Website statistics: why analyze them and how to monitor them

Is your website not achieving the desired results? Furthermore, you do not know how to monitor the statistics of a website in order to improve and optimize it?

In this article, I will explain how to step by step:

  • collect data from your website
  • to be able to analyze the statistics generated
  • and which tools to use

A website must be easily reachable by Google with the most effective keywords, but above all, it must convert the visitor into a customer. Analyzing the data of your website is a great potential for knowing which are the winning points and which should be improved.

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Why analyze the statistics of a website?

There are several answers to this question, firstly monitoring the statistics of a website allows us to:

  • analyzing website traffic
  • knowing the behavior of visitors
  • find out where they came from (through which channels they reached us)
  • analyzing which pages the user dwells on the most

Thanks to this activity, you can get to know your typical customer, the buyer personas, perfectly.

But what is traffic analysis? Traffic is a decisive success factor for any website. It indicates the number of visitors, allows us to know where they come from and implements strategies and techniques to increase it.

Companies that base their business decisions on market surveys, competitive analysis, and sales statistics will have a better chance of success.

Furthermore, monitoring the statistics of a website meets four primary needs.

1. Monitor website accesses and analyze user visits:

  • on-site mode, measuring the number and behavior of visitors by analyzing interaction with the brand
  • off-site mode focuses on off-site traffic by measuring the potential target market

2. Analyzing traffic generated by social media.

3. Carrying out an online reputation analysis.

4. Estimate the traffic generated:

  • estimation of the total number of sessions generated by the website regardless of the acquisition channel (search engine, social media, forum, etc.)
  • organic traffic, traffic received from search engines (e.g. Google)

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How to monitor the statistics of a website

Today, most companies use analysis tools to collect navigation data and monitor the statistics of a website.

monitor statistics daily

The Internet offers the possibility of autonomously collecting, monitoring, and analyzing data about the users of one’s own website and social channels. Moreover, on the Internet, it is possible to drive Google traffic to one’s own website by implementing a good Search Engine Optimization strategy so that one can:

  • optimize and analyze user behavior
  • improving communication
  • refining web marketing strategies
  • improve after-sales relationship management

In the next few lines, I will show you how to analyze your website and present you with some tools that will help you in your work. Let us begin!

Free tools

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a console that allows you to monitor and measure your traffic, and the performance of it, by managing the presence of your site in Google search results, as well as to solve any problems.

monitoring statistics with google search console

Search Console offers the following actions:

  • know user queries, showing the keywords used by visitors to reach your online resources
  • solving indexing and optimization problems
  • request re-indexing of new or updated content
  • displaying Google search traffic data
  • analyzing impressions, i.e. how many times your pages are displayed in Google search results
  • counting clicks to pages on the site
  • solving problems related to AMP, and usability on mobile devices

Once Google Search Console has been activated, before a website’s statistics can be analyzed, the ownership of the website must be verified, choosing a method from among:

  • upload file.html created directly by Google and have it automatically scanned
  • insert a code within the head tag
  • automatically check the ownership of the site by connecting Google Analytics

then you will be enabled to collect navigation data.

The metrics you can monitor for website statistics are:

  • number of clicks
  • impressions
  • CTR
  • average position
  • search queries

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to monitor user activity on your website. With these tools, you can:

  • understand the behavior of your visitors
  • collect demographic data (gender and age) and their origin that allows you to implement well-targeted strategies
  • monitor activity within the pages of the website
  • monitor the achievement of the set objectives

monitoring website statistics with google analytics

To monitor the statistics of a website and analyze its performance, Google Analytics allows you to collect data by organizing them into metrics, such as:

  • number of visits or sessions
  • number of visitors or users
  • number of page views
  • bounce rate
  • the average length of visit
  • measuring interactions
  • conversion count

You can also use this data to create A/B Tests, i.e. different versions of a page to test which one is more effective.

A/B Tests aim to find out what our audience prefers by comparing different versions of the same element.

How to monitor the bounce rate of a website

The bounce rate (or bounce rate in English) represents the percentage of visitors who landed on a page of our website and only visited one page, then abandoned it because they perhaps did not find it interesting.

The term bounce is precisely a one-page session on your site.

high bounce rate

If monitoring the statistics of a website shows that your site pages have too high a bounce rate, they will not be well seen by search engines

For this reason, you must always create relevant and comprehensive content

How to monitor the average session duration of a website

The average duration of a site session, by definition, is the ratio of the total duration of all sessions to the number of sessions.

The duration of a single session is calculated in different ways depending on whether a hit occurs.

This parameter is crucial to understand whether the statistics of a website consider the content to be of interest, and therefore worth lingering over, or whether the user abandons the page even before reading it all.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that offers an immense database of information to assess the trend of searches in a given field, which users perform on a daily basis. By using this service correctly, bloggers, managers, and entrepreneurs will be able to benefit enormously from it to monitor and understand the tastes, trends, and interests of their target audience in order to optimize their marketing strategies.

how to monitor website statistics with googletrends

The initial screen of Google Trends provides us with monitoring of worldwide statistics.

The numerical data do not report the exact number of searches in a given period, but relative values in a range from 0 to 100.

Google Trends’ statistics and graphs are also updated in real-time and can be shared and exported in CSV format, which you can later rework according to your needs.

The main features of Google Trends are:

  • collect statistics on geolocalised searches
  • identifying rising queries about a topic
  • obtain the total number of searches obtained over a period of time
  • take advantage of the most popular trends to create content that will have greater prominence

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SEMrush is a platform that allows you to analyze your website comprehensively and effectively; is actually also designed for planning SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns.

monitor website statistics with semrush

A website is scanned by means of the search field with a keyword or domain, at which point the analysis begins and the following parameters are released:

  • the values of organic research
  • the number of backlinks
  • the main search keyword
  • competitors
  • traffic from a particular country.


Another tool for monitoring the statistics of a website is SEOZoom.

monitor website statistics with seozoom

The main statistics you can monitor are:

  • traffic volumes
  • keyword positioning
  • keyword distribution, i.e. for which keywords the website ranked
  • backlinks and link building
  • competitor


Ahrefs is a useful suite for link intelligence and SEO analysis and is very professional for monitoring the statistics of a website.

monitor website statistics with ahrefs

Due to the massive amount of data collected by its crawler, Ahrefs offers many functionalities, such as:

  • analysis of backlinks
  • keyword research
  • content and competitor analysis
  • SEO audit, social statistics, and rating
  • organic positioning control

Knowing the traffic of competitors’ websites

Remember the famous counters on the home pages of websites?

Those customizable counters offered a quick overview of how many visitors a website had. Analyzing the statistics of competing sites was thus just a click away and you only had to visit the home page of a site from time to time to find out how many users had accessed the site in that particular time frame

In the next few lines, I will recommend tools that will enable you to:

  • analyzing the traffic of a site not owned by you
  • to know the total number of visits
  • which keywords rank best on search engines
  • which sites it received backlinks from


Alexa is the oldest tool for monitoring and analyzing the statistics of a competitor’s website.

It offers a complete overview of data on competitor sites, tracking navigation and user behavior, thus giving you both a territorial and global ranking of the competitor site.

Similar Web

Similar to Alexa, Similar web has more information made available in a more attractive and graphically better format for monitoring competitor statistics. Show:

  • Browsing data incorporated from site statistics collected through various channels, such as the panel of over 10 million users;
  • data from some of the world’s most famous ISPs;
  • traffic from thousands of sites that have linked their Google Analytics with the service by sharing data and proprietary crawlers scanning websites.

Free Coaching on Website Statistics

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Monitoring the statistics of a website will not only allow you to analyze and study the behavior of users landing on your website but also to implement well-targeted strategies to convert the visitor into a customer.

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