WordPress subtitles: what they are and how to include them on your website

WordPress subtitles are present in articles of your blog? Have you recently created a website and are you wondering if the subtitles within the pages are used correctly?

In this article, I want to talk to you about the importance of having quality sub-titles in your online content and help you insert them in WordPress in the right way to create effective and structurally valid articles.

Today there are an infinite number of posts and information on the web, every time each of us does a search we see a large number of results, blog articles, or website pages that we go to view quickly trying to find what answers our questions, and our needs.

This is exactly why subtitles in WordPress take on significant “user-side” importance. The contents of the pages must be:

  • As pleasing to the reader as possible;
  • correctly formatted to encourage him to read
  • contain keywords to be found by users and search engines.

WordPress is the most used software platform to create a website or a blog because it allows you to manage them easily even without detailed knowledge of programming languages. It is an intuitive platform that allows extensive customization of the contents and thanks to numerous plugins it is possible to expand the functions of the site.

how to use wordpress subtitles

Having your own blog or website has now become extremely important for those who want to highlight their business, but even those who simply want to talk about their passions can do so through these channels.

With this short guide, I will explain in detail:

  • What are WordPress subtitles;
  • because it is important to insert them in a blog article or in the pages of a website;
  • how to enter them quickly and easily.

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What is WordPress Subtitles?

WordPress subtitles are short subtitles, of the sentences that support the main title by explaining its meaning: give the reader additional information through which he can quickly see if there are contents of interest to him and therefore continue reading the article or not.

Creating valuable content for your website or blog that is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing is some of the key aspects to keep people coming to your page. After all, if each of us finds himself in front of a page written without interruptions and in which he cannot immediately identify the subject, most of the time he abandons it immediately without reading a single line.

That’s why it’s important given the content of the articles the right division into sections and paragraphs. When you start writing, you should think first of all about creating titles that can engage readers, help them navigate, that contain the right keywords and related phrases.

After all, creating a site or a blog is within everyone’s reach but the difference is optimization, the usability of the article itself, and adding titles are one of the things to take into consideration for this to happen.

Why add subtitles to your blog or site content?

WordPress subtitles allow you to divide the article into paragraphs thus making it more understandable and usable to the reader, thus increasing its quality. Structurally optimized content gives the search engine the ability to easily understand the topic covered in the blog or site article and then offer it to users who do certain searches.

Just the keywords with which users search can be inserted within these lower-level titles and for this reason, WordPress subtitles also become fundamental from the point of view of SEO.

Each section should begin with a title, a sentence that contains the essential information of the paragraph itself so readers have the possibility to understand at a glance whether they can find all the news they need inside, can read the content easily proposed, and then find in your information the solution to what they are looking for.

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Types of WordPress Subtitles and When to use them

There are different types of WordPress subtitles and each one needs to be used at different times depending on how we want to divide our article and the various parts we want to highlight.

In the text editor, they range from “heading 2” to “heading 6” and are sorted by size and importance. In English WordPress titles and subtitles are called headers and in the HTML code, they are indicated as H1, H2, H3, etc.

Title H1: is the main title of the article and therefore generally used only once. It should not be confused with the title tag, i.e. the one we display within the Google SERP.

Title H2: is of paramount importance and is second only to the header tag. It is considered a content title and gives a structure to the article because it allows you to divide it into paragraphs making it easier for the user to read. When optimized correctly, it can contribute to the good search engine ranking of your blog or site page.

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To this end, it is important to follow some basic rules such as:

  • Don’t use too few characters or exaggerate since they are header tags and are used to introduce the paragraph.
  • Don’t write it using just a list of keywords.
  • It can be used multiple times.
  • It doesn’t have to be the same as the title.

Title H3:he comes generally used in more complex content to name the various sub-chapters. It must guide the reader’s eye together with the H2 to scan the page.

WordPress subtitles ranging from H4 to H6 are used in the presence of very long and articulated content or for information of secondary importance.

The font of WordPress subtitles will also be decreasing, and it’s a good practice not to skip an intermediate header.

Thanks to these tags, it is possible to insert an index of the contents inside the articles which will further allow you to see its content and choose what to read.

In fact, the title that you assign to each paragraph of the article will correspond to an entry in the index, they will be clickable to allow you to read the paragraphs of interest or resume those that have been suspended.

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that allows you to analyze your content in real-time and can be of great help with subtitles. In the analysis of the readability it will in fact go to see if the titles are distributed correctly and if they contain the keywords.

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How to insert subtitles in WordPress posts and pages?

In just a few steps you can properly add subtitles easily. In fact, WordPress is a widely used platform because thanks to its simplicity it allows you to create successful websites and blogs.

To insert your content you can use the classic editor or get help from a builder, a text builder installed through a plugin, which allows you to go beyond the layout of the classic editor.

In any case, whether you choose to use a builder or not, there are two procedures for inserting WordPress subtitles:

1. via the text editor which turns out to be the simplest and most intuitive way 2. using the HTML editor going to insert the header tags at the beginning and at the end of the sentence that you want to correspond to a subtitle. Let’s see it in detail.

Through the classic WordPress editor

1. Enter the visual editor page 2. Select the phrase you want to make a subtitle 3. Open the “paragraph” drop-down menu and click on the type of title you want to insert.

classic wordpress editor

Alternatively using the HTML editor

1. Enter the editor page and select the text tab 2. Insert the tags h1, h2, h3, etc. at the beginning and at the end of the sentence you want to make a subtitle. as in the following example.

using html editor

So, in summary, after creating a main title that is informative and stimulates the curiosity of readers, divide the article into sections giving it a subtitle, and in turn, if necessary, into paragraphs marked by other text strings that further explain the content.

Of course, it’s a good rule to not go overboard with schematization and with the division into paragraphs but assign each topic its own section in the most appropriate way, giving the right rhythm to the text.

Don’t exaggerate with the length of sentences that would otherwise be unclear and try to use the right punctuation to make reading fluid.

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Conclusions and Free Personalized Consultation

WordPress subtitles as you will have understood are of fundamental importance to creating quality content and therefore in drafting a text they deserve the right attention and formatting.

Surely first of all we need to create valuable content that knows how to involve and help those who read our articles but also the structure must not be overshadowed.

The first part of the customer journey that is, the customer’s journey within your site is exactly what makes the difference, and a reader who remains in the article will give authority to the website or blog and therefore will be indexed more easily by search engines.

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