How to become the Best Amazon consultant: the ultimate guide

Have you ever thought about starting a new professional career online? Digital offers numerous interesting opportunities including becoming an Amazon consultant.

Unlock the secrets to becoming a highly sought-after Amazon consultant, guiding businesses to achieve remarkable success on one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. Embrace the journey of mastering Amazon’s selling strategies and optimizing your expertise to navigate its ever-evolving landscape. Our comprehensive Amazon Seller Course empowers you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as an Amazon seller, unlocking endless opportunities for your career growth
Continue reading to uncover more information about realm of Amazon entrepreneurship.Want to find out how? In this article, I explain:

  • what does a consultant do to sell on Amazon;
  • how to Become an amazon consultant;
  • how to choose the right Amazon consultant.

Who is the Amazon Consultant?

The e-commerce activity is one of the most profitable sectors in which to invest, and those who already have a business or are thinking of starting one cannot fail to consider the great advantages that derive from it. But not everyone has enough time and know-how to start an online business, so consulting to sell on Amazon is an interesting job opportunity.

Those who sell online can do so either through their e-commerce site, or by deciding to be present on the numerous marketplaces or online “supermarkets” that bring together multiple sellers, or multiple products.

Examples of these marketplaces are Amazon, eBay, Zalando, etc… Being within these platforms offers important advantages, first of all, visibility; and we know that “appearing” online is perhaps more important than “being”: if the target we are addressing does not “see” us, it is as if we were non-existent.

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Thanks to these “virtual markets”, however, companies can offer their products and maximize the chances of being found and therefore of selling.

The primacy of “e-commerce giant” par excellence belongs to Amazon, which closed 2020 with 386.1 billion dollars in turnover and generated revenues of 108.5 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2021 (source wired).

Numbers that suggest, to all entrepreneurs who sell online, that not being present on Amazon would be a bad deal! But, like all platforms, Amazon too has its peculiarities that must be well known by companies that want to obtain considerable revenues; this is why it is important to carefully plan the sales activity within this marketplace, relying on an Amazon consultant with transversal know-how and certified skills.

In a market where competition is high, it is fundamental not to improvise but to structure oneself adequately. The Amazon consultant, therefore, becomes an essential figure to turn to to define one’s winning business strategy and avoid trivial mistakes which, however, could compromise the success of the entire business project.

Non-experts might think that to sell on Amazon, it is sufficient to publish your products on the marketplace and sales will begin “as if by magic”. Like all things that are too beautiful, alas this too is not true. Amazon is an ecosystem with its logic but above all with its algorithm, which must be known in detail by the Amazon consultant to achieve the objectives.

Increasing sales to monetize is not an activity that can be improvised, but requires specific skills and constant updating to safely master all the peculiarities of the platform and avoid infringements of the regulation.

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The Amazon Consultant must be able to:

  • choose and evaluate the effectiveness of a product on Amazon,
  • use Amazon tools for competitor analysis,
  • manage cash flows and set up a cash flow cost table,
  • devise a positioning strategy,
  • create a product page and maximize its visibility,
  • set up and manage an advertising campaign,
  • manage your enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry,
  • optimize content from an SEO perspective,
  • manage the warehouse on Amazon FBA,
  • know the aspects related to the management of customer privacy on Amazon.

What do Amazon consultant do?

The Amazon consultant is an expert who helps the customer to be successful on the major sales platform, do you want to know how?

  • first, evaluate the opportunities, i.e. check the users’ interest in the product through the analysis of the reference keywords;
  • then analyze the competitors starting from their SEO ranking up to evaluating the sales volumes;
  • finally plan the best strategy to develop a winning business.

Training is the first step to becoming an expert professional in the sector


Essential Requirements for an Amazon Consultant

We have said that nothing must be left to improvisation, and therefore the Amazon consultant must be a professional in the sector, always up-to-date on the disciplines involving digital, marketing, and sales.

