Digital Brand Manager: role and required skills

The Digital Brand Manager is a figure similar to that of the Digital Marketing Manager and is responsible for managing, defining, and organizing all digital activities aimed at enhancing the brand and image of the company in which they work.

It is the true “head of digital” of the company, and in their work, they must necessarily have a 360-degree view of all digital marketing and the tools and channels necessary to develop and promote the company’s brand. Nothing should be left to chance; one must understand and know the best strategies to achieve all objectives.

If you are interested in the topic, attending a Digital Marketing Course can be instrumental to becoming a Digital Brand Manager.

What does the Digital Brand Manager

The Digital Brand Manager analyzes the market in which they work, both qualitatively and quantitatively. They analyze consumer habits related to certain products and, thanks to the data they collect, develop medium and long-term strategies for the brands they represent.

The Digital Brand Manager manages the marketing plan by analyzing the company’s objectives, priorities, and marketing mix. They must undoubtedly be creative because there is a whole part of strategy and implementation of campaigns that requires not only skills but also a lot of creativity; at the same time, it is essential to be analytical, always with a mathematical and strategic eye to monitor the actual progress of activities and, if necessary, modify their characteristics during a campaign.

Finally, and I believe this is one of the characteristics that anyone who works in Marketing in general, and therefore in digital brands, must-have, is empathy because it is essential to understand who is on the other side, understand who the customer is, put oneself in the shoes of the consumer to create a winning strategy.

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What the required skills are

Who is the Digital Brand Manager? It is a professional with excellent organizational and planning skills for all activities related to the company’s marketing management, and then implementing the right strategies to enhance the image of a specific brand. Let’s now see the main characteristics that a good Digital Brand Manager must possess


Knowing the work of a Digital Brand Manager is the first step in performing one’s task well within the company. The figure of the Brand Manager represents the central point for corporate communication and is crucial for the success of marketing strategies. In planning the work, the digital brand manager specifically must:

  • define and coordinate online communication strategies, elaborating the strategic plan of the company’s digital image and defining the investment budget;
  • define online CRM strategies;
  • coordinate internal and external resources to implement the brand plan;
  • develop and identify web marketing campaigns using SEO and SEM tools;
  • manage all operational figures working on digital marketing activities, from SEO specialists;
  • measure the performance of activities using the appropriate tools, evaluating objectives through KPIs;
  • establish the company and brand presence on social media, defining a strategy to promote the company’s image or a specific product.


To carry out the role of a Digital Brand Manager, a high level of curiosity for the digital world is necessary. The individual must possess in-depth knowledge of web marketing and social media. In the case of a company operating in e-commerce, familiarity with strategies and tools related to the e-commerce sector is essential.brand management required skills

The Digital Brand Manager should experiment with and understand the key tools to operate consciously and successfully. