How to advance in your career: 5 fundamental attitudes

How to advance in your career in the workplace? Everyone has asked themselves this question and especially sought comprehensive answers.

Are you sure that to make your way in a company, you have to be very good at what you do? Frequently, it appears not to be the case.

Why does this happen? The working world has certain rules to follow to succeed.

Here are 5 useful tips for advancing your career in the workplace:

  1. Be proactive and proactive;
  2. Never stop learning and improving;
  3. Always aim high;
  4. Have leadership qualities;
  5. Possess dialogue, mediation, and coaching skills.

However, all this was true before the arrival of digital technology, because digital technology doesn’t offer discounts to anyone. But especially not to those who improvise.

If you don’t have a solid education and don’t approach it with a focus on continuous learning, you can’t be a leader. You can’t lead a team if you don’t understand and keep up with the dynamics of all channels and platforms.

In this case, the Digital Marketing certification course can help you. With digital technology, everything has become faster, and paradigms are often overturned.

What was true yesterday may not be true today, and tomorrow it could be something else entirely.

To advance your career, you have to be a bit like a surfer: able to look into the distance without losing balance on the board.  Especially if you want to advance your career in the digital world.

How to advance in your career quickly

How can I advance my career quickly? If you are young, I recommend reading I’m 22 and I’ve never worked anyway, it’s the dream of many, like winning the lottery.

In reality, with digital technology, where precision is essential, the rule of chosen shooters applies, slow is smooth, smooth is fast, slow is precise, and precise is fast.

Achieving your goals makes you progress; missing the target doesn’t: duplicating the shot represents only a waste of time and resources.

In the digital world, where everything is fast and constantly evolving, it is certainly easier to skip steps and quickly climb the corporate ladder.

It is the type of market that facilitates a rapid and successful career compared to other more traditional and structured sectors where years of seniority and strict role transitions are required before reaching the coveted position.

E-commerce and online advertising are the 2 sectors with the fastest growth in terms of increasing the number of employed individuals and companies seeking digital profiles to add to their workforce.


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Building a career: entrepreneurship or employment?

One of the first steps to take is undoubtedly to choose how to build your career: as an entrepreneur or as an employee.

Decide whether to work for a single company and specialize in a specific sector or open a VAT number with a flat-rate scheme and offer your professional expertise to more than one company.

Everyone is different, with their own attitudes, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses, and it is with these characteristics.

They must come to terms and interface to understand how to build a career in the digital world, whether you are suited to work independently or have the mindset of an employee.

Let me explain further: if you go on your own, it’s better to specialize vertically and then broaden your education by acquiring complementary skills.

By doing so, you increase the range of services you can offer your client, thus increasing your revenue with the same clients: this is a step of growth.

When you have saturated the time available to dedicate to clients, the next step is to start a web agency, a smart one, without necessarily having a physical office and employees.

Offer multiple services that can be performed by multiple people, your freelance collaborators.

You maintain the role of Digital Project Manager and interface with the client, but let others help you with vertical tasks such as SEO, social media management, website creation, etc.

If you lean towards starting a career in digital as an employee, a great way to start is to do it in a web agency that offers digital services to businesses.

You will work in a stimulating environment, learn quickly from colleagues and experiences, and test yourself on different companies and projects: it’s an excellent training ground to build solid foundations.

The next step is to increase your responsibilities by training in other digital areas and gaining practical experience. In this way, you can aspire to take on a coordinating role like Digital Project Manager.

A final step could be to leave the web agency and be hired by a company in a managerial role, no longer a specialist.

Building a career in digital: 5 fundamental attitudes

Progressing in your career is a matter of character and personality, not just luck, opportunities, or preparation.

In the analog world, the distinctive traits of those destined for success in the workplace have always been:

  • Innate competitiveness;
  • Dislike for any form of halt or slowdown;
  • Predisposition for perfectionism and hard work;
  • Will to keep everything under control;
  • Intolerance for others’ incompetence;
  • Self-determination.

But, what does building a career in the digital realm mean?

how to advance in your career opportunities

On one hand, you need versatile skills and a good understanding of Digital Marketing, while on the other hand, Digital is a system of relationships so complex that choosing a vertical path becomes indispensable, as is often said.

Digital is a true network of skills, like a highway network, a network of paths, just to stick with the metaphor. It’s essential to choose the one that suits you best, the one that aligns with your character traits, and follow it.

That’s how digital works; those who succeed are products of the geometry of the network and the balance between its parts, where everyone is crucial, but only the outcome matters, as the Latins used to say: pluribus unum.

The keywords are specialization and verticality if you are looking for how to grow in the digital world.

