.

Conclusion and Strategic Consulting

It is easy to see that using Telegram for business or freelance marketing can become a turning point for your digital web strategy. The unique functions and features on the market, such as channels, groups, and bots make Telegram a marketing tool for companies with enormous potential.

Specializing in the use of Telegram has become a profession. Many social media and web agencies require marketing automation specialists and web developers who know how to integrate the app into their sales funnel.

Telegram marketing is a totally free business solution. If you want to develop a winning marketing strategy and find new target customers, book your Free Strategic Consulting session.

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