Content Creator: what they do and how to become one

The role of content creator

The role of the content creator is increasingly sought after in companies that operate in the digital field. How to Create a Podcast is an example of a guide to follow for creating audio content. On the other hand, being able to write means developing content that is accessible to everyone with an attractive, clear, and fruitful language.

A content creator must be able to experiment; they must be able to understand, for example, which time slot is right for uploading content compared to another; be aware of the audience they want to target. They must be able to develop current content using the right means. Being visible online, in fact, is also the result of excellent SEO work that allows us to appear at the top of search engines.

The content creator must also be able to narrate, through effective storytelling, a certain content to attract, engage, and try to capture the reader’s attention as much as possible. What are the digital courses recommended for this profession? To do this job well, it is advisable to attend a web editor course to learn theoretical disciplines, but above all, to put oneself to the test.

Antonia Fiore: from Photographer to Content Creator

An example of a successful content creator who has made it – as often said in jargon – is Antonia Fiore: passionate about photography, fashion, and social media, she has transformed her passion into her job. With her talent, she managed to capture the attention of some brands that asked her to collaborate.

Riccardo Savino Wex Content

Hi Antonia, how did your desire to become a content creator arise, and what does your job consist of?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorI moved to Milan from Puglia, initially to be a fashion photographer. However, since I moved to the Italian Fashion Capital, I started making videos on Instagram and then on

Starting to work on parodies

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When you started making parodies, did you already have a clear idea of the audience you wanted to target?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorWhen I started making parodies, partially moving away from the world of photography, I didn’t have a clear idea of what my audience would be. I started making videos to have fun, to express myself.

I had the desire to challenge myself, to express myself through play. This new way of using social media was not well received by my colleagues in the fashion photography world. The world of the catwalks is very different from the world of the web: some of them even gave me a lot of negative criticism. Although I recognize the importance of targeting the audience, mine was created naturally later on.

The contents on which I started focusing on later on deal with social issues: the video I made for Pianeta Donna 5 things men hate about women, even though analyzed with irony, deals with women’s issues. With MTV, instead, I had the opportunity to comment on the young scions who participated in the casting of the program Riccanza.

what content creator does

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In one of your first steps, did you think about observing and studying the work of your competitors?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorMore than just observing their work, I had the opportunity to frequently discuss with my friends who are webstars on points that I have always considered very important.

One of the aspects that I wanted to understand immediately is how to create a valid storytelling, the best way to create a video, and the right strategy to share my content on my social media pages.

Which channels to use to share your content

Riccardo Savino Wex Content

When you started creating your videos, did you also think about the channels to share your content on?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorAs a social network, I have always appreciated and considered Facebook the best, despite the problems of recent weeks. Many young people lately prefer to use Instagram;

I also often use it during my day to share my photos and make my stories. However, on Facebook, I can find much more content. Before uploading my videos to my YouTube channel, I post them on my Facebook page.

Riccardo Savino Wex Content

As a content creator, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start working with brands like you, and how important do you think communication is in reaching people?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorMy advice is to find a way to be original. At the beginning, I approached brands without any strategy, but later on, I realized the importance of having one. I think they appreciated my communication in my content.

Communication is everything today. If you’re not good at communicating, especially in recent years, you won’t be able to move forward. It’s definitely also due to the highly competitive markets; you have to differentiate yourself from others through different communication. I believe the audience appreciates it when they perceive that the person behind the screen is genuine, authentic, and tells what really happened to them.

Antonia Fiore’s Relationship with Her Followers

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What kind of relationship does Antonia Fiore have with her followers?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorI have a good relationship with my followers: I try to respond to everyone even though sometimes it’s difficult because there are so many of them.

I like to be very present because I think it’s mostly thanks to them that the number of my social media followers is constantly increasing; they give me the opportunity, through sharing my content, to reach as many people as possible. It’s only right for me to share with them what I define as results rather than success.

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Have your followers suggested any content for you to develop based on their comments, from which you might have drawn inspiration?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorSince I started using social media and following various influencers and webstars, I have read many comments left by their followers under their different content. I was often surprised by their constancy and the desire to express their points of view and leave some input for new content.

I didn’t think it could happen to me too. Many people comment on my posts, my videos, my photos; in some cases, they suggest how to structure my next videos. I am very pleased to receive their suggestions even though I always do things my way in the end.

Only after experiencing something firsthand, in fact, can I come home, turn on my computer, and start jotting down the first ideas. I have never started working on a video if there isn’t a valid reason that drives me to do it.

The only way to overcome a difficult moment

Riccardo Savino Wex Content

I was really struck by the video I found online “The only way to overcome a difficult moment”. Can you tell me about it?

Antonia Fiore Content Creator“How to overcome a difficult moment” touches me deeply because it tells my story. In this video, I am 100% present; it is the work that best represents me to this day, even though I still believe that the best video is yet to come.

Even before structuring it, I already had in mind the images I wanted to include. The video deals with the most difficult moments I have experienced in my life; in some situations, I felt really alone, with a very different point of view from others and not appreciated by anyone. I often found myself without any reference point and faced everyday life with a lot of anxiety.

People on the internet, in my opinion, appreciate this way of communicating; many of them need to understand that they are not the only ones to live or have lived through certain moments in life. After watching the video, many of my followers have left me comments telling me about their negative experiences in life.

Riccardo Savino Wex Content

What kind of tips would you give to an aspiring content creator?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorMany people have concerns and are hesitant to question themselves because the world of the web can be ruthless. It’s always full of people ready to criticize and denigrate your work. As a tip, I would suggest to start now: there is never a perfect moment to start.

It was the same for me: when I recorded my first video, I didn’t feel ready. It was terrible: at first, I had a block in front of the camera for many minutes; once I got over the wall of embarrassment, everything went great.

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What are Antonia Fiore’s future projects?

Antonia Fiore Content CreatorI have received some proposals in the last few weeks: before giving an answer, I took a few days to think about it.

Just now, I finished shooting a new format that will soon be online on my channels, where I recommend you follow me to find out what it is; at the moment, I don’t want to reveal anything. Every experiment of this kind is a bet for me: I never know how it could go, but I always approach it with great positivity and enthusiasm.

With this interview, I hope you understand how important it is to build your own strategy, be interested in some topics, and have the right amount of courage to start playing through your channels.
It’s important to be able to communicate the message you want to get across to your followers and take their point of view into account. They are always ready to advise and support you.

To deepen your knowledge, I recommend Digital Coach’s Web Content Editor Certification.

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