How to get a job with LinkedIn: 5 steps to get hired quickly

If you’re also wondering how to get a job with LinkedIn, it means you’ve understood the potential of this social network for business.

I imagine you’ve sent hundreds of resumes without ever getting responses for a job interview or an internship application.

How does the LinkedIn platform for work function? Today, you’ll discover why this social network increases your chances of being contacted and formalizing employment in a company.

It offers you the opportunity to highlight your strengths and skills, giving visibility to your profile, and highlighting your education, and work experiences.

You’ll be able to create a network of connections, allowing you to build important relationships, confirm your skills, and increase your credibility.

Finding a job with LinkedIn as a professional involves:

  1. Creating a perfect and complete Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Nurturing professional relationships;
  3. Sharing interesting content for a company or the personnel responsible for candidate selection (recruiters);
  4. Doing Personal Branding (selling oneself);
  5. Utilizing the tools offered by the platform.

Profile settings can be easily configured by following simple steps. To develop strategies and tools for finding a job with LinkedIn more quickly and in-depth, you can take a LinkedIn Marketing Course and a Personal Branding Course that will help you achieve your goals!

Why find a job with LinkedIn

How many people find jobs with LinkedIn? The job market is constantly evolving: as you have probably understood, the dynamics of recruitment and engagement by recruiters and companies have changed, and finding a job is not easy. Today, finding a job opportunity through social networks is no longer an option but the fundamental basis for matching supply and demand.

The use of a continuously updated and updatable profile, sharing professional content, and using the job section to find jobs on LinkedIn increase your chances of employment.

guide on how to get a job with linkedin

You’ll become the perfect candidate for any company offering the position you aspire to! How does LinkedIn work for job searching?

The menu at the top features very intuitive search functionalities that allow you to both customize and modernize your profile and find job offers, people, and dedicated groups.

You’ll easily learn how to view job listings on LinkedIn (jobs button) by selecting those that offer the possibility of remote work or those that require on-site presence.

How to search for companies on LinkedIn that interest you? Through the left search bar, type the company in question or search for the desired profession.

In the “you” button at the top right, you can review your profile, highlighting your education and updating your Curriculum Vitae in real-time in the dedicated section.

As you continue reading, you’ll learn how to create credible references to use for your profession or showcase after an internship in a company.

How to get a job with LinkedIn effectively

How to find a job using LinkedIn by leveraging its full potential? It’s essential to start with the understanding that merely creating an account, adding a photo, and a few work experiences is not enough; a well-planned strategy is necessary.

Actively engage with the social network (preferably every day) by sharing content and expanding your network connections.

Conduct targeted and selective searches for the type of profession you want in a company or the sector where you desire an interview with recruiters; many companies regularly post job postings.

constant job posting

Clarify your Personal Branding goals: avoid displaying too many unrelated work experiences. Transition from a generalist approach to a specialist one that emphasizes your expertise in a specific professional field.

Focus on a specific professional sector and choose a profession related to that field to specialize in. For example, if you choose the Digital Marketing sector, you could specialize as a Web Marketing Specialist, E-commerce Specialist, or Social Media Manager.

Identify the required professional skills in your area of interest; try to acquire them and highlight them prominently to find a job through LinkedIn.

Create a comprehensive curriculum vitae

Start with the basics by creating a comprehensive and detailed Curriculum Vitae; never forget to update and improve it, it will allow you to find a job on LinkedIn more easily.

Craft the biography (called Bio) by inserting a description of yourself to provide a summary of your professional history. Pay attention to choosing the profile picture, which should reflect your professional identity.

Choose a professional-looking photo and specifically, focus on these aspects:

  • Decent or neutral outfit and look, avoid plunging necklines or overly casual clothing;
  • Eyeglasses can add a professional tone, sunglasses should be avoided;
  • Choose a neutral background that doesn’t distract attention from the foreground;
  • Select clear and light images;
  • Avoid updating the photo too often to prevent confusing your network contacts.

After you have chosen a professional image, fill out the “Education” section; it will allow you to assess which field you specialize in or if you are interested in exploring an internship.

create curriculum vitae

This social network allows you to list your educational experiences chronologically to facilitate updates.

In this regard, I suggest you proceed as follows:

  • Start with your diploma or degree, mentioning your grade only if it’s high;
  • Write about your internships, focusing on the tasks performed and the skills acquired;
  • Include any public or private courses, emphasizing the subjects and tools you know how to use.

You can add “Work Experience” chronologically just like you did with education.

Once again, to find a job on LinkedIn, I recommend:

  • Highlighting the tasks performed and the roles held;
  • If you have many work experiences, add the most recent and significant ones;
  • If you have little work experience, emphasize your bio and consider getting additional training or doing an internship.

You could take inspiration from these tips if you need to write a resume or an infographic resume without Experience to find a job on LinkedIn.

Nurture relationships

If the goal is to get noticed by companies on LinkedIn, it’s essential to nurture your relationships frequently, consistently, and thoughtfully.

When you build your network, you’ll notice how many use LinkedIn to find employment. The first rule to know is the hierarchy of connections; this allows you to have a grasp of how LinkedIn’s network functions.

It can be distinguished as follows:

  • 1st-degree connections “friends”: mutually connected in each other’s network.
  • 2nd-degree connections “friends of friends”: not part of your network, but part of your friend’s network.
  • 3rd-degree connections “strangers”: distant from your network.

