How to get hired in the company in 5 steps

In an ever-changing working environment, learning how to get hired in a company, i.e. getting hired, is very important, especially if you are a first-time employee.

In recent years, the world of employment has evolved more and more towards digitalization, so that requirements such as a university degree or traditional education are no longer sufficient.

how to get hired easily

By now, digital marketing is the bread and butter of businesses, from the largest to the smallest. Demonstrating digital skills, therefore, increases your chances of getting an interview and possibly getting hired by the company. This does not only apply if you are at your first work experience.

In fact, learning how to exploit digital marketing can also be useful if you are over 40-50 years old and want to reinvent yourself professionally, perhaps because you are tired of traditional work and want to start a career that will give you more personal satisfaction and maybe even more free time.

In this article, you will therefore discover:

  • How to join a company and get hired;
  • why it is important to follow the right training;
  • how to take care of your personal branding to get noticed.

If you want to become a true digital marketing professional, I recommend you take a look at the Digital Coach® Master Internship Program. Designed for young people up to the age of 30-33, this training course is ideal if you want to combine the theory of your studies with the practice of the working environment.

In fact, at the end of your training, you will have the opportunity to attend a 4-month internship at a company and start gaining real-world experience right away.

How to get hired in a large company in 5 steps

How to get hired by a company? Reading the job advertisements you will probably have often found yourself in difficulty because almost everywhere experience in the role for which you are applying is required and, increasingly, at least a smattering of digital marketing.

How to get into business if you are a beginner? Unfortunately, there is not much continuity between school and work and all students find themselves, upon completion of their studies, without really knowing what to do.

You probably also find yourself or have found yourself with a diploma, a three-year degree, or a master’s degree without really knowing how to do the job you studied for. Therefore, starting work in a large company often remains a mirage.

Often the only way for young people to get a foothold is through underpaid internships where the business has no real intention of training the person, but only to have cheap labour. Maybe you too have found yourself on an internship, underpaid, and doing tasks that are different from what you expected.

But it does not always have to be this way and I will now prove it to you. So read on; I will tell you about the five basic steps to get out of this stressful situation and change your working condition.

First, however, I recommend that you watch this video which, although aimed at younger people, presents advice that is valid for all ages.

Trained in the right school

Understanding how to get into business is no longer so simple. As I mentioned earlier, thanks to digital, the world of work has changed profoundly. The basic knowledge acquired in high school or university is no longer enough and it is often required to “know how to do” and to have digital marketing skills.

To acquire them, however, it is not enough to take a free or low-cost course provided by the usual online “guru”. As in any field, seriousness, competence, and great commitment are required in online marketing.

And only a professional school can help you with this. Digital Coach®, for example, offers training courses held by leading experts in the field, embracing a learning-by-doing, or practical-operational, methodology.

Translated into simple words, this means learning how to run a business and create a digital strategy by getting to grips with professional tools and software.

To understand what skills to acquire and thus what kind of digital professional to become, you must first learn to recognize what your strengths and aptitudes are. In this way, you can direct your training toward what you love most.

For example, you can choose whether to go for a technical field such as web analytics or inbound marketing or opt for areas such as social media marketing or digital recruiting. If, on the other hand, you have a literary vocation, then specializing in content marketing or digital storytelling might be for you.

Otherwise, you can opt for training in e-commerce course, which is in great demand in today’s job market.

Test your digital skills: fill out the digital professions test and find out if you have the skills needed to be hired by the best companies in the industry.

outgrow digital profession test

Follow an internship to gain experience

What does it take to get hired without experience? Develop the right skills required by the labor market! Real internship periods are extremely useful for this.

To avoid running into a series of useless and untraining internships, my advice is to choose well the school where you will train. In fact, in serious courses, the theoretical part is flanked by practical exercises both during the lessons and at the end of the studies.

For example, Digital Coach® Certifications and courses include an internship of at least 4 months, also in cooperation with external partner companies and agencies. During this course, you will be followed by a company tutor who will help you put into practice what you have learned during your studies.

