Chatbot Specialist: identity, role and potential salary

In this article, you will find everything related to the work of a Chatbot Specialist.

Before we continue, let’s try to understand what chatbots are.

A Chatbot is software capable of conversing with a user in natural language, understanding their intentions, and responding according to the directives provided by the company or based on previous experiences it has encountered. Artificial intelligence helps the chatbot better understand the context and tone of the conversation.

After reading the definition, you will understand that the Chatbot Specialist is a professional who creates software structures capable of conversing with a human being. The purpose of these programs is to recreate a human conversation aimed at addressing the doubts and needs of online users.

In this sense, we do not limit ourselves to specific sectors but span across all areas where an individual may need support:

  • customer support and service;
  • sales marketing (shop assistant, brand reputation, for example);
  • product research and development, human resources.

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Interview with a chatbot specialist

In this brief interview, with the support of Nicholas Moreno, you will enter the world of virtual assistants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

elisa conducting an interview

Who is the Chatbot Specialist, and what do they do?

nicholas moreno, chatbot specialist

The Chatbot Specialist is a new professional figure, born around 2015 in the United States and widely spread worldwide today. Due to the various facets that characterize their activity, over time, they have been given different classifications such as conversational designer or AI Engineer.

In the digital career, this is the figure that teaches and then trains the machine to interpret typical human language. The main purpose of these machines will be:

  • engage in conversations with humans;
  • process, interpret, and understand texts coherently according to the expected meaning. This is achieved through specific algorithms focused on analyzing context from a semantic, logical, and grammatical perspective.

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What Professional Skills should one have?

nicholas moreno, chatbot specialist

The chatbot professional is a figure that is essentially a hybrid between the IT and digital worlds.

From an IT perspective, since they need to train virtual assistants, knowledge of programming is required. Basic skills in Jason, PHP, Python, and Javascript are also accepted as long as one understands the mechanisms behind these languages to integrate them most effectively in the service of chatbots.

Regarding the digital world, they must possess skills in digital marketing:

  • Understanding and building funnels;
  • Knowledge and strategies for remarketing;
  • User retention processes.

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How to prepare for this Profession?

nicholas moreno, chatbot specialist

Unfortunately, there are currently no specialized courses available to learn how to create chatbots. Since the field of artificial intelligence combined with web marketing concepts is a “pioneering path,”, the journey is self-guided for anyone interested in pursuing this career.

In any case, we can indicate fundamental steps in the learning process:

  • Skills in digital marketing. A practical example, to understand the structures behind this work, is the operation of Facebook (the most widely used platform). Understanding the algorithms behind these environments, where computer knowledge is advanced, helps establish the background of artificial intelligence;
  • A strong knowledge of the English language;
  • Studying and understanding the tools and knowledge provided by IBM. Obtaining their certificate enables you for the profession;
  • Potential online research for informative materials provided by companies that are already entering the sector.

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How much does a Chatbot Specialist earn?

nicholas moreno, chatbot specialist

The Chatbot Specialist can take on the role of an employee in a company or a freelancer, and depending on this, the income levels may vary.

If the career is pursued as an employee, the skills possessed at the beginning are crucial. Companies are increasingly creating dedicated departments internally.

Furthermore, it may seem strange, but certain university degrees are now transforming the job market and increasing their importance. We can talk about a degree in philosophy (necessary for language construction) or psychology (study and understanding of human behaviors), among others.

As for the earnings of a chatbot specialist of course this depends on various reasons, experience, the place where you work but in any case we can estimate the average monthly salary for a junior profile around $1500.

Another thing is the earnings of a freelance chatbot specialist, who in determining the price of their work, must take into account:

  • The technology and platforms used. Prices can vary significantly if you use a voice chatbot (such as Alexa for Amazon) or a text chatbot (a classic example is Facebook Messenger);
  • Time spent on software development based on company requirements;
  • Time devoted to training on new versions or emerging technologies;
  • Profit margin.

For this profile, it can be estimated that the cost of enterprise software ranges from $2,000.00 to $50,000.00 depending on what is required.

elisa conducting an interview

The added value that the Chatbot Specialist brings to the company

nicholas moreno, chatbot specialist

The Chatbot Specialist is a professional figure that is gaining fundamental importance within companies because it helps improve the relationships a company builds with its customers (think about lead conversion).

As a continuously evolving role, it is estimated that by 2030, it will even be involved in creating Virtual Influencers. Therefore, it is clear that this profile will increase in importance, becoming strategic in many aspects of human life.

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