Biddable Media Manager: what he does and how much he earns

New professional figures have arisen thanks to the explosive expansion of the digital world. One of these is the Biddable Media Manager!

Thanks to Simonetta Azzarito of MINT, we will learn many details about this new digital profession! We will also delve into how she came to do this job thanks to the proper training. If the advertising world fascinates you, you need to know that getting the correct information is indispensable. The Digital Marketing Manager post will undoubtedly help you in this regard.

Who is the Biddable Media Manager, and what does he/she do?

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Azzarito Simonetta InterviewBiddable Media refers to any media or advertising space on the web purchased in real time on a platform provided by a third party.

The Biddable Media Manager is responsible for building, monitoring, and managing the online advertising campaigns of the client company’s brands in Real Time Bidding. The latter is a “real-time auction” in which multiple buyers compete for impressions (views) in the different advertising spaces available.

For this type of activity, the biddable media manager works with very sophisticated software using very complex algorithms, usually called DSPs (Demand Side Platforms). These programs can connect to an almost infinite number of websites to create an advertising campaign that reaches the right user at the right time and place.

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Thanks to the platforms we have at our disposal, we can select a narrow target group that might be interested in a brand they have yet to learn. Then study a strategy, with banners and videos, to trigger interest in him and then lead him to conversion. They also allow us to set the budget we want to invest, i.e., the budget agreed with our advertiser client.

Together we discuss the goals we need to achieve, and based on these, we choose the right strategy and the correct target group to address it that corresponds to the profile of our potential interested user. On these platforms, data is updated in real-time, and following our campaigns, we analyze the recorded data, see whether our strategy is working, and then decide whether to change or refine it.

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What skills must a biddable expert have?

Azzarito Simonetta InterviewConsidering the role that a Biddable Media Manager plays, one of the characteristics they must have is to be versatile. When studying a digital strategy, we always have to start from scratch.

Understand which are the best tools that match our advertiser’s objectives:

  1. Who is the target user?
  2. Where do you look for information?
  3. With which digital tools does it interact?

Consequently, there is no standard recipe for the perfect “Media Mix”, but we must create a new, tailor-made one. This is important because it allows us to have an open mind, to always think differently and in a new way, and then offer the best solution to our advertiser client.

Another fundamental requirement is to be up-to-date with the tools because they change frequently. One example is Google: it keeps coming up with novelties and evolutions of its products, both in the field of Biddable campaign management, but also at the level of data analysis. In this specific case, we can get more and more information and more and more detailed information on the work to be done.biddable expert skills

A critical aspect of this professional figure is being organized. When we start to develop an online promotional campaign, we necessarily have to analyze a series of detailed information about the company (where it operates, whether it has several brands, etc.) to be able to adapt and customize the corresponding advertising.

You also need to understand your objectives to propose the correct strategy. For us, everything revolves around Real Time Bidding, i.e., real-time auctions that must be monitored continuously.

The results are updated within our platforms almost instantaneously. By analyzing them, we understand how the campaign is performing and can therefore decide in good time whether to change course or push further in the same direction.

Furthermore, being “good translators” is essential as we must be able to read the data corresponding to the actual results. They are not just numbers to be given to the client at the end of the month but concrete and measurable information (number of clicks, number of impressions) that we must be able to reread and translate to reset the strategy. They are our weapon to win over others!

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What digital tools do you use the most?

Azzarito Simonetta InterviewBiddable media managers are many tools. Among the best-known are the platforms provided by Google and Facebook (for the social part).

As far as Google is concerned, I don’t only mean Google Ads, but also other RTB, Real Time Bidding platforms that provide us with a series of predictive algorithms, much more elaborate than the standard ones. They allow us to manage display and video campaigns using Ad Exchange. 

Ad Exchanges allow us to take advantage of a series of target inventories. They are the place where information is exchanged between those who ask the question (i.e., those who use a DSP – Demand Side Platform) and those who can offer advertising space. This is then managed by other platforms, which Biddable Media Managers do not deal with, called SSPs (Supply Side Platforms).

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Google Campaign Manager is another platform provided by Google, which does not concern the campaign system but rather the analysis of data. We use it daily, and it is one of our most important platforms. It allows us to monitor what happens to our online advertising campaigns, from the impressions of our ad (the display) to the end of the conversion path (when the user enters the site and chooses to buy or join a service).

Whereas with Google Analytics, we could only analyze what happens after the user enters the website. Without the information about the user’s journey before the click, our bidding campaigns would lose their purpose and the perception of their importance would be lost. 

Then there is Facebook Business Manager, with which campaigns are managed on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network, which encompasses affiliate sites that allow the platform’s proprietary data to be exploited on external websites. And other platforms for Programmatic, to which Real Time Bidding also belongs.

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With which professionals do you collaborate?

Azzarito Simonetta InterviewWithin the agency, the team of the Biddable Media Manager consists of a jigsaw puzzle. Teamwork and the interlocking of the various professionals are indispensable for fulfilling client requirements.

Furthermore, communication between the various members of the team is crucial for strategic and successful online campaigns.

Within this puzzle is the Account Manager, i.e., the direct contact with the brand. He initially collects the “brief,” i.e., a set of detailed information about the customer:

  • where it operates;
  • what his business is;
  • what its objectives are;
  • how soon he will want to reach them.

From these factors starts a market analysis together with the rest of the team, including the Biddable Media Manager, which will make it possible to understand what user base is to be targeted and how large it is. Based on all these factors, important decisions will be made for future strategies and the budget to be invested, which will depend on the following:

  • how many people might be interested in our product;
  • type of competition.

The list of professionals working with the biddable media manager also includes:

  • the part dedicated to PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEM Specialists;
  • those who devote themselves solely to social media;
  • the graphic designers who develop all the graphics and visuals of the online advertising campaign;
  • the developers who are fundamental because they are in charge of inserting within the website the tracks (tags or pixels) that will then allow the various platforms to track what happens both within the site and through our advertisements. The quality of our work is based on this. 

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How to train for Biddable Media Manager?

Azzarito Simonetta InterviewThanks to the development of the digital sector, and the resulting new professional figures, there has been a massive increase in university courses dedicated to digital marketing. I got to know this world by coming into contact with Digital Coach®, where I attended the Digital Marketing Course. Here I got the proper training by learning how to move in the Biddable sector, which was entirely new for me and yet to be explored.

To date, my job has become my “favorite game” as it is fun and challenging because there is always something new to do every day.

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How much do you earn on average?

Azzarito Simonetta InterviewThe RAL of a Biddable Media Manager is very variable because it very often varies according to the seniority factor. It starts with junior figures and then goes up to very high and interesting remunerations that can reach 48,700 USD gross per year for a senior figure.

I have been working in this sector for 7 years and know I still have a long way to go. The senior level is reached slowly after many years of experience.

I have found my happy island, but in general, as this world always offers many job opportunities, it is prevalent to change jobs in preference to one that offers more rewarding earnings. Moreover, seniority and merit are often recognized and rewarded with professional and remunerative growth.

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