Before sending a connection request to a 3rd-degree contact you’re very interested in, it’s important to check if there are higher-ranking contacts in their network.

how linkedin network works

If these contacts accept your request, your 3rd-degree connections automatically become 2nd-degree connections, increasing the chances of expanding your network and finding new sharing opportunities.

Researching and selecting contacts that align with your profile (your professional field) will make you an ideal candidate for activating an internship or finding a job through LinkedIn.

How do people find you on LinkedIn? Through your skills and references (known as “Endorsements”). The former allows you to add numerical ratings to your abilities, while the latter are actual reviews that boost your credibility score (Ranking).

I recommend the following strategy:

  • List your skills chronologically, highlighting the ones you excel at.
  • Request “Endorsements” from your trusted contacts.
  • Endorse your contacts skills and write “Recommendations” to those who appreciate you will reciprocate.
  • Don’t make up anything in this social network, lies don’t last long.

A strong network of connections increases the likelihood of finding a job through LinkedIn, especially in the field of Digital Marketing, one of the continuously expanding sectors.


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Share quality content

Before wondering how to be noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn or trying to contact them to prove you’re the right candidate, it’s essential to talk about content.

Finding the right formula takes experience; I suggest you:

  • Post frequently but avoid spamming.
  • Choose and share interesting and relevant content within your professional field.
  • Periodically share to show you’re active on the social network.
  • Create engaging and captivating content yourself, using different formats.
  • Utilize and select LinkedIn Groups to find what interests you.

Try to engage your contacts in the conversation by creating polls with questions and answers. Respond to comments and participate in discussions when someone shares interesting and relevant content: being reciprocal is fundamental.

create content strategy in linkedin

To find a job through LinkedIn, create a Content Strategy that allows you to vary the type of content you publish.

Specifically, your posts should cover:

  • Tips and suggestions to showcase knowledge and skills.
  • Relevant news in the professional sector.
  • Job offers (those you haven’t applied for).
  • Visibility content for your potential personal blog or website.
  • Posts about your daily work experiences to show you’re a real, concrete, credible person.

Build your personal brand

In the previous 3 steps, you’ve learned the essential elements for finding a job through LinkedIn and building your Personal Brand.

This term can be summarized as the strategy of selling yourself and constitutes your professional identity as if you were a brand.

In particular, you might find the following tips useful:

    • Use this social network exclusively for the business world and as a professional.
  • Portray a professional image of yourself.
  • Optimize your strengths and skills.
  • Highlight what makes you unique and different as a job candidate.

With a perfect and complete Curriculum Vitae, you won’t go unnoticed during the recruitment and selection stages by recruiters!


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Utilize platform tools

There are various tools to refine the search and selection of job offers. Your Curriculum Vitae might not be perfect, and you need training before finding the right job opportunity.

The paid platform LinkedIn Learning is an investment in yourself that allows you to:

  • Take a single course of your interest;
  • complete a comprehensive program by passing an exam;
  • Obtain certifications;
  • Enhance lacking skills that make you a suitable candidate for the required job;
  • Further, enrich your Curriculum Vitae.

Another tool for finding a job with LinkedIn is InMail, which allows you to contact people who are not part of your network privately.

It is important to note that if you don’t have a Premium account, you can send messages for free only to contacts you are connected with.

How to search for job offers on LinkedIn

One of the cost-free ways to find a job with LinkedIn is by searching with Keywords.

This tool, in particular, should be used in the fields or sections you fill out when creating your Curriculum Vitae, namely:

  • Summary or “Summary”;
  • “Education” section;
  • “Work Experience” section;
  • “Skills” field;
  • “References” field (Endorsements).

Always remember to be honest and avoid exaggerating the use of keywords, but use them judiciously to improve your visibility on search engines.

search jobs in linkedin

During the selection process, you might stand out as the perfect candidate or have your Curriculum Vitae appreciated for interviews or internships in the short term.

Keywords can be proactively used on the search engine by personally seeking the coveted job offer.

The methods vary depending on the device or technology:

  • Suitcase icon if you are on Desktop (PC or MAC).
  • Job offers, bottom right if you are connecting from Mobile with an Android device.
  • Job button if you are browsing from Mobile with iPhone or iPad.

Looking for a job on LinkedIn: mistakes to avoid

After this brief read, you already know the errors you should avoid to find a job on LinkedIn:

  1. Unprofessional, flashy, or even absent profile photo.
  2. Incomplete profile, empty fields, or insufficient and trivial information.
  3. Professional experiences in different fields, especially those far from your sector.
  4. Too many contacts unrelated to your work sector.
  5. Use this social platform as you would with Facebook or Instagram, sharing your private life.
  6. Discussing delicate subjects such as religion and politics.
  7. Never share content or not respond to comments on your shares.
  8. Spamming your professional initiatives with private messages to all your contacts.
  9. Not telling the truth and writing inaccurate information about yourself.
  10. Not updating your profile, not participating, and becoming a ghost user on the platform.

Conclusion and free consultation

What to do if you can’t find a job on LinkedIn? Don’t get discouraged! The selection of your Curriculum Vitae by a company takes time and consistency.

You can turn to a Career Coach to optimize this period more quickly. How can this professional figure help you?

  1. Identify your strengths and bring out your blocks or weaknesses.
  2. Guides you in choosing the professional sector most suitable for your abilities and talents.
  3. Helps you identify the skills demanded by the market, including what you love to do.
  4. Advises you on suitable Training paths, considering your commitments and resources with empathy.
  5. Suggests how to improve your LinkedIn profile, without errors and time wastage.

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