Twitter Analytics: what it is, how it works and benefits

Twitter Analytics is the analysis tool that allows those who have an account on this social networking site to examine the performance of their content.

You have to know that using social media nowadays is crucial for both your personal branding and for businesses because you can reach people anywhere in the world with a simple click.

The new technological era has provided all the necessary tools to operate in the market and make yourself known to different people; therefore, it is important to know how to manage and use these new media in the best possible way. The perfect platform offering a news and microblogging service is Twitter.

With this social media platform, you can also be the protagonist: you have the possibility to create your own posts via your own account and can then analyze them with the analysis dashboard. Want to know how? Then continue reading this guide on Twitter Analytics!

In this article I will explain:

  • what is Twitter Analytics and what it allows you to do;
  • the advantages of this free tool;
  • how to post analysis works;
  • what other tools allow you to analyze Twitter.

Nowadays, knowing and knowing how to manage the Analytics of the most popular microblogging platform is useful if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is because you can study data and metrics to better understand the performance of your account and increase your visibility.

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What is Twitter Analytics and what is it for

Twitter Analytics is the set of data and metrics that manage to track the performance of any Twitter account, thanks to targeted interfaces that show in detail the performance of the profile under consideration.

What can Twitter Analytics tell you? It provides you with data on everything related to your content such as impressions of your tweets, mentions, and how your account is performing i.e. whether anyone has visited or interacted with your profile after seeing your content and how many followers you have.

twitter analytics tools

Thanks to this data, you can better understand how to target your business goals, if you work for a company, or your personal goals, if you are a freelancer using Twitter for personal branding. This tool, therefore, will be very useful for you to understand what works best on your account and how to avoid making mistakes by analyzing the metrics.

Knowing all the mechanisms and functionalities behind a social network is essential to make the best use of these free and extraordinary tools.

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Advantages of the free Twitter Analysis Tool

As already mentioned, Twitter Analytics allows you to know the progress of your profile and everything that is reflected in your posts. For this very reason, I will outline below the main benefits of this completely free tool:

  • Knowing useful information about your audience: this can help you better understand what your followers are most interested in. You can understand, for example, their tastes, preferences, and interests, and with this, you can plan a good strategy to address your ideal audience directly without wandering and scattering yourself among the millions of connected users on the net.
  • Finding the best time to post: knowing at an early stage when is the best time to post thanks to Twitter Analytics is a good strategy to avoid posting content that took you a long time but then did not reach the right audience just because at the time you shared it was not viewed.
  • Monitor the progress of your account: the Twitter Analytics panel can provide you with a lot of important information about your online progress. You can find out how many impressions your tweets have had, and how much engagement there has been from your audience. In addition, you can keep track of followers: how many there are, who they are, what they do, and what interests them about your published content. You can also know the growth trends for the account or what could make your profile go more viral thanks to popular formats of the moment.

How Twitter Analytics works in 3 steps

Knowing how Twitter Analytics works are fundamental and necessary for analyzing your account and better understanding the numerous growth opportunities that this social network allows you. For this reason, I will show you how to go about understanding, in just 3 steps, how Twitter Analytics works.

Access the Dashboard

Probably the first thing you’re thinking will be: how do I see my Twitter Analytics? To see Twitter Insights you have to log in to the platform and from there click on the Dashboard that the social media company provides, a sort of “behind-the-scenes” that shows you how your posts are doing. Specifically, you have to:

  • type and log in to your account by entering your credentials,
  • in the sidebar of your profile click on “More” and then on “Analytics”, as in the screenshot,
  • If you see that your Dashboard is not configured, click “Start” to begin viewing it.

personal twitter profile

Analyzing Twitter Insights

Can you monitor Twitter Analytics? Sure, that’s why once you enter the Twitter Analytics Dashboard, you can see some important data for monitoring and analyzing the performance of your posts. Specifically, you can view the following metrics:


In this section, you will find tweets that include a mention of your account, i.e. all those mentions of other profiles that have mentioned your name in their posts or that have in some way talked or told about you through content on a topic you both had in common. All this contributes to more relevant engagement from your audience.


This metric corresponds to the number of times your tweet has been viewed by other users. This data is very important for your results and to help you better target your future content by taking those that have been most appreciated by your supporters.

Profile visits

How does Twitter Analytics measure profile visits? This number is shown at the top of the Dashboard and includes all profiles that have visited your account over a 28-day period; this metric is updated consistently. This way you can see if the number of your followers is growing or decreasing over time.

number of profile visits

Involvement rate

This section shows how engaging your tweets have been for your audience, i.e. the engagement rate. It also shows the number of interactions received so you can see if your content is “performing” well or if there is something to revise in the creation phase to increase the engagement rate.

Best tweets

Every month, Twitter Insights report on your best content so that you can analyze the characteristics of the most successful tweets in order to continue to improve and avoid posting those that have received less interaction. My advice, however, is to use all the information you see in the Dashboard to further improve your post-creation strategy.

Growth in followers

In the follower metrics, you can keep track of your followers, new followers, and those you have gained or lost.

Always keep an eye on Twitter Analytics, what I recommend is to often seek engagement with them because only by interacting in this way can you have a solid and loyal base of followers who like to see what you show on social media, what you tell them and consequently give them the choice to continue following you in the future if they have interest in what you post.

Video Performance

Video is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competitors because of its ability to engage. With the platform, you can also create video content. You can then track and analyze the views of your videos, see how your followers respond and interact with them to see if this format will be useful for you in the future to grow in visibility.

Extract Twitter statistics

It is not possible to extract the statistics from Twitter Analytics but to study the performance of your profile in more detail, simply access the Dashboard and from there analyze the data and metrics reporting, as I explained in the first step.

There is, however, a tool that allows you to extrapolate and download statistics to your PC, namely Sprout Social. This tool allows you to analyze data and obtain customized monthly, quarterly, or annual reports to measure your social strategy and better understand the performance of your content on the microblogging platform.

Other Twitter analysis tools

Did you know that it is possible to analyze Twitter with other free tools as an alternative to Twitter Analytics? Here are 3 tools that you could use to do the necessary analysis so that you also have different visions for your growth and to inspire you in the creation of content that you will then publish:

  • Mentionmapp: provides you with a map of trending topics and can also search for the most relevant hashtags of the moment. These functions, therefore, allow you to identify new potential followers and also suggest how to increase the visibility of your tweets and consequently have a stronger engagement with your audience.
  • TweetReach: similar to Twitter Analytics, this tool can show you different statistics. For example, you can see who your top followers are and the tweets that have had the most engagement from your followers. It can also help you understand what is being said about you or that famous brand and how much you can influence other users.
  • Twitter Counter: this allows you to get information about your audience, how your tweets are performing, and how many interactions you are having with the aim of analyzing performance and visualizing your growth trend. In addition, it can be useful to get information on competitors and influencers, which can help you to define your uniqueness and to consider anything that can make you stand out from your competitors.

twitter analysis tools

Conclusions and professional advice

Twitter Analytics, as you will have realized, is a tool provided by the social media company that is very useful for gaining an overview of the progress of your profile and analyzing every metric needed to understand the degree of engagement of your tweets.

I leave you with some final tips that I hope will be useful to you after reading this article:

  1. try to consult Twitter Analytics at least once a month
  2. creates, as much as possible, valuable content
  3. seek involvement, interact with your followers
  4. also compared with other tools of social media analysis.

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