What kind of character is needed?

Definitely flexible and curious, but don’t forget that the digital realm is primarily a cultural revolution, meaning a natural tendency to embrace change.

In this field, it’s essential to bear in mind that what worked yesterday might not be valid today and may not yield the desired results.

Therefore, studying, reading, and continuous learning are necessary—much more than in the past, much more than in other professional domains.

To achieve this, there are behaviors and habits that foster success.

1. Proper time management

Defining goals and planning your time is fundamental for building a career and making strides in all areas of life.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short-term or long-term goal; having a clear idea of where you want to go and how you plan to get there is crucial.

Many time management professionals offering advice on building a career in the workplace suggest organizing tasks to have a clear idea of the most important tasks and their priorities.

This way, you can organize your day more efficiently, saving time and avoiding distractions. For example, creating a personalized to-do list can be an excellent way to stay focused and productive.

correct time management

If you divide tasks based on their priority and difficulty, you can focus on the most important and challenging ones during the hours when you are most productive, leaving less demanding tasks for times when productivity is lower.

Avoiding distractions such as smartphone notifications can also be helpful in breaking into the workforce. This can help you maintain focus on the tasks at hand.

Turning off the phone or putting it on silent mode during work hours can be a great strategy to avoid distractions and stay focused.

In summary, setting clear goals and organizing your time efficiently can help achieve success in all areas of life.

Dividing tasks based on priority and difficulty, creating personalized lists, and avoiding distractions can be effective methods to optimize your time and maximize productivity.

2. Working and allowing leisure time

There are many theories on success and ways to achieve it, but one thing is certain: intention alone is not enough to build a career. As Americans say, action follows intention, which means you must be willing to step up to achieve your goals.

However, focusing solely on work is unhealthy and can lead to a significant imbalance between personal and professional life. Therefore, finding the right balance between work, relationships, and personal interests is important.

Many millionaires and successful entrepreneurs, for example, follow the 5-hour rule, which involves investing time every day in hobbies or activities that improve their lives.

In fact, both Bill Gates and Elon Musk have the habit of reading extensively and dedicating time to their specific hobbies.

work life balance

The importance of finding the correct balance between business and private life has also been demonstrated by scientific studies.

A study conducted by Harvard Business School showed that the most happy and productive employees are those who manage to find a balance between work and private life.

In summary, to achieve success, it’s important to demonstrate intention through action, but it’s equally important to find the right harmony between home and office.

Dedication to hobbies and personal interests can improve the quality of life, productivity, and professional achievement.

3. Competitiveness

Keep in mind the goal of advancing your career in the digital field: grow professionally, regardless of the role you are in.

Don’t let anyone obstruct you, not even the arrogant colleague you’ll inevitably encounter on your journey, attempting to sabotage your efforts.

In your professional journey, you might encounter positive colleagues, but also negative ones, such as:

  • The person who gets your ideas and claims them as their own;
  • People who can’t handle being contradicted;
  • The “perfectionist”;
  • The one who responds rudely;
  • The two-faced person who tries to act friendly only in front of others.

How can you handle this situation? Never take things personally, try to control your anger, and keep your distance, always demonstrating collaboration, proactivity, and responding with a touch of good humor.

4. Systemic teamwork

To advance your career in the workplace, you need to surround yourself with at least three strategic people:

  • The mentor – guides you, offers support and experience, and helps you identify the path to follow;
  • The sponsor – opens doors for you, facilitates your work, and paves the way for your success;
  • The connector – a true networking magician, always guiding you to the right people and places to find them.

These people can be found both in the office and online, in the right communities.

systemic team work

A great starting point to build your network is LinkedIn: being active in posting and commenting can make a difference in building your online presence and meeting the right people.

5. Empathy

Being empathetic truly makes a difference in advancing your career in the workplace.

It promotes the creation of a harmonious work environment, where everyone works together to achieve common goals without unnecessary stress and conflicts. Science proves it!

A recent study revealed that empathy is strategic for everyone, especially for those working under empathetic leaders.

Employees of such leaders reported feeling more creative, engaged, and motivated to do better for the company, feeling part of an inclusive work environment.

Ultimately, empathy is an essential factor for the growth and success of a business, as it helps create a positive and stimulating organizational culture.


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Tips for advancing your career in a company

If you want to find a space for yourself, follow the exhortation of Horace Greeley, founder of the New York Tribune, “Go West, young man.”

In work, you have to do the same thing; if you find yourself in uncomfortable situations, dismantle the mechanisms, move, conquer new territories, and outmaneuver your competitors by positioning yourself at a higher level, where you are not targeted by infantry fire.

