Video Marketing: what it is and how to do it effectively

Video marketing means telling a brand with valuable content, provoking an emotional reaction in viewers: today’s success is centering on the emotions and immediacy of the message.

According to research from Hubspot, users love seeing a brand’s video content, followed by emails, images, and articles. Furthermore, according to the latest statistics, the decision-making power of consumers is greatly influenced by videos.

Knowing how to do video marketing represents the real revolution for content marketing and is its future. It is confirmed that 88% of companies that have introduced video marketing in their advertising strategies have a very positive ROI.

Companies must focus on the video resource, not doing so means not keeping up with the market. Video production today is no longer so expensive, so it can be within everyone’s reach, I suggest you enroll in the Social Media Manager Course to educate yourself on the skills needed for this sector.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing: What is it? Video marketing means creating valuable content to promote brands, inform consumers and nurture their relationship with them. It means telling a brand by generating an emotional reaction in the spectators, much more powerful than that which can be had with a simple text or static image. It is one of the most effective content marketing tools at your disposal, with ever-growing potential.

Why is video marketing important? With movies, you can educate, inspire and entertain viewers. Thanks to video marketing strategies, therefore, companies can increase brand awareness, customer consideration, site traffic, and, consequently, also sales and turnover. This also applies to freelancers; it is an integral part of their online sponsorship business.

Are you curious to find out:

  • What are the current trends;
  • How to create effective videos;
  • How to make video marketing for companies;
  • What benefits can it bring to your digital strategy?

Then, read on.

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Trending videos of the moment

Why is it important to know how to do video marketing? I want you to understand it through video marketing statistics.

  • People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of something that is communicated to them through sound and images together;
  • 75% of web surfers prefer to watch movies rather than read a text; in particular, Wyzowl highlights how 72% of customers prefer to watch an information film on products rather than read about it;
  • In Oberlo it is highlighted how the purchasing tendency of users who reach an e-commerce site via user-generated video content increases by 184%;
  • According to Wyzowl, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video a week, 90% from their mobile devices;
  • Wyzowl also reports that 89% of marketers believe that videos allow a good return on investment (ROI). In particular, Biteable highlights how videos improve ROI by 68% compared to Google Ads and by 74% compared to a static image;
  • According to a report by Wistia, the use of videos, or animated GIFs, within the email marketing strategy, increases the click-through rate by up to 300%.

video marketing statistics

All incredible numbers, right? Difficult not to recognize the effectiveness of using video marketing strategies to achieve corporate business objectives. If then the goal is growth through an experimental and measurable methodology as in the case of growth marketing, it is impossible not to consider the potential of video marketing.

Trending online YouTube

Used by 87% of companies that bet on video web marketing, the video channel par excellence has a higher ROI per video than other social networks. Here are some YouTube online trends:

  • Users upload more than 500 hours of new videos per minute and watch 1 billion a day, as highlighted in the Optin Monster blog;
  • Over 70% of audiovisual content consumption takes place via mobile devices, with an average permanence of 40 minutes per day;
  • “How-to” searches grow by 70% every year;
  • The use of the Live stream function increases, as a result of the greater propensity of users to watch live video rather than on-demand video;
  • The tendency of brands to collaborate with creators and to use 360-degree videos to advertise their products/services in an exclusive way increases;
  • YouTube and YouTubeTV viewing time on television screens grow by 80%, thanks also to docuseries.

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Video Marketing in Digital Marketing

What is the video marketing strategy you can adopt? There is no unique video marketing strategy. It all depends on what you are sponsoring: yourself, an event, or your business.

