Facebook consultant: who they are, what they do, and how to become one

Are you looking for ways to become a Facebook consultant? Would you like to define yourself as a digital freelancer specializing in Facebook advertising?

If you are passionate about social networks and spend a lot of time on this platform, know that it won’t make you a specialized consultant. However, with the Facebook Marketing Course, you can lay the foundation to expand your knowledge and turn your passion into a full-time job.

The Facebook marketing consultant, in addition to being one of the most in-demand jobs and growing in recent years, could bring you great satisfaction. You can achieve good results both personally if you aim for self-employment, and for your company, if your goal is to increase your online presence, also thanks to the Facebook Ads Course.

But let’s take it slow and first try to understand where this role fits. In particular, I’ll explain to you:

  • the ideal profile for dedicating yourself to Facebook consulting;
  • why Facebook ad campaigns are important;
  • how to benefit from this platform;
  • how much you can earn with web consulting.

Facebook Consultant: who is it?

As previously mentioned, becoming a Facebook consultant is not easy at all because it requires adequate training, study, dedication, and a penchant for Social Networks.

It’s a genuine alternative job that goes beyond idling all day on social platforms, sharing, liking, reacting to stories, or cheerfully commenting on friends’ posts.

What does an expert Facebook Consultant do?

Precisely, the Facebook consultant is responsible for managing clients’ Facebook pages. In particular, they create and manage advertising campaigns on this social platform and design editorial plans.

Their task is to help businesses sell strategically on the social network by optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns and websites through techniques of Inbound marketing, which is a “marketing mode centered on being found by potential customers.”

what does a facebook consultant do

But why has this professional figure become so in demand lately?

It’s simple: Facebook, founded in 2004 by the visionary Mark Zuckerberg, is the main social network, the most powerful in the world. Therefore, it attracts a high volume of people who could potentially turn into customers.

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How profitable is advertising on Facebook?

Let me throw in some numbers just to give you an idea: In 2016, Zuckerberg’s social platform registered approximately 1 billion and 591 million active users per month, which is 38% of the online population.

The USA holds the record as the country with the most subscribers: a whopping 51% of the population, or 157 million people.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a shift in the general public’s attention from Facebook to Instagram, raising the average age of Instagram users. This platform has become increasingly attractive to brands, and an indispensable connection has been established between the two Social platforms.

It goes without saying that an experienced Facebook consultant will be prepared to work on both channels. Both platforms, despite being manageable with the same promotions and from the same platform, still have unique and differentiating characteristics.

But what’s even more astonishing, in my opinion, is that users spend over 2 hours a day on social media, with a significant portion of that time distributed among Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, now all consolidated into Zuckerberg’s platform.

In fact, this famous social network is not only surpassing Google in popularity and user time spent but can also be considered a cultural phenomenon. Today, more than a million users spend more hours on Facebook pages than searching for information on websites and web pages.

And if time is money, then we can deduce that Facebook is a platform that can make you money as a digital marketing consultant.


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The potential of Facebook advertising

The role of the Facebook consultant in companies can be significant since it has economic potential. So, it’s in your interest to train yourself to provide web consulting services to companies. The success of the activity that requires your services can generate a sort of Word of Mouth 2.0 that could help you acquire new clients.

For a business, having a website and a Facebook page, besides being necessary, has become essential because by interacting with the customer online, you can make them feel part of a whole, generating profits.

Through the public profile on Facebook, a brand can become a part of the user’s circle of friends and interests; if the user becomes a fan of a company, often unwittingly, they also become a testimonial.

More and more companies have therefore started to:

  • create Facebook pages;
  • rely on a Facebook expert;
  • choose a target audience;
  • do advertising and create campaigns on the social platform.

If someone working in the field of Facebook consulting lacks the right skills, results will come with difficulty. In fact, many companies, underestimating these professionals and their value, miss the opportunity to exploit the enormous potential of new social advertising channels and social media marketing.

And it’s there, in that gap between potential and reality, that you could step in, my dear aspiring Facebook consultant!

But you need to know that managing a public profile, and even more so, Facebook Ads campaigns, is not a job to be improvised. It requires knowledge, continuous updating, technique, and a lot of patience. In short, it requires a digital marketing professional, a serious and well-prepared person who knows exactly where to put their hands.

So, I’ll show you what you’ll actually need to handle if you decide to pursue this career.

Facebook Ads Consulting: what does it involve?

In essence, the role of a Facebook consultant involves ensuring that company pages on the social platform and Facebook Ads advertisements of their clients gain maximum visibility.

The ultimate goal of the company, and therefore the Facebook Advertising expert, is to generate brand awareness, create engagement, and consequently, a higher economic return.

This can happen, depending on the adopted strategy, through an increase in likes on the company profile, generating more traffic to websites, or promoting targeted events and special offers.

