Job Skills: what it means and what they are in digital

When we talk about working based on personal skills, we refer to everything related to our skills and knowledge acquired over time.

Consider that a true transformation of traditional professions has been taking place for years, favoring new job opportunities. These require different types of learning and skills to adapt to changes in markets and trends.

In recent years, the online environment has further facilitated this transformation, offering many opportunities for those who want to change their lives or reinvent themselves.

It’s not an easy period, but the job market is inexorably shifting towards digital.

Therefore, companies and freelancers looking to reposition and recover after such a tough year must focus on qualified personnel, also promoting specific training courses.

If you’re wondering what it means to work based on job skills, you’ll find the answer in this article.

Additionally, I’ll point out:

  • 7 skills for working in the digital field.
  • How to develop and improve them?
  • The most important skills for working online.

Moreover, if you want to work in the digital field with the right job skills, I recommend the All Specialist Certification, with which you can specialize and become a true professional in the sector.

What it means to work based on skills

Working based on professional skills means leveraging the knowledge acquired or developed through experience to excel in a specific profession.

It refers to the combination of all knowledge and abilities that make a potential candidate the best fit for a specific job position.

But what are the basic work skills?

  • Correct use of information society technologies (IST) for work, leisure, and communication.
  • Use of computers to assess, produce, and exchange information to participate in collaborative networks via the Internet.
  • Management of texts, spreadsheets, and storage of information through technological media.

So, being experts in a field and working based on job skills in marketing, for example, makes the job search easier and more effective because specialization means professionalism.

But to be competitive in the market, it is crucial to train in emerging professions. But how to work with the right skills?

And, above all, how to acquire them and demonstrate that you possess them? Keep reading to get all the answers.

7 key skills for working online

If you want to start working based on skills in a company, you need to acquire various skills and abilities that develop over time.

Additionally, it will be useful to know the key skills for working online. I’ll let you know that all of this doesn’t mean replacing other educational tools.

Instead, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn new digital technologies and use them consciously. But what do we mean by key job skills?

These are the ones many people need to fulfill themselves, manage their lives, and have a sustainable lifestyle.

Specifically, they include:

  • Content creation
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication and computer and digital literacy

Continuing with the reading, you will discover the 7 most useful ones for embarking on a career in the digital world.

Hard skills

Hard skills are useful if you want to work on digital and non-digital skills and are acquired through theory and practice. Generally, they are verifiable with a certificate or degree.

Consider that they are immediately noticed by recruiters as fundamental for choosing the right professional.

So, for hard skills, we mean:

  • Learning and knowledge of multiple languages.
  • Analytical and synthesis skills.
  • Skills in the use of computer programs.

To develop and improve these technical job skills, I cannot help but also recommend a real internship. By doing so, you can more easily measure and verify your level of training.

Soft skills

Starting to work on skills requires having certain characteristics. Soft skills are the most requested as they relate to the individual’s character sphere.

Ultimately, they allow the framing of the candidate based on emotional intelligence.

Among those essential to face the office routine, the relationship with colleagues, and any obstacles, there are also:

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Autonomy and initiative
  • Excellent stress resistance skills
  • Self-control
  • Organizational skills

During the job selection process, making a difference in the eyes of recruiters is crucial. However, improving these skills also means acquiring new abilities beneficial to one’s personal life.

So, if you’re wondering what professional skills to include in your resume, certainly, cross-functional skills are essential. You will see that when seeking a new job, they will set you apart from other candidates.

Initiative and entrepreneurship spirit

Working freelance skills is not for everyone; you need to have decision-making abilities and transform your ideas into action.

You must act based on opportunities to add value to others; you need to be creative, have analytical skills, and be able to solve problems immediately.

Keep in mind that balancing personal life with work to achieve results is not easy.

Planning and adapting to new situations require courage, and only a true entrepreneur can have an overview to anticipate events and achieve predetermined goals.

Growing in a team

If you want to work with team skills, you need to grow every day, both in terms of character and acquired cross-functional skills. To get along in a team, you must have shared goals to achieve together.

These are crucial if you want to immerse yourself in online work and demonstrate your ability to adapt well to a team.

