Management Skills: what they are, types and how to acquire them

If you’re wondering what management skills are and how to use them to become a digital manager, for example, then this article can be helpful. You need to know that digitization is transforming the world of work. Therefore, more and more companies are looking for new professionals who have the necessary training to pursue a career in the digital realm. But how can you develop basic managerial skills?

Surely, having good training is not enough. You also need a lot of practice to gain relevant experience in the professional field. In fact, management skills are the key to a successful career. And what are managerial attitudes to include in your personal presentation? These are essential for those who want to succeed in the field of management. But in this article, specifically, I will talk about those useful in the digital realm.

Acquiring the necessary knowledge is useful to pave the way in an increasingly ambitious work environment. But what are the essential management skills to do it well? In this article, you will find explanations on the subject. I will also try to explain to you,

  • why they are important to improve
  • how to develop them if you already possess them
  • which ones are in high demand.

The role of a manager cannot be fulfilled without proper preparation. That’s why I recommend the Digital Marketing certification to develop all management skills through specific and up-to-date training.

What are management skills?

In an increasingly competitive job market, basic management skills are crucial for the management of any organization. But what does a managerial role mean within a company? Being a manager means having the ability to effectively and functionally utilize your professional characteristics, such as:

  • planning
  • organizing
  • guiding and controlling resources and personnel.

With the digitalization of work, new digital management skills have also emerged. These involve specialized use of information society technologies along with basic skills like computer usage, with the aim of creating communication networks via the Internet. Efficient managers also possess good communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

For working in teams, these are essential. Taking on a managerial role also means coordinating the work of team members, ensuring their coexistence, and achieving the final goal. Managerial skills are not only important for executives but can also make a difference for professionals working in teams. But to further clarify the question of what management skills mean, I will tell you more shortly.

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Types of management skills

If you’re wondering what management skills are, I can tell you that each sector and role requires different types of preparation and behaviors, both in practical and educational aspects. Those aspiring to a managerial role must identify the skills they already possess so they can improve them and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, they must focus on acquiring new ones. Managerial knowledge and skills can be diverse, and each person can have their own specialization.

where to learn management skills

For example, there are computer skills such as the ability to use specific tools and software, personal or social skills like communication, and also cognitive abilities like problem-solving and reasoning.

Keep reading to discover the various types of management skills that a businessperson needs for a successful career.

Technical skills

Technical management skills are an important part of any career. The key to success in the digital world is knowing how to use the right tools. So, technical skills refer to knowing how to use specific software and programs.

Having good technical skills helps you:

  • get the job you want
  • learn quickly
  • increase productivity.

In the past, computer programs were often seen as work and study tools only for those with specific training in the field. Today, however, there are more and more users who approach these tools without any specific knowledge and are still able to use them effectively. And now, in the world of work, having a good level of proficiency in using software or digital platforms is one of the skills most sought after by recruiters. In the realm of online management skills, consider:

  • familiarity with programming languages
  • the ability to analyze and interpret data through specific analysis and statistics platforms
  • knowledge of social media, in order to make the most of any tool and achieve the goal.


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Cross-functional skills

Continuing in the digital work environment, soft management skills, also known as cross-functional management skills, are in high demand. You should know that during interviews, they can truly make a difference, as they are both professionally and personally essential. When we talk about the most sought-after management skills, it primarily refers to:

  • communication: the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally
  • listening: the ability to concentrate and pay attention to what others are saying, in order to understand their needs and viewpoints
  • empathy: the ability to put oneself in others’ shoes and understand their feelings and perspectives
  • problem-solving: the ability to analyze a problem and find creative and innovative solutions
  • emotional management: the ability to manage one’s own emotions appropriately and help others do the same.

