Ideal job: for each character his profession

Finding the ideal job is everyone’s dream. In most cases, however, focusing on who you are and what you want to do with your life is difficult. The environment in which we live and the people around us tend, and will always tend, to influence our decisions. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t stop for a moment and reflect on what work to do to feel fully fulfilled.

It is not only young people, fresh out of school, or undecided whether to abandon them, but also adults, who have to deal with such a problem.

Which profession to choose when you don’t know what excites you? What job do we do when it seems that the only possible job is the one we already do or the one that others have decided for us?

Here we find ourselves searching the web for aptitude tests on the ideal job. The purpose of a serious test on the ideal job is to bring out parts of ourselves that we have underestimated or aspects of our character that we have not considered relevant to the professional sphere. Most of the time we think that the ideal jobs are those that people we admire do or those that have been presented to us as such. In doing so we shift our attention to the outside, while instead, it is inside ourselves that we have to look.

Therefore, I will introduce you to some digital professions with an emphasis on the type of character that those who aspire to fill each role must have. Finally, you will have the opportunity to test yourself with a test on the ideal job and kick-start your new career.

Take the test and find out how to find the ideal profession, based on your strengths and aptitudes

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Ideal job

The search for the ideal job is a common condition for many people. Whether it’s recent graduates, young people who would like to find a job immediately after graduating or abandoning their studies, or dissatisfied professionals, it doesn’t matter.

The need to feel satisfied by the work that takes place daily leads more and more people to change their professional careers, even several times in their life. As tiring as it may be, it’s a good thing that you don’t want to resign yourself to a present or a future of dissatisfaction.

However, to understand what work to do you need to be aware of what your aptitudes are. Once you become aware of these, finding the ideal job will no longer seem like an impossible challenge.

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For those who want to work with a diploma

Nowadays there are many young people who, once they have obtained their diploma, are sure they do not want to pursue an academic career or are thinking of interrupting it. A good number of skills that are in demand on the job market today do not necessarily require a degree.

It is mostly about theoretical and practical knowledge that is not taught at the university and therefore it is necessary to learn by attending masters or courses. Digital is one of those sectors that rely heavily on the acquisition of skills related to specific tools, which are continuously updated among other things.

If you don’t know what job to do after graduation, by continuing to read you will find descriptions of some digital professions from the point of view of the aptitudes of the ideal candidate. You will be able to get a fairly precise idea of each professional profile, but if you still have doubts you can always take our test on the ideal job.

Start asking yourself questions like the following: Do you like working in a group or alone? Are you shy or outgoing? Impulsive or reflective? Communicative or taciturn? Rational or creative? Are you looking for news or do you perceive them as a source of stress?

Also, if you’ve understood that to feel motivated you need to act, rather than study, a practical course is what you need. You will indeed find yourself having to learn theoretical notions, but they will be immediately transformed into practicality. By doing so, you will experience the satisfaction that comes from feeling good at something.

For recent graduates

Even those who have completed university can find themselves lost when looking for a job. If you have graduated, but you are not yet clear about which job to choose, even in this case a serious test on the ideal job can certainly help you.

To be able to deal with it better, I suggest you focus on both the choices you’ve made and the ones you would have liked to make if there hadn’t been external influences. If, for example, you took up a course of study because it was forced on you, try to think about what your choice would have been.

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Similarly, if you’ve started experimenting with working in an industry you’ve been wanting to enter, but realized that job isn’t for you, focus on what elements of that job you like or dislike.

Keep in mind that since there are not only traditional jobs, even a hobby can nowadays turn into an economically satisfying activity. If you are someone who enjoys social media and spend hours creating content that you then share, you are relegating one of the most in-demand digital jobs to a hobby.

If you don’t know what job to do, it’s probably because you haven’t considered all the options available. Furthermore, you must not forget that your character and your way of relating are part of your personality and contribute, more than you imagine, to making you the ideal candidate or not for a specific job.

