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Have you realized that your current job does not allow you enough time to devote to yourself and your family? Do you wish you had more free time? Consider exploring rewarding jobs with most time off. Then you have come to the right place at the right time. Finding work that allows you to have a lot of free time and earn good money is now possible. Discover the top jobs with most time off, allowing you to achieve a better work-life balance.

The ability to manage one’s time independently and obtain more hours per day for one’s interests and passions has become an achievement within everyone’s reach. Digitization has changed the world of work. It has enabled many professionals to work from home and manage their days better by having more free time.

Explore the career opportunities that offer jobs with most time off, giving you the freedom to enjoy your personal life. Digital professions are many today and will increase even more in time. It is evident how the pandemic has changed the game. In these two nefarious years, the positives can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but even if they are few, they are there. Today, people like you have realized the importance of time and health, the two most precious things we have.

online jobs with most time off

If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you have realized that you have too much work and too little free time to devote to yourself and your family; because you have always wanted to work while traveling; or because you have a dream of finding well-paid jobs in contact with nature. How could I not agree with you? Find out which industries provide jobs with most time off, giving you the flexibility to pursue your passions outside of work.

Many people share the same desire as yours, and there comes a point in life when these dreams must be taken out of the drawer and turned into reality. If you are here, it is because you believe that your time has come. Achieve a healthier work-life integration by seeking jobs with most time off, enabling you to prioritize personal well-being.

In this article, I will explain the best jobs you can do today that will allow you to earn a lot of money while having a lot of free time, for example, becoming a freelancer. In addition, I will help you understand how to take the first step in trying to find the job you have always dreamed of. Maximize your leisure time by choosing jobs with most time off, ensuring you have ample opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.

4 characteristics of a job that allows you a lot of free time

What job allows you to have a lot of free time? And what are its characteristics? Let’s start with the assumption that the world is becoming more and more digital so that nowadays all you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection to be able to work from home or do your work from wherever you want.

In recent years, employers, especially abroad but increasingly also in Italy, have allowed their employees to work from home or to manage their time according to objectives and results to be achieved.

This is a big step to help people manage their work and time more independently. On the other hand, doing a job that leaves more freedom and having the possibility to better manage one’s own day and working hours would be an ambition that everyone should have.

The idea of being able to work while earning from home, doing jobs that only take mornings, or, even better, jobs that allow you to travel, is certainly very appealing. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like that? You would avoid the stress of traffic, the daily hassles in the office, and the ever-increasing costs you incur every day to travel.

So, at this point, if “What can I do to work from home?” and “What job can I do to travel all the time?” are the questions that are buzzing in your head the most, then you need to find a job with at least one of these four peculiarities:

  1. smart working;
  2. being able to manage their own working hours;
  3. working to objectives/results;
  4. do not have an hourly contract, hence the VAT number.

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1. Smart working

Today, we hear more and more about remote working or smart working. But what does it mean exactly? It is the possibility of being able to work without having a precise location or space, and sometimes not even time. And what better feature can work have than one that allows you to manage your own time and place at will?

Whether from home or your favorite coffee shop, working remotely is now an established reality, and now you can be part of it too. Uncover the benefits of working in fields that offer jobs with most time off, providing you with valuable downtime to recharge.

2. Managing one’s working hours

Having the possibility within one’s own day to be able to manage one’s working hours is, by necessity, a key feature for obtaining more free time for oneself. Prioritize work-life harmony by selecting jobs with most time off, allowing you to pursue hobbies and spend quality time with loved ones.

If you do not have to clock out in the morning, you are probably already well on your way to a job that leaves you a lot of free time. Autonomy—being able to manage your own work activities without having to be on a fixed schedule—is the main thing you must strive for in order to gain time in your day. And this often translates into working toward objectives or achievements.

3. Working by objectives/outcomes

Once upon a time, it was called ‘piecework’, i.e., working and being paid according to the amount of work that was done and the pieces that were produced. Today, the labor market is rediscovering this ancient method, obviously adapted to the present day. Improve your work-life satisfaction with jobs that offer the perk of most time off, granting you the flexibility to enjoy life’s experiences.

More and more people are in professions where they work on projects and are paid for the achievement of specific results and targets. It will be easy for you to understand how you can be paid according to your results; it allows you to take orders or projects by hand and decide how long to carry them out, and consequently, you have the freedom to manage the entire organization of the business because, in the end, what counts is the result you bring to your client.

4. VAT number, you decide when and how to work

At this point, it becomes clear that the best solution for doing a job that allows you to have a lot of free time is to try no longer to work for companies that hire you and give you classic contracts with classic hours per week to do, but to open a VAT number and set up your own business, which in the digital world means becoming a freelancer.

From here, you can decide how and for whom to work and how and when to do it. It is not a small step to take; I am aware of that, but I am sure that when you are ready, this will be the perfect solution to getting the more free time you so desire. Experience the freedom and flexibility of jobs with most time off, empowering you to create a fulfilling work-life blend.

7 jobs that give you a lot of free time

1. Blogger

A blogger is a person who consistently publishes articles on a specific blog, i.e., a website whose function is to talk about a specific topic. Transform the way you work and live with professions that embrace the concept of jobs with most time off for optimal fulfillment.

