Ancillary work: what it is, who can do it and 3 useful ideas

Ancillary work means the set of work services not attributable to the typical contractual types of subordinate work or self-employment but characterized by a purely economic limit and by payment through vouchers.

The name of this type of work is due to performances that are characterized by their brevity and which occur, precisely, in a merely occasional way. The subjects involved in this type of work are 3:

  • clienti.e. the employer
  • collaboratori.e. the worker.

As for the traditional one, even in the digital field, occasional, sporadic, paid services can be carried out which follow the same logic of ancillary work.

ancillary work what is

The Digital Transformation that has taken place in recent years has generated new professions and more job opportunities. For this reason, in the following article I will explain to you:

  • what is ancillary work and how does it work
  • who can carry out an ancillary activity
  • how to apply this type of work in the digital environment.

By training in digital, you will be able to have more professional opportunities and this will allow you to offer occasional services typical of ancillary work.

What is ancillary work: meaning

The term ancillary work means work activity characterized by occasional services paid through vouchers. This type of relationship is used to provide an answer to professional and production needs that are of an occasional nature. The relationship binds 2 subjects: the collaborator and the client.

The advantage of ancillary work is represented by the fact that:

  • The client can use collaborators in compliance with the law with extreme flexibility.
  • The lender is paid with tax-free compensation, has Inail coverage (insured for accidents and illnesses), does not affect his position as unemployed or unemployed, and can be combined with pension benefits.

The definition of accessory work, or “with voucher”, includes those non-continuous work activities, characterized maximum economic limit o €5,000 net within a calendar year.

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Who can do the ancillary work

There are many activities that can take advantage of ancillary work, as well as subjects that can provide occasional services.

Clients can be:

  • business professionals and entrepreneurs
  • local and public bodies
  • private

Employers who instead cannot make use of ancillary work:

  • those who have more than 5 permanent employees (excluding hotel and tourism businesses)
  • agricultural enterprises
  • companies in the construction sector
  • contracts

The subjects who can carry out occasional services:

  • students, as long as it does not conflict with school obligations
  • unemployed or unemployed, because the benefits do not affect the various benefits
  • workers with fixed-term or permanent contracts provided it is not the same employer for whom they are already working
  • pensioners, except those with an invalidity pension
  • domestic workers, such as carers, babysitters, and dog sitters.

A collaborator can carry out occasional services, for all clients, up to a sum not exceeding €7,000 (the figure varies according to Istat data). Should the client is a professional or an entrepreneur-accessory work performance made in their favor cannot exceed the limit of €2,000 in the calendar year for each worker.

Even the recipients of redundancy funds or income support measures, in any productive sector, including local authorities, will be able to take advantage of this type of contract for a maximum compensation of €3,000 in one year.

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3 ideas for ancillary work in the digital market

In the digital market, ancillary work does not find a real response, even if it is possible to carry out occasional jobs that follow this logic. There are many job opportunities, and even if you are not paid in vouchers, you have the opportunity to earn extra money by offering occasional services.

So, if you carry out a profession that you don’t like or you want to supplement your salary, you can think about collaborating by offering your skills and knowledge to companies or professionals.

Below I will show you 3 ancillary job ideas and professional opportunities that you can do online.

Become an Online Consultant

The online consultant it’s a freelancer who supports companies and partners. This is among the most complex jobs, as you have to pass on and teach what you know. You must be a professor, a coach, and a guide who helps other people to realize and achieve their goals by choosing those strategies that suit their needs.

Why choose to be a digital consultant as an ancillary job to traditional careers?

  • It’s an ever-new world where you need to keep up-to-date.
  • There are currently no stringent regulations.
  • You can become a coach by putting what you have learned into practice.

All commercial activities, SMEs, and even large companies are experiencing a digital transformation and need someone to teach them how to navigate the Net.

If you have hobbies, passions, or particular skills that you want to make money, you should become an online consultant. The main advantage is that you don’t have to leave your current job if you work or continue applying for other job positions if you are unemployed.

You can be a consultant online and earn extra money, the only thing you have to decide is the area in which you want to pursue a career.

Become a Copywriter

The main role of copywriters is that write persuasive content in order to make users perform certain actions. If your passion is writing, but you can’t or don’t want to open a VAT number yet, but you cannot or do not yet want to open a company, you can be a Copywriter as an accessory job in the company because:

  • It is impossible to maintain an active blog and be able to make money by working occasionally, but on the contrary, it requires constant attention.
  • Managing a website, writing articles, and planning an editorial plan is the opposite of “occasionalism”.

Today copywriting activity is a fundamental aspect in order to develop effective web communication. This figure is one of the growing professions because companies have found themselves unprepared to deal with online users.

Therefore, the advice I can give you is to look for companies that already have a site with an active blog and to start a collaboration with them.

Create and sell Infoproducts

Do you like writing guides, books, or e-books? To sell them independently, according to the law, you must open a VAT number. What you can do is lean on existing e-commerce sites to see all your products, but also try your hand at selling Infoproducts using the accessory work.

The goal is to create the digital product or service and sell it using the different channels and tools of digital marketing showing it to the right target at the right time.

Does this sound like a good opportunity for you to be able to profit from it? We are in the era of digital services and products and the business of digitizable products is growing rapidly. This is why I advise you to take a moment to think about your main know-how and then immediately get to work and create videos, webinars, e-books, and audio files.

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How to find an ancillary job online

Therefore, there are several ways to earn extra money by making your skills and knowledge available. In fact, I have previously shown you various job opportunities you can carry out in the digital world, but how can you find ancillary work online?

The most used platforms for occasional services that bring the client and the lender into contact are:

1. Fiverr: a global platform that connects companies and freelancers through teleworking

2. Freelancer. com: solution adopted by many professionals, freelancers propose projects on the platform and the company will identify what it is looking for

3. Tabbid: a showcase for your jobs and announcements, write what you offer, the field in which you work, and in which you have skills, employers will contact you

4. En.blastingnews: particularly interesting for those who love to write (copywriter)

5. Upwork: its strong point is the heterogeneous audience that allows even those who are beginners to get noticed.

Although subscribing to specific platforms is a must, they are not the only possible solutions. Among the other opportunities to look for and find ancillary casual work in the digital sector are: employment agencies and social recruiting.

find ancillary job online

The employment agencies connect companies looking for staff with those who are looking for a job. Relying on them has benefits for both:

  • for companies, the main advantage is the receipt of targeted support and the fact that they do not have to worry directly about the search for personnel because they will only be given suitable candidates
  • while the candidates make free use of the service as well as have professional guidance and training, they receive proposals in line with their profile

Social recruiting today is the strategy that is proving to be increasingly effective for ancillary job offers. It is a new way of looking for collaborators by exploiting the power and immediacy of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

It is very advantageous for companies that intend to look for new staff. In fact, it is possible to exploit campaigns on social media to profile users and show ads only to candidates who respond to a specific target. In this way:

  • costs are halved
  • recruiters contact the most suitable candidates
  • the answers to these are faster

Conclusions and free advice on how to orient yourself

In this article, I have explained what ancillary work is and which digital professions you can carry out to offer occasional services. Digital professions, being constantly growing, allow for more job opportunities.

Taking advantage of this type of contract can be a strategic solution if you want to:

  • round up your current salary
  • become an online entrepreneur
  • work as a freelancer.

So, focus on your passions and your strengths, and never stop learning and dreaming.


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