How to choose a career? Find out in just 6 steps

How to choose a career is a very important step for all people in the course of their lives. This choice is very difficult and is influenced by various factors. In fact, choosing the right profession should take place at the same time as choosing a high school or university faculty. But how do you know exactly what you really like at that age?

That is why, you are influenced by your parents’ advice, which is not always close to what is really right for you. All this leads to making wrong choices: choosing the wrong high school, choosing the wrong university faculty, and finally finding the wrong job. The most frustrating thing for a person is to do an unrewarding job for a long time.

how to select a careerSo what to do? Do you have a secure job and leave it for something you do not know whether it will work out? There are steps you will have to take in order to be able to make a clear assessment of which job is best for you:

  • assess your strengths and aptitudes
  • considers new professions
  • trained to acquire the best skills

You need to make a precise analysis of what you want and what you need to do to find your ideal occupation. You also need to assess how the world of work has changed over time and move appropriately to be able to keep up with the changes.

In fact, with the advent of digital, many jobs have been transformed and others have been created: e.g. SEO Specialist, Blogger, Web Designer, Social Media Manager. All these new jobs require a choice based on adequate and in-depth study, through courses with certifications in Digital Marketing.

How to choose the right job in 6 steps

Choosing the right job is very important, but often one does not have the maturity or determination to choose what one likes. So, it happens that you will do a job that is relevant to what you have studied, but is it really what satisfies you?

Often to this question, you will answer NO, because the need to change arises in you. However, special situations can occur, as has happened in recent years with the health crisis, in which many people have lost their jobs.

These people may no longer be very young, the world of work has changed and the advent of digital has created different jobs and the need for more and more skills. What can people in these situations do to adapt to the new web job landscape? I now show you the 6 steps to choose the ideal job.

Assess your strengths and test your aptitudes

When choosing a job, assessing your strengths and aptitudes is the key aspect on which to base yourself. This enables you to get a clear idea of which area of work you can focus on. Our strengths should not only relate to knowledge acquired at the school level but also to character qualities.

This assessment is not always easy, you have to know yourself very well. But it is a very important step because certain aspects of our character may lead us to be better suited for a certain type of job. For example, if you are extrovert and empathic you will be suitable for a job in contact with the public; if you are introverted you will be suitable for a job that does not put you in contact with the public.

If you have not been able over time to get a good idea of who you are, you can take tests and find out your aptitudes. There are different types of tests on the web on how to choose a career, based on your strengths and aptitudes:

  • how do we relate to others?
  • how do we make a decision?
  • how do we solve problems?

How to figure out what you are suited for? Use the test and find out what your aptitudes are

Digital Profession Test

Set your work goals

Establishing your goals when choosing a job is crucial in this process. After understanding what your aptitudes are, you need to establish where you want to go in the work field. After realizing this, you have to set intermediate goals in order to reach your final goal. To establish both final and intermediate goals, you must use the SMART criteria.

SMART objectives are the individual steps, of an appropriate strategy, implemented to achieve the main objective. The term SMART was first used in a 1981 publication by George T. Doran and later expanded upon by Professor Robert S. Ruben; find out what they are below.

  • Specific: clear and well-defined objectives. If you are vague in setting goals, you risk not reaching the end of your journey.
  • Measurable: you have to constantly evaluate the progress you make, to understand where you are along the way.
  • Achievable: goals set in time must be suitable for you and easy to achieve.
  • Relevant: the goals you set must be relevant to the path and goal you want to achieve.
  • Time-defined, i.e. you have to define a time frame within which you will achieve the goals you have set.

Consider the new professions in the labor market

Today more than ever, you can find a job by considering the new professions that the labor market demands. These are years when changes in the world of work are very fast. In addition, the advent of the pandemic has changed the way of working a lot: first of all, it has led to smart working being seen as a possible alternative to classic office work; the volume of E-Commerce sales has increased and social media is now the biggest channel for a brand.