For those who want to change their profession

The search for the ideal job also concerns those who are no longer satisfied with their profession and want to change it. It can happen both to find yourself engaged in a profession that you don’t like and to have lost interest in a field of work chosen in the past. After all, human beings are anything but static, so it is more than normal to wish, at some point in one’s life, to evolve from a personal and professional point of view.

More often than not, what holds back workers who have already been employed for many years in a certain context is the fear of not being able to start a new job in a completely different sector. However, there is a way to find the ideal job.

First of all, we must start from the consideration that one’s working past has not been completely useless. Surely you will have acquired skills that could also be relevant in your new profession.

Furthermore, you will find that the relational ones carry more weight than the technical ones because they take more time to learn. This means that if you have learned to manage a team, to communicate appropriately depending on the circumstances and interlocutors, or, again, to listen, you bring personal baggage with you that will help you get back into the game.

If you are sure you want to change jobs, but at the same time you don’t know which profession to choose, start with the so-called soft skills. The encounter with your ideal profession will take place when you manage to reconcile your interests with your aptitudes.

By taking our test on the ideal job, you will be able to clarify what your strengths and weaknesses are and guide you toward the digital job that best suits your character. Once you have identified the training path that can enhance your aptitudes, all you have to do is acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to improve your professional life.

Ideal job: which profession to choose?

Until now, the circumstances in which those looking for the ideal job may find themselves, but do not know what to do to find it, have been examined. What makes it difficult to achieve a satisfactory work situation is precisely the lack of self-knowledge. If you do not first have a clear vision of your character, your strengths, and weaknesses, you cannot fully understand which job to choose.

Given that every job corresponds to an ideal character, I will mention the technical skills required for each professional figure, and then focus on the personal attitudes of the ideal candidate. Technical skills must be acquired only after having identified the sector for which one is naturally suited. By reading, you will be able to get an idea of which profession in the digital field is most suitable for you.

Consider that the professions I will tell you about in this mini-guide are just a few, so you may be inclined to one of those that I will not mention here. This is why, I invite you to take the test that you find at the end of the article to have no more doubts about what to do.

Social Media Specialist/Manager

In this profession, as in others in the digital field, there are both managers and specialists. The difference between these two figures consists in the fact that the former must coordinate the others, and therefore must have strong leadership skills, while the latter has a mainly technical role.

This means that if you like and are good at leading people, organizing, and managing multiple situations at the same time, you can become a good manager. Conversely, if you don’t feel inclined to manage a team, but are temperamentally suited to working with social media, you can always present yourself to companies as a specialist.

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Being a social media manager is a complex profession. Indeed this professional is responsible for the creation and implementation of a marketing strategy on social networks. Through the analysis of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), the social media manager will then understand if her work is producing the expected results.

He, therefore, presents himself as a professional at ease with both words and numbers, given that his skills range from social copywriting to the analysis of insights. If you want to read a guide on how to write captions under Instagram photos, visit this site.

Let’s see what personal attitudes someone who aspires to work with social media must have:

  1. Communication skills: your ability to know how to communicate a brand also has to do with your ability to communicate effectively with those around you. Social media specialists/managers know that every social network, brand, or audience, has its tone of voice that needs a tailor-made copy. However, it will be difficult to improvise skilled communicators if you are not very extroverted and tend to be silent. Furthermore, being communicative will be extremely useful when it comes to having constructive dialogue with colleagues, bosses, and customers.
  2. Leadership: In a dynamic and unpredictable environment like that of social networks, there are many figures involved in a social media marketing strategy. Therefore, if you aspire to become a social media manager, you must be able to organize the work of your team and manage relationships with stakeholders.
  3. Creativity: Many people communicate online today and being able to get noticed requires excellent imagination skills. You will always have to draw on your resources to create visual content that meets the communication needs of the brand, meets the favor of its audience, and is better than that of the competition.
  4. Strategic: since every marketing action is planned to ensure that the brand in question achieves certain objectives, it is necessary that those involved in social media know how to put their creativity at the service of the strategy.
  5. Organization: being organized is a gift of nature. For this reason, it is good not to rely exclusively on external aids such as tools. Think about how you usually manage your time and deadlines (of any kind) and you will understand, on a scale of one to ten, how organized you are. Those involved in social media marketing have to write an enormous amount of copy for social posts and can in no way rely on chance. This requires impeccable organization and the coolness needed to make the right decisions quickly.
  6. Proactivity: part of social media marketing is social media customer care, which is about taking care of your audience. To date, customers want brands to talk to them directly. To be able to do this you must be a proactive person, meaning that it is easy to establish relationships and create a real community around the company.
  7. Flexibility: during his working day, the social media manager can find himself facing uncomfortable situations such as managing the discontent of some customers or setting up a strategy based on a new trend. These are activities that require preparation, but also a certain speed and promptness in managing them.
  8. Curiosity: A social media manager must be curious about what is happening both on social networks and in the real world. Only by training their curiosity and observation skills, those involved in social media marketing will be able to create original, engaging content that can intercept the topics of the moment.

