Affiliate marketing today represents a very interesting sector in which the main players are advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks. Wanting to go into more detail, we can say that advertisers are those who intend to invest a sum of money on the web, while publishers are those who have spaces on the web that they can make available. This is the case, for example, of bloggers or influencers.

Finally, affiliate networks have the task of acting as intermediaries between these two parties. The Affiliate Marketing Manager is the figure who has the task of always looking for new affiliates. To better understand the work of this professional, I suggest the Affiliate Marketing Course or Discover Digital Project Management Course for a less specific overview of digital projects.

Cristina Cirillo, tells us in detail what her job, Affiliate Marketing Manager for MotorK, consists of and what tools anyone who wants to pursue this career must know. It’s up to you to tell about yourself, an analytical mind, a good propensity for relationships, soft skills and a considerable dose of creativity are essential elements to carry out this profession in the best possible way.

Affiliate marketing manager job description


Who is the Affiliate Marketing Manager?

cristina CirilloHe is the figure who takes care of the management and internal coordination of the affiliates (or publishers), as well as their sites and/or databases to plan various types of Adv campaigns which can be Direct Email Marketing, Video, Display, SEO, SEM, Native.

The relationship between the two players is a commercial type of engagement, called in the digital world “a performance”, based exclusively on the remuneration of the results obtained and above all on the ROI (return on investment); therefore far from the logic of the previous approach model focused on exclusive brand awareness. The Affiliate Marketing Manager acts as an intermediary between the publisher’s channels and the booking objectives of the campaign to be delivered and, above all, marketed.

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what skills should an affiliate marketing manager have?

Cristina CirilloAs far as skills are concerned, an Affiliate Marketing Manager must be analytical, empathetic, intuitive, always proactive, constantly looking for new affiliates, and, above all, must have strong relational skills.

Initially, we look for affiliates (if you don’t have a portfolio already created) and we propose to activate the collaboration by activating the entire contractual part. Subsequently, the technical aspect is activated by understanding the needs of both on how to “trace” the progress of the advertising campaigns and analyze their performance.

Performance analysis is essential to understand the pricing, more or less high, with which to remunerate the affiliate. He should be rewarded and encouraged when he deserves it, he should be reprimanded and cautioned when he doesn’t follow the instructions or when, as unfortunately sometimes happens, there are low campaign results. In a certain sense, it must be educated as a child in the first years of growth.

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Affiliate Marketing Manager Salary


How much does an Affiliate Marketing Manager make?

cristina CirilloMany variables determine the average salary for an Affiliate Marketing Manager. Surely the years of experience and the company they belong to play a fundamental role in determining it. (Between $40,000 and $80,000 gross per year. Source Glassdoor ed).


Fundamental tools to know how to use


Which tool is bet for Affiliate Marketing?

Cristina CirilloA good knowledge of the Office package, especially Excel, a generic knowledge of HTML, and a lot of love for communicating via Skype. Furthermore, it is important to know how to use the various sending and campaign trend analysis panels (I could name some of the best, but I would risk advertising here too).

The right training for an Affiliate Marketing Manager


What made you an Affiliate Marketing Manager? What do you recommend studying to those wishing to pursue this path?

Cristina CirilloSurely, for the most part, luck and the choice to embark on a career path that immediately coincided with my skills and with my dream when I was a child: to invent advertising for ice cream!

Although different, my day job has nevertheless approached this childhood desire more maturely. The deepening of the various advertising sectors, very different from each other, closes the circle of a broad knowledge of the general Adv strategy.

A lot of stubbornness, curiosity, and willingness to get involved are fundamental elements in my work and push me to always look for new and stimulating goals.

As far as studies are concerned, I obtained a degree in Marketing and Business Communication, which I could define as the fundamental ingredient, the goal from which it all began, followed by the acquisition of a series of digital skills that can now be acquired through the various dedicated Masters or Courses currently on the market.

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