Business Coach: role, duties and pathway to success

The Business Coach is an expert who guides entrepreneurs toward achieving their goals. By providing an outside perspective, he supports clients in gaining a greater degree of awareness, confidence, and autonomy.

He or she is in high demand today and the reasons for his or her success can be found in the constant changes of the century and the strong competition in the market. This leads to managers not knowing how to handle the problems they face, blocked by a lack of confidence and insecurity, problems that this professional can help solve.

Are you interested in the figure of the Business Coach? If you are interested in training in this profession, I suggest the Course to become a Digital Freelance. In this article, I will highlight the characteristics and tasks of this strategic marketing expert. More precisely, I will explain:

  • What a Business Coach does and what the work consists of;
  • Why it is important to use a Business Coach;
  • What to do to become an online digital consultant;
  • What is the salary of the Business Coach?

Who is the Business Coach?

The Business Coach is a professional with specific skills who makes the experience available to support the entrepreneur and turn the company around. Just as in sports, the coach spurs the athlete on, motivating him to achieve ambitious goals, so in business, the Business Coach brings confidence and awareness of the own means to the client.

The figure of the coach is often confused with that of the mentor. The main difference lies in the fact that while the latter is an expert with in-depth knowledge in a specific field and has the objective of transferring the knowledge to a junior figure, the former focuses on helping the client become fully aware of their own capabilities and letting the latter overcome problems by finding the solution.

What does the professional Business Coach do?

The job of the Business Coach is to support and guide the entrepreneur and the team in the right direction.

Normally, one only relies on professional skills acquired after years of experience and work to run a business. But in some cases, it is necessary to get involved by going through a process of growth and training that can help boost the performance of the business.

business coach training programs

It can happen that a company falls into a deadlock, in which, despite the strategies implemented by the manager, it is unable to move forward and make progress. It is, therefore, necessary for someone to look at the business from the outside as a whole, because those working on the inside are unable to see the difficulties and the big picture from the right perspective and consequently do not know how to intervene.

That’s where the Business Coach comes in, working side by side with the customer, enabling him to:

  • Train personal potential and resources;
  • bring out confidence and awareness in one’s strengths;
  • stimulate one’s creativity;
  • observing a given situation from different points of view;
  • questioning long-held attitudes and beliefs in order to develop new ones.

The Business Coach is therefore the best ally for clients working towards full professional and personal self-realization.

Why it is important to rely on a Business Coach

It is often the case that entrepreneurs think they can solve business problems on their own, but nothing could be more wrong. Letting yourself be helped by a professional from outside your company allows you to look at difficulties from a different point of view and consequently unlock ways of solving them that you had never imagined.

There are many reasons why the help of a Business Coach is important. Here, then, are 5 reasons why you should hire a Business Coach.

Having confidence in one’s abilities

Believing in one’s own potential and abilities enables one to complete the most difficult tasks successfully.

Nowadays, organizations and companies are overwhelmed by the need to innovate, in a frenetic process of change in which entrepreneurs and teams are under great stress caused by competition. Emotions influence the way we live and work, which is why it is important to learn how to manage them.

The Business Coach helps the entrepreneur to become aware of his or her strengths so as to have confidence in his or her abilities and believe in himself or herself. In this way, the clients will be able to put themself on the line, thus accessing their own resources and personal growth.

Gaining the right perspective

In running a business, one tends to rely on one’s own experience by always following the same patterns, yet it is only by breaking those patterns and taking one’s perspective and goals higher and higher that one can improve.

By forcing oneself to remove the limits dictated by one’s own mind by moving one’s gaze further and further, one can achieve what one wants, gain a new perspective and grow personally. With outside eyes and vast experience, a Business Coach specializes in guiding the entrepreneur to go beyond his or her own patterns.

The Business Coach is able to use curiosity to look at every corner of the client’s business and find the root cause of problems. He knows how to ask the right questions at the right time.