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If you think that most of these qualities belong to you and that working in social media marketing could be your ideal job, I suggest you attend the Social Media Specialist Course or the Social Media Manager Course. You will be able to combine your aptitudes with the right technical skills. If, on the other hand, you’re still unsure, take our ideal job quiz.

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E-commerce Manager

The e-commerce manager belongs to one of the most requested professionals on the job market at the moment. Nowadays, companies have the opportunity to experience how profitable online selling is. Businesses have sprung up which, from the outset, have focused online, orienting themselves towards a type of sale that does not provide for the opening of shops in the area.

From the point of view of technical skills, a good e-commerce manager must be able to analyze the competition, devise a marketing strategy for the business he deals with, be able to sell online, and know how to read analytics. The importance of the latter is growing considerably as they allow you to understand who your potential clientele is made up of.

If you don’t know what job to do, but the sales sector interests you or you have a professional background in this area, you could become an e-commerce manager.

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Let’s look at the skills you need to have to become an e-commerce manager:

  1. Organization: the e-commerce manager must be able to organize his work and effectively coordinate that of others. Each team contributes to the achievement of corporate objectives. In this way, corporate e-commerce will be able to count on good warehouse management, marketing strategies, search engine positioning, customer care, and so on.
  2. Leadership: for the work organization for e-commerce to be flawless, the e-commerce manager must be a good leader and a born problem solver. This means knowing how to deal with problems by looking for solutions in a creative way.
  3. Communication: Communication skills are closely related to the two mentioned above. To be a good leader, and be able to organize the professional figures that revolve around e-commerce and plan everyone’s work, a good e-commerce manager must be able to communicate effectively. A defect in communication with collaborators can slow down the achievement of business objectives.
  4. Flexibility: that of an e-commerce manager is not a static job that repeats itself the same every day. On the contrary, it is a profession that requires a strategic vision and therefore the ability to modify the strategies adopted up to that moment in favor of others deemed better.

If you recognize yourself by reading this description of the soft skills of a good e-commerce manager, I suggest you attend the E-commerce Manager Course. During the lessons, you will have the opportunity to acquire the technical skills necessary to work in this sector. Once the master is finished you can dedicate yourself to your ideal job.

Web Marketing Manager

Another interesting professional figure in the digital marketing field is the web marketing manager. It is a professional who must have a broad and transversal preparation capable of embracing various disciplines: from SEO to content marketing, from web analytics to user experience up to the creation and management of advertising campaigns.

The web marketing manager is the one who coordinates the specialists of the various teams and who, for this reason, must be able to rely on his knowledge and experience to better organize everyone’s work.