Therefore, the digital sector is growing exponentially, and more and more new professionals are linked to the following new digital sectors.

new digital sector

  • Cyber Security Expert: expert in cyber threats.
  • User Experience Director: the person who tries to translate the company’s needs into something usable by the online user.
  • Mobile Developer: a specialized programmer who develops applications suitable for running on major mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS.
  • Web Analyst: a figure who is in charge of analyzing data on the various web channels by producing reports in order to make decisions to improve companies’ business.
  • Digital Copywriter: the professional online writer.
  • Community Manager: the professional who manages online communities.
  • SEO Specialist: deals mainly with search engine positioning of websites and web pages.
  • SEM Specialist: deals with online marketing, specifically organizes and manages paid advertising campaigns on search engines.

All this makes you realize when it is important to follow the evolution of the labor market and be quick and ready to adapt to its various changes.

Working in a company vs setting up your own business online

A big dilemma in choosing a job is working as an employee in a company or freelancing online. Before making such a choice, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of both possibilities. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in an online company?

Advantages of working as an employee:

  • you would get a secure salary every month
  • you would have contributions, holidays, and sickness paid by the company
  • you would be working together with a highly trained and competent team
  • you should only do what you are asked to do
  • after working your scheduled hours, you would be free and without any other work worries.

Disadvantages of working as an employee:

  • you would be obliged to respect the timetable
  • you would have little chance over time to improve yourself professionally
  • you should work for someone else and not for something you own.

The advantages of self-employment online:

  • earnings could be higher than in employment as an employee
  • working hours would be managed by you
  • you could start your own business with low costs as a digital freelancer
  • the place where you would carry out your activity would be irrelevant.

The disadvantages of self-employment:

  • you should pay your own contributions
  • you would have no paid holidays and sick leave
  • you would have more responsibility
  • you should find customers and manage them.

The choice of employment or self-employment is not easy. You make the choice between the two options by evaluating your aptitudes and desires. But in both cases, you have to be adequately prepared to achieve your professional growth goals.

Request guidance coaching

How to choose the right profession requires special skills of self-assessment, because this choice is made on the basis of your personality characteristics. However, you may not fully understand what your actual potential may be. Therefore, it is better to avoid finding work in a non-specific way because this would lead to you not finding or finding a job that is not suitable for you. This would increase your bitterness and disillusionment.

On top of all this, perhaps, come pressures from the outside environment: for example, relatives and friends. So what is the best thing you could do to start working even without experience? Follow an orientation coaching course to choose the right job for you.

On this path, a coach will provide you with professional support to help you achieve an adequate degree of confidence in yourself and your potential over time, but will also teach you how to make choices independently and, above all, professionally.

Trained to acquire the best skills

The path to acquiring the best skills and finding the ideal job requires an investment of time and appropriate training. In addition to the classic skills needed to perform a given profession, called hard skills, in recent years companies have been demanding two different types of skills, called soft skills and digital skills. While Hard Skills are technical skills that are acquired for example with a degree or other qualification, Soft Skills are natural skills:

  1. communication skills
  2. interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team
  3. flexibility to adapt to change
  4. meeting deadlines on time
  5. problem-solving skills
  6. ability to optimize the resources at your disposal
  7. empathy
  8. autonomy in performing their tasks
  9. creativity

In contrast, digital skills, which are also in high demand in the world of work, are skills that are constantly changing and follow various technological innovations.

Conclusions and further advice

When choosing the right job, you now know that knowing your strengths and aptitudes is the first step you will need to focus on in order to understand what you really want to do in life. Changes in the world of work require skills and competencies that are increasingly oriented toward the digital world.

You will therefore have to specialize over time in order to obtain the new skills required by an increasingly demanding labor market, without giving up your passions, increasingly enhancing your personal aptitudes in such a way that they can be appreciated and also well remunerated by the companies you interface with.

We have taken the first steps on this path together, now all that remains is to evaluate well what your training path could be to get the ideal job.

Invest in your future: contact us for personalized advice on how to choose a career that is in line with your interests, talents and life goals.



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