How to make an Infographic Resume: 5+1 free creation websites

Creating an Infographic Resume means unleashing your creativity. Whether you’re a student, graduate, or unemployed and wondering how to improve or write a winning curriculum vitae, this is the article for you.

The resume has evolved, and alongside the classic Europass format, there is a whole other world of creative CVs, “stylish” and original, falling under the category of infographic resumes.

You’ll be surprised to know that besides LinkedIn, many other websites provide ideas and formats for creating an online resume, much more versatile and innovative.

Continuing with the reading, I will explain:

  • What an infographic resume is?
  • Why choose a resume with an infographic?
  • Where to download free examples of infographic resumes?
  • How to make an infographic resume appealing with limited experience?

Enhancing the infographic resume with valid certifications and demonstrable work experiences can give a boost to your career.

Through a real Internship Program and the Personal Branding Course, for example, you can enrich your educational path and professionally requalify in the digital field.

What is an Infographic Resume?

To write an infographic resume, direct language is used, with captivating graphics, charts, and shapes. In simple terms, the visual impact is everything.

This format proves to be a perfect business card to stand out from companies that usually receive thousands of traditional CVs.

The etymology of the word infographic is the combination of information and graphics, a technique based on the fusion of two disciplines. What is its characteristic? The way of presenting information.

This type of resume is particularly suitable for all digital professions or for those who simply want to create a CV outside the norm. It’s one of the main tools for personal branding, allowing you to stand out among all web professionals.

Writing a resume using infographics doesn’t require being an expert editor or designer.

Thanks to the use of timelines, tables, histograms, and charts, this format allows the resource to effectively communicate all necessary information, minimizing the textual part and consequently the length of the resume itself.

The infographic CV allows you to insert photos or images perfect for capturing the reader’s attention and facilitating page scrolling.

Why choose an Infographic Resume

The infographic resume for international brands is becoming increasingly important, as it aligns with the digital communication revolution of recent times.

Thanks to its readability and the immediacy with which information catches the eye of even the most discerning recruiter, this type of CV has become an excellent means of communication.

Despite the prevalent use of the European format for the curriculum vitae, there is an ongoing debate between critics and supporters.

Perfect for concealing limited educational and work experiences, the infographic CV allows you to avoid the “blank sheet” effect.

On the contrary, using a paper format runs the risk of falling into the stereotype of pre-filled fields and banality. As for LinkedIn, the debate becomes even more heated.

We’re not just talking about a simple website or format, but the world’s largest professional network. True, LinkedIn offers the advantage of connecting supply and demand, but it doesn’t always prove to be a safe place.

Scams are around the corner, as well as fake accounts and companies. Furthermore, even LinkedIn is limited to a standardized platform that doesn’t allow the same creativity as the infographic resume, unless you opt for “premium” solutions and payment.

In any case, before embarking on creating an infographic resume, it’s important to keep in mind that:

  • Despite being a customized format, an infographic CV does not entirely replace the traditional resume or cover letter;
  • It’s not a competition to create the most beautiful template;
  • Avoid exaggerating with layouts, but focus on the quality and accuracy of information;
  • Don’t blame the design if the result is not positive: the content makes the difference;
  • This type of format is not particularly suitable for professions related to legal and social sciences.

Would you like to know more? Below I will show you the advantages, disadvantages, and rules for creating a creative resume with infographics.


Immediacy: among the main advantages of the infographic resume, immediacy is undoubtedly a plus. Through drawings, diagrams, and charts, you can direct the reader’s attention to a particularly salient point and thus turn the conversation or introductory interview in your favor.

Innovativeness: within meetings, brainstorming sessions, and presentations of personal projects, the infographic resume is a winning weapon in terms of innovativeness. If you are a creative, a web designer, or a graphic designer, you might consider using your CV by attaching project work and achievements, instead of using the usual PowerPoint presentation.

Conciseness: functional, paper-based, chronological, infographic – whatever type of resume you create, its length should never exceed two pages. With just a few images, you can gather all your past experiences and/or narrate yourself in a fun way.

Self-assessment: how to make your visual CV even more interesting? Not just with diagrams and charts, but with an infographic, you have the opportunity to confirm your certifications/achievements through the inclusion of stars, original bullet points, thumbnails, and so on.

Personal Branding: the infographic resume can be a good way to define your online promotion strategy. It allows for creating shares by linking to major social networks including Twitter and Pinterest. It enables the importation of external links or the insertion of a link within a blog and even includes reviews from former collaborators or clients. Also, remember that it’s always advisable to consider reshaping your CV based on the job posting to which you are responding and presenting your candidacy.


Interpretation of Graphics: this is one of the disadvantages of the infographic resume. While this type of resume facilitates reading and requires us to synthesize our profile into a few key points, it completely sidelines textual content and in-depth analysis, leaving room for the subjective interpretation of graphics.

Text Readability: originality almost always leads to backgrounds or colors that compromise text legibility, sometimes with decidedly bold combinations. Not to mention that images and graphics could make the file heavier and harder to detect by software.


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5+1 free websites to create an Infographic Resume

Are there websites that allow you to create a free online infographic resume?

The answer is yes, several websites and applications offer free downloadable templates and allow you to create your creative resume using infographic tools.

Just choose the starting template, make changes to the colors, insert photos, images, and diagrams, and you’re done.