You will be able to create a portfolio, develop your CV and work with real clients and projects right from the start. And if you show commitment and professionalism, you may even receive a job offer from the company where you did your internship, as has happened to others before you.

Create a perfect CV

I bet you have often asked yourself: “Why aren’t companies hiring me?” You have sent out a mountain of resumes, written to recruiters, and applied for jobs in various fields but it has not helped much. This is because when you write your CV, you have to follow a few steps to avoid making big mistakes that could jeopardize your recruitment.

Randomly putting together personal data will not help you. You will have to follow rules to make your CV interesting and attractive to companies in order to have a better chance of getting hired.

Your CV is your presentation card so first of all make sure that it is written clearly and correctly and above all without spelling mistakes. Make sure that your details (especially your telephone number and e-mail address) are correct in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings in the event of contact.

Try to be original and give your CV a personal style and layout. Talk about your competencies, the projects you have carried out, and the skills you have acquired during your training, but without being too long.

A CV should not exceed two pages in length, otherwise, it becomes too onerous to read for a recruiter, who is often faced with hundreds of applications. But the fundamental rule for a perfect CV is honesty.

Never boast about jobs you have not really done, skills you have not really acquired, or foreign languages you hardly speak. If you really want to join a big company and get hired, you will have to be honest.

Take care of your online presence

If you really want to know how to get into business, you will first have to learn personal branding. This is nothing more than the set of activities that you can put in place to promote your professionalism, your strengths, your wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge at work and in person, so as to communicate your professional identity in a strategic way, to impress and influence the people you meet.

This practice can also be useful if you are over 30 and want to enter the world of online work because, remember, companies that hire people over 50 do exist! The important thing is that you are well-prepared and that your online and social presence is professional and well-prepared down to the smallest detail.

Your image must be attractive and unique and you must therefore make your strengths attractive and indispensable to those looking for new personnel.

Nowadays, companies and multinationals, before hiring personnel, do online research to assess the profile of the person to be hired. Therefore, it will be important for you to take care of your online presence.

Create a professional profile on social networking sites such as Facebook and register on job-focused platforms such as LinkedIn. Through social media, you will also be able to follow the news of the company you are interested in so that you are always up-to-date on news and events concerning the company.

You will be able to comment on articles about it with intelligent remarks so that you can start to make yourself known. And you can also find out when they are looking for staff.

Remember to manage your social profiles in an appropriate manner, avoiding uneducated attitudes, such as quarrels with other users or unfriendly comments. An important step will be the creation of your own website.

A sort of showcase where companies or your customers can get an idea of your skills and knowledge. It should be a kind of portfolio where you can also include work you have done during your apprenticeship or in your previous work experience.


Highlight your unique value: download the ebook on personal branding and discover how to highlight your skills and experience effectively

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Present yourself to the company with your own project

You found your dream company and discovered that they were looking for staff. You went to a serious school where you trained in digital marketing and did your internship where you learned how to develop a business strategy by working on real cases.

You learned how to write an attractive CV and how to take care of personal branding and online presence. How do you now go to work for that very company? The most effective step you can take at this point, to make yourself stand out among all the other candidates, is to present your project to the company.

Create an outline of what you want to propose, analyzing its details and content. You must be consistent with the image of the brand you are proposing to. Search the site for the history of the brand, study its language, and the representation it likes to give of itself.

Then develop a plan that is consistent with the company’s storyline, without being banal or copying proposals already seen in the past. For example, you can propose a new social strategy, a different storytelling approach, or an original way to create an advertising campaign.

Use the skills you will have acquired during your studies and apprenticeship to devise a project that is innovative and future-oriented. Use your young age to your advantage to bring the vision of the new generation and the changing world to the market.

Conclusions and free advice

Now that I have given you pointers on how you can enter the company, it is time to act. Don’t give up if you are not immediately considered; keep training and look for new opportunities to gain experience and network.

The road to success is long and challenging, but if you know how to steer your efforts in the right direction from the outset, you will be rewarded with the career you have always dreamed of.

Trust an expert to guide you in acquiring the digital skills you need to join your dream company



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