Let’s find out what personal attitudes an aspiring web marketing manager should have:

  1. Problem-solving skills: a web marketing manager, like all managerial figures, coordinates other professionals and constantly finds himself having to manage complex situations. Knowing what the company’s goals are and planning the actions of the various teams does not guarantee that everything will run smoothly. Not surprisingly, being a born problem solver is an excellent requirement for anyone wishing to pursue this profession.
  2. Flexibility: Digital is constantly evolving, which is why you need to be quick and ready to transform changes into new opportunities.
  3. Creativity: the web marketing manager must look at problems as opportunities to rethink a strategy in an alternative way. This implies, if necessary, the possibility of also taking new paths.
  4. Intuition: when you find yourself managing a marketing plan that involves multiple channels and which must ensure that the actions put in place converge towards a single goal, having intuition helps a lot. The company you work for is not an island, if anything it is surrounded by competing companies, and therefore you must always be attentive to what happens outside. By thinking in these terms, one can have the right intuition at the right time.
  5. Relational skills: those who coordinate with other people must be able to communicate not only the business objectives but also themselves. Creating and maintaining a good self-image over time, which conveys credibility and competence, allows for the establishment of a fluid dialogue with colleagues and superiors. Knowing how to manage communication with others also means understanding what needs the people around us may have and responding appropriately. Therefore, knowing how to communicate but also listening.

Have you recognized yourself in the figure of the web marketing manager? Keep in mind that technical skills can be acquired, but soft skills are necessary from the outset. If you think you have most of the ones I’ve listed, the Web Marketing Manager Course could lead you to your ideal job.

SEO Specialist/Manager

The SEO specialist/manager is one of the professionals currently most sought after by companies and web agencies. It is a figure who has a preparation halfway between the technician and the humanistic.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the discipline that deals with placing the pages of a website among the first results of the search engine. SEO activities are divided into on-site and off-site: the former takes place within the website, the latter outside.

Among the fundamental technical skills for an SEO specialist are the following: the ability to do keyword research and link building, knowledge of HTML code, of the various CMSs such as WordPress and Magento, and of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush.

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Now let’s see the aptitudes that those who aspire to become SEO Managers must possess. If you are still undecided about which profession to choose, this may be the one for you.

  1. Desire to update: SEO is a discipline that needs constant updating. Anyone who aspires to become an SEO specialist/manager must be a person who likes to read industry news daily.
  2. Willingness to experiment: creating your website is a great way to learn by experimenting in the field. You must be a person with a dynamic mind, determined to test, firsthand, the work that will be done on the sites of future customers.
  3. Ability to manage a team: an SEO manager must necessarily interface with other digital professionals employed in his own company or web agency. Since an SEO manager is called upon to manage an existing team or to create one from scratch, he must have a certain predisposition for teamwork. This involves the ability to understand the other team members and enter into relationships with them so that everyone can carry out their role serenely and productively.
  4. Ability to Communicate: This ability ties in with the one above. A good SEO manager must stand out for his marked interpersonal skills, since, as we have seen, he spends his working day in contact with others.
  5. Analytical and humanistic mind: those who work with SEO must have both an inclination for numbers and content creation. The conception of a good editorial plan helps the website in question to increase its credibility within the reference market. Just as the knowledge of web analytics facilitates the identification of one’s target and its interests.
  6. Good decision-making ability: an SEO manager is faced with managing complex situations. To best face them he must have a cool head and the ability to make decisions quickly.

If you have recognized yourself in this character profile, I suggest you attend the SEO Manager Course. This is probably your ideal job. If, on the other hand, although SEO intrigues you, you are aware that you are not a born leader, you can attend the SEO Specialist Course to present yourself to companies as a technical figure.

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SEO/SEM Specialist

A professional figure closely related to that of the SEO specialist is the SEO/SEM specialist. It is a professional who must have knowledge of SEO, which I have already told you about, and of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing.

While those involved in SEO work to place the pages of a website among the first organic results of the search engine, those who do SEM, to obtain the same result, select and purchase a certain number of paid keywords.

The keywords on which the SEO/SEM Specialist invests economically are those deemed advantageous for the business. How does he recognize them? They are those typed by users on the Google search bar. Therefore, the traffic to one’s site or to that of the customer is brought by paying the search engine for the insertion of a series of advertising banners.

After clicking on these banners, the user lands on a specific page of the site containing a call to action (for example, filling in a form). SEO and SEM are two complementary activities, which is why, very often, those who deal with one also manage the other.