So, knowing how to work in a team means:

  • Remain focused on the goal and achieve it together.
  • Convey an enthusiastic atmosphere by sharing your commitment to the company.
  • Bring out your creativity.

If you want to succeed in your professional career and have skills for working in a team, I recommend following them consistently and improving them every day.

Since they will become increasingly important in the coming years, you will start applying them.

Learning to learn

Think and learn from yourself; you will be able to collaborate effectively with colleagues and interpersonal relationships. Understanding the art of time management holds significance.

Starting with the main activities when you are most energetic during the day, until finishing with the less important ones, you can better learn new knowledge and job skills.

Learning from yourself and others allows you to face obstacles and new situations with confidence and motivation, to develop them to the fullest.

These involve:

  • Willingness to learn: start by collaborating with others, offering simple help, and expressing opinions.
  • Use of your knowledge, i.e., what you know and what you need to learn.
  • Definition and organization of times with daily tasks.

Furthermore, let me give you a piece of advice: always complete the work you’ve started, especially if you want to continue learning and embark on a career in the digital field.

In this domain, you need to be aware of the choices you make and how you will use them.

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Communicating in foreign languages

If you want to work with skills abroad and enter foreign markets, you must necessarily know the languages. English is primarily requested as it is the most widely used and universal.

You need to know that the digital world has eliminated distances between different countries, and knowing how to create and manage, for example, multilingual e-commerce can make a difference for your online business.

Companies currently require various certifications to verify language proficiency, and these are divided into three levels:

  • Elementary (A)
  • Intermediate (B)
  • Advanced (C)

To receive certification, you must take an exam that includes various tests such as reading, writing, oral production, and listening.

Cultural awareness and expression

In addition to all the job skills listed above, you also need to understand your surroundings, such as the potential of artistic and environmental assets.

Understanding and respecting ideas communicated in different cultures allows for effective communication, and learning to appreciate various cultural forms in global society.

Recognizing the various transformations over time, the economic, geographical, and territorial aspects of the environment are important.

It is also useful to communicate ideas in various fields, such as:

  • In theater, cinema, games, and art.
  • In written and digital texts.
  • In music and rituals.

If you want to work with skills online, they can be really useful. Having a broader cultural background than others will give you huge advantages that many underestimate, while you will be ahead.

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5 most in-demand digital job skills

In addition to knowing how to work with basic skills, it is also necessary to use them strategically. Being able to use them, in fact, also guarantees the learning of knowledge and skills that others do not have, such as digital skills.

Working in digital marketing requires skills that go beyond those listed so far. Certainly among these are:

  • Familiarity with information society technologies.
  • Ability to use a computer.
  • Mastery of software and programs for artificial intelligence.
  • Ability to communicate via the Internet.

You should know that today, more and more companies require specific fundamental skills. In addition, digital skills are necessary to manage the new technologies increasingly present in business contexts.

Usually, companies require a medium to high level of knowledge, so having the right skills can facilitate your entry into the digital work world.

When you want to work with skills, it is essential to focus on the abilities that can be developed through education in a particular sector.

If one wanted to limit themselves to the most sought-after and common qualifications for various job roles, we could summarize basic skills in 5 dedicated educational areas:

Basic coding knowledge

It depends a bit on the job you want to do, but in any case, basic knowledge of computer programming will be helpful in any field. In some schools abroad, it has even been introduced as a didactic subject given its role in instructing computers.

Learning to give commands and establish simple and/or complex functions of a program will allow you to understand how the most common and functional tools of digital communication work (such as Skype, Teams, etc.). 

But you could also use them more efficiently or even build apps on your own. Raise your hand if you don’t rely on apps in everyday life!

From logistics to communication or even grocery shopping, everything comes thanks to computer programming.

Mastering the use of digital marketing channels

Anyone who believes that marketing is only on television or billboards is mistaken. In 2020, the most utilized channels are Google, YouTube, and social media.

If you want to work for a large company employing innovative strategies, you will undoubtedly be asked to be familiar with most strategic channels and create content likely to be shared across various platforms.

Learn about how Google’s algorithm works, and the function of its spiders through a specialized course. And if Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have no secrets for you, open profiles on Twitter and Linkedin as well.

You won’t be taken seriously unless you demonstrate professionalism even on social platforms.