Make a video marketing plan, where you specify the objectives and allocate the production and promotion budget on the platforms that you think are interesting for your possible consumers. Remember that diversifying the distribution of content is important for making a good video marketing strategy.

video marketing strategies

For the definition of the editorial plan, you can rely on the 3H model. This involves the creation of three types of videos throughout the year:

  • Hero: special and spectacular audiovisual content, to be published a few times a year, for particular purposes, such as product launches or important announcements. Aimed at a broad audience, they feature a high level of creativity and focus on storytelling ;
  • Hub: serial movies to be published consistently, at least once a week. To be effective, they must be based on a well-defined and repeatable structure over time. They aim to retain users, giving them a reason to continue following the brand;
  • Help: clips created to answer real customer questions or curiosities about the company, and its products/services. Their function is crucial when customers are undecided about purchasing and have to evaluate a specific product/service compared to competitors.

Then decide whether to focus on emotional, informative, or more institutional films, based on your reference sector and the type of market you are targeting.

Building trust with video content

One of the main objectives of content video marketing is to increase the trust of the customer, or potential customer, towards the brand. Trust is essential for the growth and success of any commercial reality and videos can help to obtain it by exploiting the immediacy and emotional impact characteristic of the format. Would you ever buy from someone you don’t trust? The same goes for your buyers.

There are no universal rules for being able to create a strong bond with others through a movie. Surely the contents must be of quality; not too long, with impactful images, sounds, and words that tell something or are useful for those who look at them. However, what makes the difference for the company and the professional is the ability to expose oneself personally. There is nothing better than a film made for your audience, knowing their characteristics and needs well, and with the participation of yourself or one of your collaborators.

Video ROI

To make you understand how useful it is to sell products with video marketing, the aforementioned Wyzowl report comes in handy. Here we specify the percentage of video marketers who have experienced how to use a video:

  • offer them a good ROI (89%);
  • you help them generate leads (83%);
  • increase traffic to the website (87%);
  • contributes directly to the increase in sales (80%).

Given the successes, 95% of video marketers plan to continue investing in audiovisual content creation.

Additionally, Animoto’s Social Video Forecast shows that 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media.

Videos and SEO

A good video marketing strategy also consists of embedding valuable videos within and at the beginning of your landing pages or website/blog pages. This offers several advantages:

  • increases the average time spent on the page, improving its position on search engines and increasing its visibility;
  • increases the probability of receiving backlinks;
  • conversion rates can grow up to 80%.

type of video marketing

Therefore, video graphics contents are excellent allies in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). But be careful: make sure that the page and the audiovisual clip are SEO-friendly. If you are wondering “How do I make a video SEO friendly?” know that you will have to use:

  • right tags during publishing;
  • include transcripts;
  • use relevant keywords with the topic you intend to deal with.

That is, you will have to provide Google’s crawlers with the information necessary to understand its content, making sense of it. Don’t forget, then, the optimization for smartphones, essential given that most of the visualizations are made from here. So, to the question “ Do videos help SEO? ” The answer is yes, and it is not only your business that benefits but also the user, in terms of user experience.

How to create videos from scratch

How to make a marketing video? Focus on the topics to be treated, how, and with what objective. If you don’t hire a professional filmmaker, and you can’t even afford a dedicated team, with an experienced head of video, you can start by purchasing basic equipment. You will need a video camera, microphone, tripod, and good natural or artificial light. Once the footage is shot, you’ll need to take care of editing and creativity. Among the most used video marketing software, I point out:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • Final Cut Pro;
  • Adobe After Effects.

You can also create promotional videos for free using free, watermark-free software like Shotcut, OpenShot, and Lightworks. Furthermore, if you wish, you can integrate the work of a videomaker easily and cheaply using apps to create promotional videos. Video marketing apps like Lumen5, Canva, Biteable, Renderforest, or Powtoon allow you to create beautiful slideshows and animations, starting from stock images, presets, or artificial intelligence tools.

video marketing course

How to create an eye-catching video? Every good movie starts on paper, that is, with a script that you will have to try to respect. But how to start a video and, above all, what to say in a video? Use the first 3-5 seconds to build curiosity and anticipation in your audience by engaging them with questions or teasers. Give the viewer a valid reason to stay glued to the screen and you will see that the engagement will grow exponentially, seeing is believing!