The aptitudes that an aspiring SEO/SEM Specialist must have are the following:

  1. Strategic mind: in an area such as SEO and SEM it is necessary to study one’s competition, the reference target, and the market share in which one must enter, before developing a strategy.
  2. Analytical skills: when the strategy is implemented, the SEO/SEM Specialist must transform into a careful observer. Her task is to analyze the progress of SEM campaigns to improve their performance through the necessary adjustments.
  3. Creativity: once the user has clicked on the banner, he will land on a landing page. For it to perform the desired action, it is necessary to ensure that the content within the page, as well as its effectiveness on the aesthetic side, live up to expectations. For this reason, an SEO/SEM specialist must be able to rely on a good dose of creativity.
  4. Interest in continuous updating: Disciplines in the digital field require great curiosity toward one’s profession. Continuous updating is essential to be prepared and competent.
  5. Willingness to experiment: those who choose to deal with SEO and SEM must be a person who likes to carry out real tests on their website to verify the effectiveness of the actions taken and, at the same time, understand the reasons for the poor success of others.

If until now you were undecided about which profession to choose, but you recognized yourself in the indispensable qualities of a good SEO/SEM specialist, the SEO/SEM Specialist Course is right for you. You will have the opportunity to study and practice to carry out this profession at its best.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lastly, I want to introduce you to the professional figure of the digital marketing specialist. To fill this role it is essential to be competent in all areas of digital marketing.

The preparation of this professional must range from SEO to content marketing, from inbound marketing to social media marketing, from SEM campaigns to web analytics, and so on.

It is also of great importance that the digital marketing specialist’s knowledge is not limited to theory, but relies on concrete work experience.

Let’s focus, now, on the type of character that anyone who wants to become a digital marketing specialist must have:

  1. Intuition: although in digital marketing there are numerous tools to monitor the progress of one’s strategies, these tools are not always able to provide all the data one needs. However, by knowing their customers and their sector well, a good digital marketing specialist can make the right decisions for the company even in the presence of partial numerical data. In this case, therefore, it is necessary to have a certain intuition, precisely because it will be necessary to rely on one’s evaluations.
  2. Curiosity: a digital marketing specialist must always look for opportunities for updating, whether it is reading on authoritative websites on the subject, as well as events to take part in. Digital is always changing and a curious and passionate mind about one’s work has something extra.
  3. Analytical mind: a propensity for analysis is necessary. Every marketing action is undertaken only after observing its users and customers. It is about the ability to correctly evaluate the data collected and transform it into an impactful strategy.
  4. Good ability to adapt: the needs of potential customers and those already acquired vary over time, therefore it is necessary to have a mind capable of absorbing change and translating it into new and effective strategies. It is therefore forbidden to remain anchored to the old schemes and not to try new paths. Good adaptability also consists in being able to work in different contexts and to carry out several tasks at the same time if necessary.
  5. Creativity: by now all companies know that being creative is the only way to emerge in a market like today’s where the offer is vast and of quality. For this reason, being creative, and constantly training one’s creativity, has become a necessity.

If you recognized yourself in the description of the personal aptitudes of a good digital marketing specialist, you are one step away from doing your ideal job. Therefore, I suggest you attend the Digital Marketing Specialist Course and start your new digital career.


In this mini guide, I wanted to examine the situation of those who don’t know which profession to choose. Whether you are a high school graduate and convinced not to pursue a university career, a recent graduate, or dissatisfied with your current profession, keep in mind that finding the ideal job is a common problem for many people.

Many struggle to find a working dimension that truly reflects their way of being and that makes them feel they can make a significant contribution. Similarly, those who are looking for their way can feel confused and disoriented.

By knowing yourself thoroughly, you can direct your energies toward a job capable of keeping motivation high over time: an essential requirement for feeling satisfied. For this reason, I focused on the personal attitudes that you should have if you want to fill a specific role.

I hope this reading and the ideal job aptitude test helped you understand what to do.

If you still have doubts, don’t be discouraged. Contact an expert for free, he will help you identify the tailor-made job for you!



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