To become a successful Amazon consultant you must:

  1. know very well the logic of online marketing;
  2. have in-depth knowledge of Amazon SEO;
  3. knowing how to understand the ranking factors that can maximize the exposure of products in search results within the platform;
  4. know how to use Amazon Sponsored Products, i.e. the pay-per-click (PPC) program;
  5. learn about Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), the service that allows you to publish display ads and collect Amazon data;
  6. have expertise in review management, thanks also to the use of the Amazon Vince program which brings together the most trusted reviewers;
  7. know the repricing strategies then identify the selling price taking into account market trends since there is no right price, but the right price at the right time in the right market;
  8. know the right strategies to get the Buy Box;
  9. know how to exploit ASINs (product identification codes) to increase visibility;
  10. know how to manage returns, and lost goods and optimize FBA logistics.

What is the difference between Vendor Central and Seller Central

If you want to offer quality consultancy for selling on Amazon, you must know the distintion between Vendor Vs Seller Central! The main discriminant consists of who sells the product:

  • with Vendor Central the entrepreneur sells directly to Amazon and it resells the products, therefore the entrepreneur is the supplier while Amazon becomes the distributor;
  • with Seller Central, the entrepreneur sells directly to Amazon users.

Let’s go into more detail and find out what these two services offer:

  • the Seller Central interface is used by companies as inventory of the products they want to offer to Amazon users. It allows the management of offers by modifying prices and quantities of orders and allows the use of advertising tools.
  • Vendor Central has the same functionality but is reserved for manufacturers and distributors who sell wholesale to Amazon. These products are distinguished with the words “Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon”. This sales model allows the manufacturer to compensate for the lack of control over orders, especially those of large volumes, and concentrate on other activities. The substantial difference from Seller Central is the possibility of participation which is by invitation only from Amazon!

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There is another sales option that the Amazon consultant must know: it is Vendor Express or the specific wholesale program for small producers and distributors, especially artisans. The important thing to access this option is to own the intellectual property rights of the products you sell to Amazon.

The benefits of an Amazon consultation

The Amazon platform has become highly competitive and relying on an Amazon consultant is the best way to be sure of differentiating yourself from competitors and increasing your revenues. To ensure excellent results for customers, Amazon specialists must demonstrate that they have the necessary skills, resources, and tools to maximize the visibility of products and bring them to the first search pages of the platform. He must also have proven experience in the e-commerce sector to suggest the most suitable strategy for the individual business.

Have you decided to become an Amazon expert? Here are the benefits you can offer your customers:

  • save time,
  • save money,
  • be able to focus on other aspects of your business,
  • identify the best online sales strategy for each business,
  • respect the rules imposed by the platform itself, avoiding incurring infringements.

How to Become an Amazon Consultant

If you have a passion for online selling and want to start your own business, becoming an Amazon consultant can be a very profitable opportunity. The essential characteristics to undertake this path are:

  • passion for the world of e-commerce;
  • aptitude for continuous study and constant updating;
  • the propensity for interpersonal relationships;
  • certified digital skills.

If you want to become a successful Amazon consultant here are your next ten steps to take:

  • study online sales techniques;
  • specialized in selling on Amazon by following the Amazon Seller Course;
  • identify your target audience and analyze their needs;
  • define your short, medium and long-term professional goals;
  • prepare your communication plan and marketing and advertising strategy;
  • creates the website and optimizes the contents from an SEO perspective;
  • build your portfolio of references and, gradually, collect the testimonials of your customers, they are the best business card to increase your customers;
  • invest in your branding: to be found online and build your image as an Amazon expert, it is very important to dedicate time and resources to your positioning;
  • contact an accountant, preferably an Amazon specialist, to define your tax position;
  • create a comfortable workspace, even better if at home to keep expenses down.

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Conclusions for Choosing the Right Amazon Consultant

Relying on a consultant specialized in selling on Amazon is the best and most profitable way for a company to differentiate itself from the competition and launch its own successful business. That’s why becoming an Amazon consultant is a very interesting job opportunity!

The professional who wants to offer the best consultancy for selling on Amazon must know these topics:

  • how to do SEO on Amazon;
  • importance of reviews and how to manage them;
  • difference between vendor and seller;
  • persuasive copyright;
  • use of Amazon tools;
  • use of Amazon Sponsored Products to advertise products within the platform;
  • create and manage promotional campaigns using Amazon Marketing Services;
  • the dynamics of Amazon’s logistics;
  • how to get the buy box for customers’ products;
  • manage and eliminate negative feedback that could affect sales.

If you want to start your career as an Amazon consultant but don’t know how a Digital Coach professional is at your disposal to give you all the necessary information.



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