Business Consultant: who they are and what they do in the Digital Age

Do you want to discover the new requirements of the business consultant in the digital age? Then you are in the right place. Here is a guide to understanding what they do, how they work, how much they earn, what their educational path is, and more.

You can also delve into best practices, skills, attitudes, and especially how the digital business consultant can be a turning point in your career.

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Business Consultant: who they are and what they do

Strategic, problem solver, analytical. A freelance business consultant is a freelancer whose goal is to increase a company’s business.

While initially having a hybrid and generic role, today, they cannot do without specialization in the sector they will operate in because they will be a reference point for the entire client company.

With a strong managerial background, this professional figure is essential not only for economic growth but also for the growth of the internal personnel of the organization.

Therefore, the freelance business consultant is an expert who, having a deep and practical knowledge of their reference area, advises and assists their client by gathering useful elements to create a path of improvement and growth that can yield results over time, not just in the short term.

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The advantages of the business consultant

Why work as a freelancer? According to predictions, by 2027, self-employed workers could even surpass those in traditional employment. The new generations are beginning to understand the benefits of self-employment:

  • better management of personal and professional activities
  • autonomous choice of projects and people to work with
  • freedom and the possibility of being recognized within the reference industry as an individual
  • extreme flexibility
  • adjustment of vacations and days off according to current needs

For many, the ability to independently manage time, pace, and locations is invaluable. Moreover, the work of a freelance business consultant is rewarded by skills, entrepreneurship, and networking ability.

Often, understanding how to become a freelancer means starting a successful career and rapid professional growth.

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Who can be a digital business consultant

So, what background should you start from? Entrepreneurship, professionalism, and the ability to communicate with others are among the key skills of a good business consultant. Specifically, it’s essential to be flexible, establish good communication with colleagues and clients, develop excellent problem-solving skills, and, above all, have strong managerial qualities.

When delving deeper, the more technical requirements for this role inevitably include a strong knowledge of economics, finance, and the market. Additionally, being able to speak foreign languages is a plus that complements the profile well.

Requirements and skills

With practice and experience, the business consultant analyzes the company’s status, quickly identifies business challenges, and engages in open and reciprocal dialogue with various company departments. Here are some of the required skills:

  • developing strategies to optimize and enhance company performance
  • participating in product, service, and process development and improvement
  • planning financial actions and management control
  • organizing marketing and digital marketing areas
  • analyzing economic data
  • developing paths to enhance internal staff

It is evident, then, that listening and synthesis skills, creativity, a pragmatic attitude, and leadership are also important.

To offer innovative and optimal advice, a good business consultant cannot afford to stand still; they must update and attend training courses. Every industry tends to evolve continually, so staying abreast of changes and staying informed is crucial.

The main goal is to improve the client company’s revenue, and to achieve this, caution is essential. False hopes should not be given, but concrete and achievable solutions that enhance the company’s credibility and authority should be indicated.

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How to become a freelance digital business consultant

But how has this role changed in a field like Digital Marketing, which is constantly evolving and transforming? Working as an online consultant in digital marketing requires a lot of patience, determination, and experience. It presupposes in-depth knowledge of all marketing, from the more traditional to the modern.

As already mentioned, in this case, it is important to read, study, and attend webinars, workshops, conferences, and specialized programs, in addition to gaining practical experience in the field. You don’t become a web marketing consultant in just a few months! The first step is to find work in an agency or work alongside a professional to observe and absorb all the secrets of this profession.

Only then will you be able to start your own business, perhaps with the help of the course on how to become an online consultant, which teaches you how to start your career as a freelance business consultant without making common and easily avoidable mistakes.

The web can also be an excellent tool to build credibility for your image, create a personal branding strategy, and create a personal website or blog with a registered domain as a showcase for your potential clients. A space to create content, stand out from others, provide advice, talk about your work, and establish yourself as a professional.

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How much does a business consultant earn?

The income can vary depending on clients and workload. For a freelance digital marketing consultant, it is not possible to define an exact income. It all depends on experience and the ability to sell the service. As a freelance profession, it ranges from $2,000 to $2,500 per month for recent graduates.

In the beginning, it is advisable to work in an agency to build your background and not start at a disadvantage due to the initial costs. Over time and with practice, you will make the leap in quality, maximizing your earnings and finding your market niche, so financial costs will no longer be a problem.


Becoming a freelance consultant is a good opportunity to start fresh and relaunch your career. Especially in the world of digital marketing, there is no shortage of work, and there are many paths to becoming a freelance digital business consultant.

Nevertheless, embarking on a career in this field takes time, commitment, and a lot of determination.

If you believe it’s the right path for you, don’t waste any more time! Start now to change your future: study, work in the field, and find the right clients to achieve your goals.

Above all, remember to keep educating yourself on the topics that interest you and set you apart from other freelance business consultants.

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