Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists: definition, role & pay

Have you ever heard of Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists?

This is a digital professional who specializes in optimizing the conversion rate on a specific website. To do this, they analyse the behaviour of users who land on different pages of the site and create different versions to understand which one ensures the highest number of user conversions into customers.

This role plays a key role in the process of Inbound Marketing because it’s of no use to be found among the top positions in Google’s SERP and generate leads if users are not induced to take certain actions on the landing pages. Of course, these actions vary from company to company, depending on the goals they want to achieve.

Furthermore, collaboration between the Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists and the User Experience specialist who facilitates the user’s browsing experience from both a technical and cognitive perspective is essential. The work of the latter would be in vain if a good user experience doesn’t translate into lead conversion.

In this interview, we will delve into the role and qualities that this professional figure must have with the help of Christian Capuani, Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist at Cerved On.

CRO Specialists: who are they and what do they do?

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conversion rate optimization specialist intervieweeThe job of Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists is to increase relevant conversions within an app or a website.

By conversions, we mean all actions that are relevant to the company because they create engagement or have monetary value (newsletter sign-ups or site registrations, up to actual transactions).

We refer to micro conversions when the user’s actions do not represent the company’s ultimate goal, such as adding an item to the cart. On the other hand, we define conversions or macro conversions as the actual transaction or purchase.

The goal of the CRO Specialist is, on the one hand, to facilitate user navigation and, on the other, to ensure the achievement of business objectives.

maristella cro interview

What professional skills should they have?

conversion rate optimization specialist intervieweeAn expert Conversion Rate Optimization specialist should certainly have diverse skills. Knowledge of User Experience is very important, both on the design side (to understand improvements that can be made to a web service or product) and on the research side (to identify user problems and resolve them).

Knowledge of Neuromarketing to stimulate user behaviours and purchases, training in Web Analytics, or the ability to interpret numbers, and basic statistics to manage A/B testing are also very useful. Some knowledge of coding (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) doesn’t hurt either for making low-level changes within A/B testing that don’t require specialist intervention.


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maristella cro interview

CRO Specialists: what tools do they use?

conversion rate optimization specialist intervieweeThe tools that Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists can use are numerous. However, the research method is fundamental.

The first thing to do is evaluate the problems in a service or on a website and try to understand what research activities to carry out. Based on this, the tools are chosen.

For example, you can analyse interactions using tools like Hotjar, you can analyse user behaviour through Google Analytics, or you can launch surveys on the site to understand the users’ problems with the site. In short, there are several software tools available, and the choice depends on the company’s goals.

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Who do the Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists work with?

conversion rate optimization specialist intervieweeThis professional figure collaborates with various digital professionals, from E-Commerce managers (Marketing Managers and E-Commerce Managers) to more technical and specific roles compared to that of Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists (UX professionals, Designer, Developer, Web Analyst and Data Scientist) when a deep analysis is required on certain aspects.

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How to become a CRO Specialist?

conversion rate optimization specialist intervieweeThere isn’t a specific academic path to follow. It’s a role that requires a wide range of skills, so you can come from different areas in the digital field.

Certainly, a direct path is taken by the UX Designer, who possesses the basic skills necessary for Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists.

However, as we mentioned earlier, most digital-related skills can be a good starting point. What you can do is start with your existing knowledge and take online courses that allow you to specialize.

maristella cro interview

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists: what’s the average salary?

conversion rate optimization specialist intervieweeIt depends on the skills and experience gained. Novice Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists can expect a salary in line with junior positions in other digital professions.

As you gain experience (especially in the field of strategy, designing and implementing Conversion Rate Optimization strategies), the expected salary increases and can even be higher than that of senior positions in other digital professions.

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