He also possesses the courage, to be honest with him: he understands when he has to listen to the truth (even though it may not be pleasant) by making him stop and think before taking action so that he can gain the right perspective and achieve success.

Improving communication

Communication is crucial in any organization and adopting the right communication strategies allows the entrepreneur and the team to focus on what they do best.

However, miscommunication is one of the main causes of problems and misunderstandings in the workplace. Communication skills are very complex and involve many elements, and mastering every aspect of effective communication is a real challenge.

Especially in the latest period in digital marketing, with new remote and hybrid teams on the rise, it is crucial that employees communicate with each other clearly and effectively so as to ensure a smooth organization of the business.

Relying on a Business Coach is a winning choice to improve the communication aspect. This enables the company to improve not only the quality of work for its employees but also productivity and consequently profit.

Growing on a personal level

The relationship between Business Coach and clients is based on trust and personal growth. It starts with working with the client, but the aim is to extend the improvement to the company level, thus starting with the development work of the individual and then moving on to the growth of the business.

We talk about personal growth whenever we want to have more self-awareness and learn to be more productive. The coach not only accompanies the entrepreneur in personal growth but also helps him to address the areas of the business that need attention so that he can develop better in the long term.

In this way, working on the individual and business levels, productivity will also inevitably grow.

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Increasing productivity

The Business Coach deals with business innovation through digital marketing. After a careful analysis of the initial situation, he follows the entrepreneur toward optimizing existing resources in order to improve productivity. The client is taught better management of time and resources, enabling higher profits.

It can be difficult to study a strategic business or financial plan when there is a lot of pressure on you. Choosing to rely on a professional allows one to break free from blocks and fears, working on awareness of one’s strengths so as to use them as leverage to achieve goals and build a successful business.

With full experience in working with other businesses, the consultant directs the client to invest in activities that will bring returns and high profits.

How does one become a Business Coach?

Nowadays, the Business Coach is highly sought after and in demand in the business world. However, it is not a profession for everyone. Three elements are indispensable:

  1. Have aptitude. An aspiring coach must be able to handle complex situations and have a natural inclination to help people by pushing them to get the most out of themselves.
  2. Studying. The study is the solid basis for any discipline. To become a Business Coach, there are many training courses that provide the necessary knowledge and issue certificates and attendance certificates. If you are interested in pursuing this profession, I recommend the Digital Coaching Certification.
  3. Putting it into practice. The right attitude and study are two good starting points, but what really makes the difference in this profession is competence and practice in the field.

It is important to understand the difference between “doing” and “being” a Business Coach. A very important aspect lies in the concept of consistency. You cannot simply “be a Business Coach”, because you need to acquire a specific lifestyle and mindset.

aspiring coach duties

It is essential to only advise and apply to the entrepreneur what you know and have experience with. To give you an example: it would make no sense for a business consultant to help you deal with the problems of your finances when they are bad!

A good professional helps to overcome problems that he himself has faced and solved. This makes him a reliable and consistent coach.

How much does a Business Coach earn?

There is no fixed price for this profession, however, there are certain factors such as training and experience that influence remuneration. Furthermore, as a professional working as a Digital Freelancer, another important element that comes into play is how much work they can get.

The figures range from 70 to 200 € per hour working directly with clients but can go up to 200-500 € in a corporate context. The average annual salary of a Business Coach is around 44,410 €, but it can range from 25,000 for an entry-level figure to 58,000 for a top professional.

It is a profession that is very satisfying from a professional point of view, but it is equally so in terms of salary.

Conclusions and Orientation Counselling

The journey of discovery of the Business Coach comes to an end! I hope I have made clear to you the importance of the role of this marketing expert. It is a profession that is often underestimated, but it can make a real difference within a business context.

Moreover, by choosing to take this path, you will be able to be self-employed and have complete management of your time, freeing you from the pressures of bosses and employers. This will give you the opportunity to organize and take your work wherever you are.

If you don’t lack drive and the right aptitude, apply for your career counseling!



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