Once the compilation and layout editing work is finished, some sites also allow you to share the infographic resume online or save it in PDF format.

Among other options, unlike the Word and Europass formats, online sites allow you to create multiple resume templates with a single account and make the template available for any occasion.

Of course, a bit of familiarity with graphics and HTML language never hurts, but with a bit of taste and imagination, you can create truly original and creative CVs.

Before continuing, I would like to share some best practices for an effective visual CV:

  • Define the objective and target audience
  • Gather photos, images, logos, and sources
  • Plan the color palette and graphic design
  • Choose the most important fonts and information
  • Create a visual path that focuses attention on the most important points
  • Include self-assessments and reference social links and VisualCV

Both with and VisualCV, you just need to log in with your LinkedIn account credentials, choose the most suitable template for the final target, and attach the link to any social or presentation email.

In particular, is an online platform that uses HTML5 and Javascript. Don’t be intimidated, the site allows anyone to create an effective and impactful infographic resume in just a few simple steps.

In addition to captivating themes, you can insert bubble charts, language maps, pictograms, and timelines. The only downside is that it only allows you to convert the infographic into a PDF file for a fee.

infographic resume examples on visualize me 

Professional, practical, and free in the Trial version, VisualCv may appear slightly more complex compared to other tools.

Among its key features, this platform adds the ability to create a personal landing page and track the results of views.

Don’t worry about the settings being in English, take the opportunity to learn something extra to showcase during the selection phase.


After the closure of and Yahoo’s acquisition of Vizify, Kickresume could be considered a direct competitor for more demanding templates.

In its basic version, the software offers around twenty free layouts with captivating graphics, focusing on simplicity and practicality. You can log in with your email or through your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

It allows you to download pre-designed creative CVs with images, graphs, icons, and symbols, leaving room to change the font and colors.

A halfway point between the classic model and an infographic resume, Kickresume offers the opportunity to create a personalized cover letter as well.

A peculiar feature? If the resume is written in English, it performs an automatic grammar check.


Even with Kinzaa, you can log in with your Facebook credentials or import your data from your LinkedIn profile.

Among all the other templates, Kinzaa focuses on the magic of infographics to highlight the user’s skills and career path.

After the guided and mandatory completion of the steps, a personalized pie chart based on your skills will be created within the resume.

kinzaa platform

Unlike other platforms, it allows:

  • Expressing preferences about the work environment.
  • Choosing the working day.
  • Setting the size of the team you want to be part of.
  • Deciding the dress code.
  • Selecting daily habits.

In this case as well, though, some familiarity with English instructions is necessary.


In its unpaid basic version, Doyoubuzz allows you to create online CVs or bring your printed or Europass resume to a personal page by adding images, self-assessments, videos, and audio to the text.

More precisely, in the “add content” area, under the Portfolio menu, you can insert files in Word, PDF, and presentations, while in the design menu, you can choose from a wide range of graphics.

For the more competitive individuals, the premium version allows you to insert unlimited multimedia files and provides advanced statistics on profile views. Of course, after English platforms, French will be a breeze.


Canva, whether you’re a computer programmer, a web designer, a social media manager, an app developer, or just curious, you’ve probably heard of it as a useful online application for photo editing, creating templates, business cards, and presentations.

Not everyone knows that on the website, there is a Curriculum Vitae section that allows you to download pre-designed layouts (free and paid) that are easily editable and customizable with icons, bullet points, and charts.

It also allows you to modify and apply incredible filters to images. Moreover, in a Canva infographic resume, you can include links to social profiles, videos, websites, projects, and anything else that is available online.


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How to make an Infographic CV attractive

Putting aside technical skills, creating an infographic resume means crafting our business card and it should be packaged in the best possible way.

But how do you capture the attention of recruiters if you have few experiences to showcase? Consider that an infographic resume can work in favor of those looking to transition into digital or those who have never worked before.

It’s perfect for young minds, students, and recent graduates, with a lot of educational experiences.

As shown earlier, there are various templates and free models to download, and it’s clear that graphics and images help easily fill in the “empty spaces” of missing work activities.

In addition to the usual advice on including soft skills, communication skills, and computer skills, there are other small details worth mentioning to make an infographic CV “youthful” and appealing to the eyes of an HR recruiter.

  • Discourage the idea of attaching a high school diploma, university degree, and other certificates;
  • Utilize the potential of social connections and don’t limit yourself to providing only email and phone numbers;
  • If you’ve completed a university program, you’ve likely participated in projects and group work. Don’t hesitate to attach them in the Portfolio section and include hyperlinks to the PDF files;
  • It may seem obvious, but add a professional photo of yourself, roughly the size of a Facebook profile picture. A resume without a photo is not an infographic!
  • If you only have 2 work experiences, use graphics and colors to attract attention to the activity most relevant to the position you’re applying for;
  • Last but not least, don’t worry about having limited content, plan the textual information carefully and follow a clear and linear structure.


Choosing the infographic resume template can truly make a difference in your professional future. The format of the resume is crucial to capture recruiters’ attention and is the first thing to consider given the competition.

This is especially true for online candidate searches. With just a few clicks, one can apply for the desired position, resulting in companies receiving thousands of applications.

A good CV format is essential, but it’s not everything, the content is irreplaceable.

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