Argue engagingly and conclude by bringing the viewer to a high level of awareness. Put the story at the center and not the sale, use creativity or humor so as not to get bored, and keep the attention high by inserting movements. Finally, don’t forget the call to action, which is essential for converting. Limit yourself to videos that are 3-5 minutes or less at first to entice your audience to watch more.

Choose images, words, and music with accuracy and take meticulous care of the audio. Once created, spread it as you see fit; develop the video marketing strategy in your blog or website, via email and social networks. Incorporate it into the contents of other communication channels or use it for advertising.

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Video Advertising

What is a video web marketing campaign? It consists of advertising through videos to spread your messages on the net, so that as many target people as possible can see them.

Among the various channels, the ones on which companies concentrate their ad budgets the most are YouTube, third-party sites (such as Google’s video partners), Facebook, and Instagram. On the two most popular Social Networks of the moment, video marketing campaigns can be created by sponsoring audiovisual content that has already been posted or by creating ad hoc advertisements. The advantage of these ads is that they have an identical “look” to organic video posts or Stories; they can only be recognized thanks to the wording “sponsored”.

video marketing examples

On YouTube and Google’s video partners, you can create very powerful advertising campaigns, taking advantage of all the advantages of Google Ads. For example, you can show ads to users at the exact moment they’re searching to buy in the same industry as you. The most used Youtube video formats are:

  • in-stream: video advertising inserted within other films (before, during, or after their reproduction), with the possibility of being ignored, interrupted after 5 seconds, or not skippable;
  • discovery: videos displayed in search results, in response to specific queries, or next to related videos;
  • bumper: video 6 seconds or less, unskippable and playable at the beginning, middle, or end of another video.

At the website level, video advertising is done using In page and In-text video ads, i.e. banners, and pop-ups with spots that can be viewed on individual pages.

Social Video Marketing

The massive diffusion of videos within various social platforms has made video marketing an integral part of social media strategy. Audiovisual content outperforms any other type of social post in audience engagement, interaction generation, and increased conversions.

social video marketing for business

Do videos perform better on social media? I would say yes, as demonstrated by Matrix Media’s social video marketing statistics:

  • Thanks to video clips, engagement on Facebook increases on average by 13.9%;
  • People interact 10 times more when there are tweets associated with a video;
  • LinkedIn users share audiovisual content 20 times more easily;
  • On Pinterest the probability of purchase after viewing a branded video increases by 2.6 times;
  • Videos on Instagram generate more interactions than any other type of content.

How to make videos to promote yourself and suitable for social media? A social video marketing strategy assumes sharing videos uploaded to hosting platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia, but also creating videos for social networks. This means uploading the videos directly to the platforms, using the correct formats, and adopting the precautions seen above.

Also, keep in mind that users browsing social media are distracted and hasty; they are looking for entertainment, content that is not too demanding, and, above all, visible even without audio. Any audiovisual content created for social media must be as short, captivating, and with subtitles as possible.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the social network on which most video content is consumed in the world. Although a Facebook study has shown that people prefer 6-second videos, those who consult the channel can maintain attention for longer. In particular, in the business field, solutions to problems or answers to curiosities are sought, needs which, to be satisfied, require often articulated contents, which can be developed through tutorials, courses, and video reviews.

youtube video marketing

How to build YouTube video marketing strategies? Open a channel and, after customizing it, start publishing valuable corporate or personal videos regularly, which you can then link to within your site or blog. This way you have the opportunity to work on brand awareness or personal branding. You can also disclose audiovisual content initially created for another social network; the important thing is that, once you have reached a certain number of videos, you organize them in playlists, to facilitate the user’s search.

Here are some tips for marketing with YouTube videos:

  • for each video graphics content, he takes care of the CTA, thumbnail, description, and above all the title. Think of a strategic title: “How to…”, “5 tools for…”, “The whole truth about…”;
  • take advantage of the Stories, the Live, the new Premiere features, and the Shorts, the short videos useful for mobile video marketing;
  • try to sponsor YouTube videos.