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7 steps to create a Facebook campaign

As a digital consultant, you will need to create high-performing advertising campaigns for your clients or your own business. To assist you in your work, I will reveal 7 quick steps to create effective Facebook ads:

  1. Set the objective. What do you primarily want to achieve? More website visits, increased online sales, more likes on your business page? Whatever it is, define it clearly right from the start. Set a well-defined goal to start off on the right foot.
  2. Select the target audience. The target audience should be as specific and well-defined as possible. In this regard, the platform founded by Zuckerberg is unparalleled, allowing you to refine your choice of individuals in a highly detailed manner: location, age, marital status, interests, hobbies, purchasing habits, and various behaviors.
  3. Choose advertising placements wisely. You can publish ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, both on Mobile and Desktop. Consider that you can also do this on multiple platforms and devices simultaneously!
  4. Define the budget. It’s important to define and establish a cost plan both on a daily and total basis for the duration of your campaigns.
  5. Get creative with Ads. Choose from the Facebook Ads formats that best suit your goals. There are plenty to choose from: photos, carousels, slideshows, videos, Canva, and more!
  6. Submit your ad and participate in the advertising auction. This is undoubtedly the most complex step, and if you decide to become a Facebook Advertising expert, you’ll need to understand everything about how auctions work. For now, know that the platform operates by trying to maintain a balanced relationship between the interests of advertisers and those of users who should not be bothered by irrelevant ads. In summary, the ad that generates the highest overall value, both in terms of monetary offer and the quality and relevance of the ads, wins the auction; this is the true advantage of Facebook advertising campaigns. Alternatively, you can also consider Google Ads.
  7. Monitor and measure your campaign’s performance. Use the “Ad Manager” tool on the platform and make necessary adjustments. It’s extremely important to monitor the conversion results of your ads. You can use various methods to do this; A/B testing of different ads is very useful, as it provides precise and immediate feedback. It involves offering two versions (version A and B, hence A/B) of the same ad to two different sections of the audience to determine which one converts better. Once you identify any weaknesses in your campaign, you’ll need to work on optimizing its performance, for example, by improving targeting.


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Facebook Consultant: how to become one?

As with other new digital professions, my first piece of advice is always to get proper training and practice a lot.

Regarding training, it’s very important to obtain certification for what you’ve learned from a recognized institute in the field of digital marketing.

facebook consultant salary

This will not only ensure that you’ve learned from well-prepared and expert instructors in the industry and therefore spent your money wisely, but it will also make it easier for you to secure internships or, for the luckier ones, direct employment.

Usually, the most comprehensive internships in this field are offered by web agencies, which initially don’t limit you to working only in your chosen area but expose you to all-around 360-degree web marketing, which is very useful, and I’ll explain why.

As we’ve seen, the profession we’re discussing is by no means simple. In addition to specific skills in Facebook marketing and Facebook Advertising, Facebook consultants must know and handle all major web and social marketing techniques adeptly.

It often happens that you start with solving a problem on Facebook or a failed campaign and then move on to analyzing the various online activities of the company in question.

The social platform is just a small piece of digital marketing and must be viewed and integrated into a comprehensive strategy that includes different channels.

Among the alternative or complementary tools for the optimization of an effective web marketing campaign are:

  1. the website;
  2. the blog;
  3. social network posting;
  4. email marketing;
  5. advertising on Google Ads and other social platforms (Twitter Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest);
  6. customer care.

To acquire all the necessary skills, I recommend taking the Web Marketing Course and Social Media Course at Digital Coach, with the most qualified professionals.

Once you’ve demonstrated your capabilities in your specific field of work, the Facebook consultant will become a cornerstone for the company. They will indeed be an essential figure in the management of the entire digital promotion, which will allow them to raise their rates and likely earn well.


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How much does a Facebook Consultant earn?

Actually, the salary of a Facebook consultant can vary depending on both age and experience (following the usual distinction between junior, senior, and specialist), as well as contract type.

Let me explain further: The first difference is between being an employee with a fixed salary and being a freelancer. Typically, every web marketing consultant is a freelancer, so earnings depend heavily on the number of clients you can acquire, your experience, and your sales skills. Speaking of hourly remuneration, it can range from $25 to $200 per hour.

fb expert earnings

The positive aspect of working independently is that you can do it comfortably from home or at the client’s office for the duration of the consultancy, so you usually have greater flexibility in terms of working hours compared to being an employee.

Furthermore, despite having less job security, freelance work offers, in my opinion, a higher degree of meritocracy: only your results and perhaps some reviews – hopefully positive – from your clients will speak for you.

Naturally, in addition to relying on word of mouth, you also need to find the time and have the ability to promote your work on as many channels as possible (blog, website, social media, participation in industry events).

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Conclusion and coaching to become a Consultant

In conclusion, to be successful and earn well as a freelance Facebook consultant, you need to possess a good mix of education, specific skills, in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of the industry.

You also need to have a lot of versatility to be able to perform various tasks and responsibilities. Besides all of this, I also wish you a good dose of the “C factor” which, as in any other field, never hurts!

To take the right path and start your career as a consultant, let our experts guide you. Request a Free Career Consultation that will give you the perspective and push you’re looking for.

Pursue your career with the right guidance of knowledge and skills. Get in touch with us now!



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