This can only be done through professional growth: through acquiring new skills. Only in this way can you raise yourself to a higher level and avoid parasitic interference, and obstacles in your personal professional growth journey.

Hard skills

Technical skills are fundamental for advancing your career within a company and reaching positions of greater responsibility.

These skills are specific to each role and sector in which you work. For example, if you work in an industrial plant as a maintenance technician, you need to have in-depth knowledge of machinery and production processes to become a supervisor or maintenance manager.

Similarly, if you work in the IT department of a company, it’s important to specialize in data management and network security to coordinate the entire area.

fundamental technical skills

In every sector, certified technical skills specific to your role will allow you to stand out from your colleagues and reach positions of greater responsibility.

If you work in the digital field, it’s useful to acquire specific knowledge in web design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

Additionally, knowledge of English is often required by managers and executives, especially when dealing with international clients. In conclusion, developing your technical skills is essential to advance in your career within a company.

Keeping up-to-date and certified on the latest trends and technologies in your industry can make the difference between being a simple employee and becoming a successful leader.

Soft skills

Often the importance of transferable skills is underestimated, focusing only on specific technical knowledge.

However, to understand how to advance in your career and excel in your job, this is not always enough to get a promotion: you also need to develop a set of indispensable soft skills.

Here are the most requested soft skills in a company:

  • Effective communication;
  • Sharing and training;
  • Proactivity;
  • Conflict and stress management;
  • Leadership and social skills.

effective communication skills

Effective communication: if you aspire to a leadership position, excellent communication skills are necessary. You must be able to listen to others, be responsive to others’ requests, and persuade without being domineering. This way, you will prove to be the right person to manage a project, a work team, or an entire department.

Sharing and training: effective communication also means being able to impart your knowledge to others. This is what companies look for: someone capable of managing and training others so that individual professional growth corresponds to corporate growth.

Proactivity: proactivity is a skill required by most companies. To advance in your career, you must develop proactive attitudes such as intuition, self-confidence, creativity, analytical skills, responsibility, empathy, active listening, and organizational abilities.

Conflict and stress management: to coordinate teams and company departments, it is essential to know how to manage conflicts and reduce work-related stress, jealousies, and tensions that undermine productivity and prevent achieving corporate goals.

Leadership and social skills: being charismatic, making oneself heard by colleagues, and gaining their trust are fundamental characteristics for advancing in one’s career. Presenting social skills will allow you to earn the respect and trust of the people you work with. Of course, possessing these skills takes time and experience. However, it is not always enough to get the desired promotion in the company. Sometimes, other factors come into play.

If you are not advancing in your current company, look elsewhere, outside. If your career is stagnant, it’s time to change jobs while keeping an eye on current trends and future predictions.

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Companies where digital careers thrive

Most companies are not digitalized, so there are many companies where digital careers thrive.

However, we also have a major drawback: as mentioned above, most companies are not digitalized. So, you might ask, what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one.

The fortune of having many companies that still shun digital technology on one hand allows you to have a vast potential market.

However, it also puts you in front of a market that is not saturated because most entrepreneurs are skeptical about new digital technologies.

new digital technologies

They are curious and aware that the Digital train cannot be missed, the serious repercussions, and the loss of interesting opportunities. However, when they have to step out of their comfort zone, they freeze. They get stuck for a thousand reasons.

They stop because they cannot control it; they do not know it, and people who have always controlled everything in the company, cannot make this psychological leap.

The opportunity to pursue careers in companies through digital lies behind the simple phrase, “digital literacy”.

In many cases, in fact, it is only through a digital training program that an entrepreneur can initiate a process of strategic innovation that can take the company far.

What must be done to achieve this? You must enter the company with great respect and with a coaching attitude.

Being a coach could be the answer to the question we asked at the beginning of this article: how to advance in your career?

Ideally, it would help if you guided the entrepreneur through a training program to acquire that basic set of skills.

It allows them to see a clear horizon and recognize which actions they must take to innovate their company, either through hiring or an outsourcing project.

Advancing in your career with the help of a Digital Career Coach

But if you, as the reader, are facing this dilemma, how can you navigate this sea of opportunities? In this case, the choice is straightforward and within reach.

You need to rely on a professional Digital Career Coach, book your free career consultation now!

What are the benefits?

  • You save time;
  • You find your own path quickly;
  • You specialize;
  • You focus on a clear vision of the professional objective to achieve.

Yes, it may seem very “American,” and indeed it is, but digital careers work this way: the right focus, the right strategy, the correct level of training, and a clear short, medium, and long-term goal to pursue.

How to advance in your career? Career advancement is a job in itself! Find an expert who can help you in this journey




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