Digital management skills

With the reference always being the model of management skills discussed above, you must keep in mind that the job market is increasingly shifting towards the digital realm. These changes are so rapid that they have led companies to also require specific digital skills. Among these essential skills for a manager or aspiring one are:

  • Awareness: knowing how to develop critical thinking capable of gathering, and selecting data, and information from the web through technological devices.
  • Knowledge networking: the ability to organize and share information within virtual networks and communities.
  • Virtual Communication: involves managing communication and relationships on digital channels in one-to-one or one-to-many mode, through video conferencing or instant messaging applications.
  • Digital Team Working: with the advent of remote work, group work in a digital environment has become widespread, greatly impacting work organization and collective productivity. This skill, therefore, involves effectively using digital tools to achieve set goals in a company through remote collaboration.
  • Digital Problem Solving and Creativity: the web is experiencing an explosion of new content, knowledge, and technologies, a phenomenon that requires the ability to solve complex problems through digital tools and solutions while integrating past skills with new digital content.
  • Digital Influence: the ability to make your work and professional figure known is essential; being able to positively influence and guide the behavior of your interlocutors is crucial.

All these soft skills need to be integrated with certain personal management skills, such as leadership and emotional intelligence. These skills allow effective interaction with a work team and understanding its intricacies and individualities. Only by doing so can one subsequently focus specifically and manage priorities. But how can you encourage the development of management skills? Continue reading the article to find out.

How to develop or improve management skills

If you’re wondering which management skills to improve and develop, you should start with your past work experience. Developing professional abilities is a fundamental process for any company that wants to grow and thrive. Any professional aiming for a managerial career must know how to do it best in this field.

So, to develop the most effective management skills, it’s important to choose and follow a specific training course that covers all key aspects of business management. If you want to become a manager in digital marketing, for example, it’s advisable to pursue a training path focused on specialization. To do this, you need to rely on the guidance of an expert who can lead you through this transformation process and help you acquire the necessary skills.

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Enroll in a management training course

To develop management and technical skills, as well as any kind of skills, you can access a specific training course or master’s program. Choosing the right educational path will allow you to learn the organizational and behavioral skills needed in a company. Digital education is continuously evolving and becoming more crucial in a world where technological skills are in high demand. There are numerous advantages to digital training, and considering it for your career can make a difference.

Seek professional coaching

For an assessment of personal management skills, professional coaching becomes essential. Unlike a course where you only learn facts, a coach analyzes the environment in which the future manager will operate, linking it to the challenges to be addressed and the capitalization of the talent at hand.

why is management skills important

The initial step, aimed at shaping the attitudes and management skills of a potential business leader, involves working on limiting beliefs that often characterize the psychology of future managers and entrepreneurs, transforming them into confident and realistic career prospects.

Subsequently, working together with a coach, you can establish a growth path organized into a series of tasks to be completed within predetermined timeframes. This approach ensures a consistent rhythm for the learning process.

Once you complete this path, you will refine deficiencies and then capitalize on strengths to determine at which managerial levels you have arrived.

Engage in internship

To ensure further development of management skills, after theory, the fastest way to learn is through practice. A training internship can be an excellent method to learn the basics of the digital world and begin experimenting with new technologies. It offers thorough training on how these technologies can be used to enhance business performance.

Participants learn to make the best use of digital platforms to create innovative solutions. They also gain advanced project management and problem-solving skills that will prepare them to tackle any digital challenge. Therefore, real-world internships present an opportunity to test one’s skills and improve oneself, gearing up future professionals to compete in the digital world.

In addition, creating and having accessible portfolios containing verifiable projects and activities is key to getting noticed and considered by companies. A specialized course, combined with these elements, are essential prerequisites for aspiring to a managerial position in the digital domain.

Conclusions and free career consultation

As you’ve learned in this article, to acquire, develop, or improve management skills, having only a university degree isn’t enough or necessary. As reiterated, the work landscape is changing rapidly, and you need a strategy to stay ahead. If you want to stay competitive, you need to invest in your future and acquire these digital skills that are currently becoming indispensable for any profession.

Adopting these abilities might seem difficult, demanding, and a waste of time, but I assure you, it’s not. Allow me to offer some advice: enroll in an online training course and select one that teaches you how to become proficient in the digital world. You’ll see that your professional career will be on a steady ascent.

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