Content marketing manager: job description, skills and salary

Have you ever thought about becoming a Content Marketing Manager? Do you enjoy creating content and developing new creative ideas?

Well, today you have the opportunity to learn more about this profession through the video interview with Giovanni Giaccio, Content Marketing Manager at Your Target, a HubSpot partner web agency that provides Inbound Marketing services to businesses, startups, and professionals.


What do you do at Your Target?

content marketing manager interviewer

content marketing manager intervieweeAt Your Target, I play various roles, starting with keyword research and then developing on-site and off-site content strategies for clients. I help them optimize their sales and marketing funnels because we are an agency that specializes in Inbound Marketing and creates funnels and, consequently, content for funnels. I manage their HubSpot portals, as we are also their partners. Through my consultancy, I assist them in choosing the right packages and tailor them to their needs.


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content marketing manager interviewerWhat elements should be considered to create quality content?

content marketing manager intervieweeKeep in mind the needs of the hypothetical reader, understand who this buyer persona is and what they need, and remember that no results will come immediately, so you need to have patience.

The keywords are:

  1. empathy
  2. patience
  3. creativity

content marketing manager interviewer

What tools do you use in your work on a daily basis?

content marketing manager interviewee

Certainly, HubSpot, which is our home, SEMrush, SEOzoom, Google AdWords, Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, Quora, and so on for keyword research and queries. Additionally, there are other tools used daily for work organization, such as:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive


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content marketing manager interviewerWhat is the average pay of a Content Marketing Manager?

content marketing manager intervieweeIt depends on the size of the project, the client’s goals, and also on the specificity. There are small projects with very ambitious, high objectives that require more effort both from the writer and from the strategist, and consequently, there is higher revenue.

content marketing manager salary

You need to understand the type of client; some have many small clients and earn more, while others have a single large client and live very well. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

content marketing manager interviewer What are the skills to take into consideration?

content marketing manager interviewee

Character-wise, they should be a curious person because unfortunately, not all clients you’ll meet or topics you already know will always come your way. Therefore, you have to be and stay curious.

In terms of skills, having a basic understanding of SEO is fundamental because content needs to be optimized, especially when it comes to blogging. You should also be familiar with the fundamentals of each social media platform you use for your clients, as each platform has its dynamics. Just because you can create converting content on Instagram doesn’t mean the same approach will work on LinkedIn, or vice versa. For example, TikTok has very different rules.

There’s also a need for a desire to grow and learn. Knowing English can be beneficial because many marketing trends originate from English-speaking countries. If you can understand it, you have an edge. I believe having a healthy reading appetite is essential too. I find that when I read things beyond just marketing, like novels, it refreshes my mind and helps me become more creative. Personally, reading only technical manuals is becoming a bit dry.

If you have literary skills, even better. In my opinion, don’t forget that you can also be just a strategist, but you must know how to write and be creative. Otherwise, all you do is reproduce formats that your competitors have already proposed, and they don’t even fit the company’s tone of voice you work for.

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content marketing manager interviewer

What will be the major trends destined to grow in the future?

content marketing manager interviewee

Contrary to what everyone says, 2020 will not be the year of videos, mainly because we’ve been hearing that for ten years. In my opinion, videos are something beautiful if done well, but they require many skills, not only creative ones in imagining a storyboard or various settings. There is also a need for a good cameraman or someone who knows how to do animations or editing and audio clean-up. So, they are beautiful, but not suitable for all types of businesses, all types of companies, and especially not for all types of budgets, because when there is money, everything becomes more feasible.

trend content marketing

I believe that a valid alternative and the numbers prove it, is podcasts because they are a hybrid format where a connection is created between the audience and the speaking voice, as there is indeed a voice and not just text. This may create an emotional link. They are easier to produce and require less time and budget.

Furthermore, voice will play a fundamental role, and voice search will influence how we write. It has already done so and continues to do so more and more. Everything textual will be increasingly close to how we speak. I also think that some graphic formats will have a resurgence, such as infographics, which help simplify complex concepts and, in my opinion, will have an increasingly important role.

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