Developing digital strategies

A basic understanding of digital strategies is necessary for everyone. Every company in any sector needs customers, identified through market analysis and led toward the brand through one or more funnels.

Knowing how to structure the buyer’s journey and identify product strengths by advertising it through the right channels requires a lot of study and practice.

Whether you are a consultant, executive, and/or manager in any digital sector, you need to learn marketing logic and how to use its channels.

If you lack practice, start with industry blogs and read dedicated books before aiming for an internship program with practical work experience at a company.

It all comes down to working by skills, just like building a digital marketing strategy: step by step.


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Possessing basics of web design

The digital world is born and thrives on the web, so the architecture and basic functionalities of a site cannot be unknown to those working in this field. The structure of a page and its content are fundamental elements of a website.

Without understanding the underlying logic of each, one cannot be considered a digital worker and progress to working by skills in this sector.

Additionally, having a grasp of mainstream hosting platforms like WordPress or HubSpot to include on your resume will set you apart from others.

Many courses are available to learn to use CMS, and with a bit of practice, you can boast about being trained in an area very useful to any company because nowadays, all rely on a website or blog to be found by customers.

Microsoft Office package knowledge

How often have you seen this requirement in a job description? Despite seeming obvious, not everyone is proficient in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Recently, LinkedIn added the ability to test Office skills and obtain a certification visible to recruiters. If the job-focused platform deems these skills crucial, we agree.

How to develop and improve job skills

So far, I’ve highlighted in-demand skills in the job market. Today, working and succeeding based on skills requires development and improvement, impacting your professional future.

Despite AI and automation, humans must cultivate acquired skills and knowledge.

What should you do to improve and develop skills? Here are tips to implement:

  • Engage in real-world internships guided by professionals.
  • Experience new environments and constantly challenge yourself.
  • Stay positive, and respond to changes, even negative ones.
  • Constantly interact with others.
  • Attend workshops and employee training courses promoted by the company.

If you want to delve into methods for learning to work based on skills, continue reading. Step by step, discover how to develop and improve them successfully.


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Learn to communicate and interact

Not everyone possesses the job skills to communicate and interact, especially when a device like a PC or smartphone is between people.

Working online lacks face-to-face interactions, so having e-leadership skills can make you a team reference point. Among the skills for working with others, soft skills, as I have already mentioned, are undoubtedly essential.

However, to improve and apply them in the digital realm, you will need to make the most of all the technological resources available.

Furthermore, if you are empathetic and capable of listening and understanding those you communicate with, a computer will not be an obstacle to your career in the digital world.

Organize your time effectively

Digitized companies often seek individuals with skills in effectively organizing their time, and prioritizing through a strategy.

Remember, if you want to work towards goals in digital sectors, staying organized is crucial to achieving the company’s set objectives.

Time is fundamental to staying on top and competing with the best in your market. To define and improve your goals, I recommend starting by managing your daily routine by setting tasks.

Additionally, identifying how to accomplish them will help you schedule everything optimally. You will find that, to demonstrate your proficiency in organizational job skills, this simple method will be useful.

Attend a training course

If you want to professionally requalify in the digital field and enhance your existing work skills, you absolutely must attend a training program.

Keep in mind that finding a job without adequate skills is difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore, I advise you to enroll in a course based on your goals. For example:

  • If you are seeking employment in the digital field and need to develop skills, there are various courses with online master programs.
  • If you want to become a freelancer, you can start step by step to become part of the digital world.
  • To start creating your online business, you can undertake a training path with the support of experts in digital marketing.
  • If you have experience but can’t compete at the highest level in the market, acquiring new skills will help you outperform the competition.

Conclusion and free consultation

In this article, I have shown you how working with skills can take your professional career to new heights.

As you have understood, the profile of a good candidate is primarily based on job skills acquired through commitment and experience, without neglecting more transversal aspects of their personality.

If you want to become a professional in the digital field, a mix of personal and interpersonal skills that can lead you to success is necessary.

Keep in mind how important collaboration with a solid team is, where you can compare and develop skills in your possession.

Also, consider that in recent years, defining a professional strategy and undertaking training courses have truly made a difference for those who have started working online.

Request a free career consultation and discover how to acquire the right job skills to start working online



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