The blogger is one of the oldest but nevertheless increasingly popular figures in the world of the web. If you love discovering new destinations and have good writing skills, you could find an employer who pays you to travel and write reviews and travel tips for their website or blog. Or you could work for VAT or start your own digital business.

2. Youtuber

This is another of the many new digital jobs of recent years. Who among you has never heard of a YouTuber who became rich and famous by posting simple videos that gradually racked up millions of hits? The same argument for the blogger applies here: earning money by posting videos on YouTube can be done, but it is not an immediate thing.

To get thousands of hits for your videos, you need originality, a flair in front of the camera that not everyone has, and the ability to create your own community. A piece of advice? Post something that is useful and give the user a solution.

Both the YouTuber and the blogger have the ability to influence their followers, leading them to a certain action or purchase. To get the right numbers, I recommend you take a course to become an influencer in your industry to learn all the techniques and secrets of a good niche market that allows you to work how and where you want by exploiting your passions.

3. Social Media Specialist

The social media specialist is one of the most sought-after figures of recent times. Here, the name already has its intrinsic meaning: it is the one who manages every aspect of the social media, or certain social channels, of the company or client he or she works for. And yes, you can also freelance by turning this activity into a dynamic job that allows you a lot of free time.

Being present online inevitably means being present on social media, and for a company or private individual, having a sector dedicated to managing relations with the public via social media is indispensable. This is why it is a very important figure in the digital sector, sought after and increasingly widespread.

Do you like social media? If the answer is yes, then this could be the job for you. If you’re interested in delving deeper and learning all about social media management in a corporate environment, check out the Social Media Specialist with Certification Course. It will allow you to study from theory to practice everything you need to become a social media professional and engage in a quite profitable business.

4. UI/UX Designer

‘The customer is at the center of everything’. This is an inescapable dogma in digital marketing. You always have to keep your focus on the user and what he wants, but it is a very rewarding job that allows you to have free time.

It will be easy for you to understand why there are these professionals called UX designers who are in charge of studying and understanding the needs of the user who uses a given digital product.

By studying user behavior on websites, the UX designer provides the information needed to improve the product or service in order to make the user experience usable.

5. Freelance Copywriters

When you see an advertisement, read an article, or receive an email, have you ever thought about who is hiding behind it? I will tell you their name: they are the copywriters.

This is also a word you will have heard many times before. Copywriters are increasingly popular professionals who are responsible for writing articles, emails, brochures, and advertising scripts. Today, the copywriter has a very important and widespread role within companies, as there is always a need for someone to write with the intention of convincing the user to take a certain action. This expert can also work on a VAT basis and manage his or her work independently.

In this respect, take a look at the vertical course on copywriting: Direct Response Copywriter. If you enjoy writing and would like to learn how to do it in a marketing function, it could be for you.

6. Web Developer

Have you ever wondered how a web page is built? Whether it is a blog, an e-commerce site, a tool, a social network, or, in a nutshell, a website, behind it all there are often people who know and know how to use programming writing, i.e., computer writing that allows you to create anything and take it into the vast world of the internet.

These professionals are called “web developers,” and, even though nowadays there are tools and CMS (content management systems) that make it possible for anyone to build web pages of any kind, they are highly sought-after professionals who study and apply computer writing such as HTML, PHP, XML, and Java. Their profession is basically carried out remotely, in front of a PC, so it is a job that allows you to have free time and organize it independently.

They are uncommon and therefore highly sought-after and well-paid, but this world is vast and complicated, so before jumping in, think carefully and see if it is right for you.

7. SEO consultant

Ever heard of SEO? If not, I’ll tell you what it is.

SEO is an acronym and stands for Search Engine Optimization, i.e., the optimization of content on a website in order to make it rank better on search engines (let’s say, without mincing words, Google).

This too, as you can imagine, is a professional figure who can work from home as an online consultant and is also in great demand on the market. Today, in fact, the first step for those seeking to break through in the vast Internet ecosystem is to optimize their content and position it on Google’s SERP.

There are courses dedicated to SEO that allow you to become an expert in the field, enter the world of consulting for companies and individuals, and make a profession that allows you to have extra time.

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Find a job that gives you more freedom

As explained above, today’s job opportunities are there, and they are many. Becoming a freelancer is definitely the path—I won’t say the easiest, but the most logical and beaten path. Digital has now taken over us and so many of our activities. Now it is you who must take the first step. If you want to find work that allows you to organize your week, you should know which path you have to take.

In this article, I have explained to you the characteristics that a good job that allows you to have a lot of free time must have. Today, there are many of them, but surely, as the years go by, new professions will arise and grow that can be done completely remotely.

Many more people like you will enjoy the privilege of being able to manage their time and space within their day and, consequently, have a lifestyle that allows them to have a lot of free time to devote to their non-work lives.

To be the best at one’s job, one must have the quality of life that everyone deserves, and one’s time and freedom can never be put on the back burner.

Conclusions and career coaching for jobs with most time off

Finding a job opportunity that allows you a lot of free time, as you will have realized, is possible. The first step you have to take is to realize that in order to get more free time, you have to make yourself autonomous and manage your schedule better. Smart working is the widest and most viable route, but you also have the option of opening your own VAT number.

I have shown you a number of professions you can consider; now the ball is in your court.

If you think you are ready to take your first steps into the digital world, I highly recommend taking a digital freelance course and thus starting to build your new future.

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