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“Try to discover the purpose you are called to be, then passionately pursue it in life.”

Martin Luther King

Business Coaching is a practice that has gained increasing relevance in recent years, both within companies and in the realm of self-employment. This evolution is undoubtedly driven by changes in the job market, which is becoming increasingly specialized, demanding a higher level of self-awareness and knowledge of one’s own capabilities.

However, this change is also attributed to a greater emphasis on the emotional aspect of work, which at times has an even greater impact on performance than technical skills.

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What is Business Coaching

According to the most widely accepted definition, Business Coaching is the process in which specific business objectives are achieved through regular and structured conversations between a client and a consultant (specifically, coach and coachee).

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These objectives are related to both performance and self-awareness. It is self-evident that the primary clients of business coaching are individuals working within companies, including managers, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Why use a Business Coaching

It is common in life to occasionally feel disoriented, and one of the factors that significantly influences performance is motivation.

Motivation is certainly influenced by salary and career prospects, but as essential as these factors are, they alone are insufficient. What truly matters is understanding one’s role within the company and knowing how to leverage it.

Additionally, recognizing one’s strengths and identifying the areas requiring improvement for self-enhancement are crucial.

In such cases, a career consultant serves as a valuable support, assisting in rediscovering motivation and determining whether the crisis is “endogenous,” originating from the worker, or “exogenous,” related to factors within the work environment.


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Difference between Business Coaching and Life Coaching

The difference between Business Coaching and Life Coaching is substantial and inherent in the names of the two methods. While the former primarily focuses on the professional sphere and the acquisition of specific skills with the goal of improving one’s performance in the workplace, the latter embraces a more “holistic” theme related to managing one’s private life: interpersonal relationships, emotions, as well as self-relationship through enhanced self-esteem.

Both paths are valuable, but it is essential to clearly understand whether a state of distress is linked to one or the other sphere. These spheres often influence each other; for many, it’s challenging to keep personal life separate from work, and conversely, a frustrating work experience can impact one’s personal life.

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How the coaching process works

Business Coaching is aimed at various professional roles, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, managers, and teams. The business coach works through specific sessions with the aim of improving performance by enhancing self-awareness.

To achieve this, an initial agreement, a true contract between the coach and coachee, will be established, outlining the objectives, strategies to reach them, and the commitment from both parties.

The process then proceeds with an analysis of the current situation of the coachee and the context they are facing. Subsequently, action is taken, and the results are measured over time.

Resources of the Coach and choosing the right consultant

The profession of Business Coaching is not yet organized into a Professional Registry, and many individuals label themselves as “coaches” within their field without actually being qualified as such.

How can you ensure that you are working with a true professional rather than a self-proclaimed one? First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that a “coach” in general is a guide, a professional who supports their coachee in a developmental process, which can be personal, professional, or athletic. This is accomplished through removing the “blocks” that often hinder a person’s progress and growth.

However, a coach is not a therapist; their objective is not to provide therapy but to support, empower, and motivate. If the mentioned blocks are rooted in deeper issues, a skilled coach should guide the individual towards a psychological path rather than attempting to solve these problems themselves, which could potentially cause more harm.

Unlocking potential: the real secret of Business Coaching

A competent coach can identify the strengths of their coachee after just a few sessions and motivate them to harness their potential. Many professional setbacks result from a lack of awareness of one’s own capabilities, focusing on the wrong areas due to a lack of self-awareness. Or perhaps underestimating their abilities despite working in the right field.

A Business Coaching journey helps focus on these areas and find effective ways to leverage them in the workplace, both in interactions with superiors and with colleagues or clients.


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How to pursue a Career in Business Coaching

The field of Business Coaching is in high demand in today’s job market, due to an increasing focus on motivational aspects related to work performance.

To excel in this profession, you need specific personality traits, including empathy, listening skills, determination, and motivation – an unmotivated coach won’t take their coachee very far.

In addition to natural inclinations, you need to invest in education. There are no specific degree requirements, but highly specialized and certified training programs are available.

Business coaching fits seamlessly into the digital landscape. The ongoing transformation is shifting the job market more towards this direction, making the Digital Coach, equipped with digital marketing skills, one of the most sought-after professions. To pursue this career, you need specific and certified training as well as ample experience. You must be capable of applying business knowledge and guiding students and professionals in making informed choices.

In business coaching, with the right inclination, coupled with extensive study and enthusiasm, you can achieve excellent results. Besides promising earning potential, it is a profession that undoubtedly brings great satisfaction.

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