Digital Art Director: what does he do and how much does he earn?

Are you curious about the dynamic role of a Digital Art Director in the modern advertising landscape? In this article, we’ll delve into the key responsibilities, skills, and creative expertise required for success in this exciting field. Whether you’re an aspiring professional or someone interested in understanding the role of visual storytelling and brand communication, we’ll explore the unique contributions that Digital Art Directors make to crafting compelling visual experiences. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this pivotal role in driving impactful campaigns and captivating audiences.

With the help of Luigi Chiacchio, who precisely holds the position of digital art director, we will delve into this still little-known but fundamental role, trying to understand, in particular:

  • Who is the digital art director and what does he do?
  • How can you become one;
  • What are the tools it uses most frequently;
  • What is the average salary range for Digital Art Directors?

antonio martinaWho is the digital art director and what does he do?

luigi chiacchioThe digital art director is responsible for generating ideas and creative strategies starting from a concept or a brief. He is above all a digital reference guide for clients, and also a mentor for junior figures. He is responsible for the development of communication and promotion projects in both the digital and integrated communication fields. He realizes and executes all the processes concerning the digital world, from the creation phase to the launch phase.

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What are the skills needed to become a digital art director?

luigi chiacchioFirst of all, it must have a digital mindset, with a marked curiosity for trends and innovations. He must also possess a strong will to continuous updating. Finally, he must be a figure capable of adapting quickly to the continuous changes in the working contexts in which he operates.


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What are the most used tools?

luigi chiacchioCompared to other creative figures, who limit themselves to the use of some programs, the digital art director practically uses them all, starting from the Adobe package, and passing through Sketch and many other applications; the tools, however, are very dependent on the job at hand.


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How can you become a digital art director?

luigi chiacchioMany ways lead to this profession. You can get there through a university course, which can certainly lay the foundations for covering a similar role. Alternatively, you can attend many specialized training courses, which allow you to immediately access practical knowledge of the subject, as well as rapid access to the world of work.

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What is his average salary?

luigi chiacchioIn general, we speak of a gross RAL ranging from $26,000 to $50,000, but it is purely indicative. It all depends on the work environment in which you operate, as well as on the company’s core business.


In conclusion is the Digital Art Director a good job?

The role of a Digital Art Director is not only exciting but also highly rewarding. With a focus on visual aesthetics, creative direction, and digital communication strategies, it offers a dynamic and fulfilling career path. The demand for talented Digital Art Directors continues to grow as businesses increasingly recognize the importance of impactful visual storytelling. Along with the satisfaction of crafting visually stunning campaigns, this role also offers promising career opportunities and competitive compensation. It is undoubtedly a great job for those passionate about combining creativity and digital expertise in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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