Instagram TV and Reels

How to build a video marketing strategy on Instagram? Although it is the perfect showcase for businesses, in particular for e-commerce, know that in this abundance of content, whoever has the most originality and rides the news, like the Reel, wins.

Recently introduced to counter the rise of Tik Tok, Reels are 15-30 second videos designed to create a concentration of fun, speed, and freshness. They allow you to better showcase the brand’s personality by exploiting creativity, which the platform encourages by providing different features. They can be used for exclusive, high-quality informal content; educational and informative pills which, thanks to their virality, generate benefits on brand awareness and sales.

IgTV is an Instagram app created for making longer entertainment content. It is a format that has grown slowly in terms of diffusion and use but which is now giving interesting results. Instagram TVs are excellent for producing informational content, such as “how-to” video guides, tutorials, or product video reviews. Also, use them to tell about events in which the company participates, create question and answer sessions, or save Lives, thus giving the possibility to review them over time.

Facebook videos

Video marketing on social networks is not a walk in the park, especially when the social network in question is Facebook which, with 8 billion daily views, gives a hard time to the giant YouTube. Here are some tips for effective Facebook video marketing:

  • Create and publish native, quality, and creative videos, trying to stand out from the crowd. Focus on informative or emotional content.
  • Invest in Facebook Live, ideal for announcing the release of a new product but also for showing the “behind the scenes” of your work.
  • Don’t underestimate the potential of Facebook Stories and Watch. Use the former to accompany those who follow you into your world through visual storytelling, and the latter to promote yourself by creating engagement.
  • Don’t hesitate to invest in video ads, without which having visibility is very difficult.
  • You can create video ads starting from an image, using pre-built templates available on Business Manager.

Type of video content

TikTok trending videos

If you want to use video marketing to be successful, entering the world of tiktokers is now almost a must. The growing popularity of the app, which currently has 800 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views a day, is giving many opportunities both in terms of visibility and brand awareness. Thanks to short videos, on TikTok you can do viral video marketing, capture attention with entertainment content, or provide useful and quick advice related to your sector.

What are the trending video trends on the most popular channel among the very young, Generation-Z, and now also among the Millennials? As the Oberlo infographic highlights, the hottest trends for businesses are:

  • Thanks to the partnership with Shopify, social commerce is becoming more and more popular.
  • Branded “Hashtag challenges” and video ads are on the rise.
  • The most awarded contents are the original and authentic ones.

Video Marketing Business

Video marketing for companies means adopting a strategy that leverages audiovisual materials to promote products and services. Corporate content video marketing is an important part of inbound marketing.

People love movies and spend a lot of time watching them during their day, from PCs, tablets, and especially mobile phones. Not taking advantage of this behavior would be a big mistake on the part of a business. Let me give you an example: have you ever linked a song you listened to a commercial you saw online?

how to create marketing videos

It has happened to everyone at least once, precisely because something we see and hear at the same time, remains more easily imprinted in our minds. With the potential of audiovisual content, you will be able to enter the so-called “top of mind” of users: they will remember you, and they will know who you are and what products or services you place on the market.

But being remembered, involved, and excited are not the only advantages you can derive from video marketing for business. Corporate videos allow you to improve your positioning on search engines, are perfect for sharing on social networks, and strengthen your brand identity. This explains why, today, about 2/3 of companies use video in their content marketing strategy and invest more and more money in online video advertising activities and the use of augmented and virtual reality.

Whether you are the head of a company or a freelancer, you have a wide range of videos available for video marketing: vlogs, video interviews, tutorials, video reviews and testimonials, company presentations, and video advertising. The important thing is to create effective videos to make yourself known, transmit valuable information, and prove yourself to be an expert and reliable in your field.

A strategic video marketing plan increases visibility, with positive effects on turnover. To understand how to build it, ask an expert



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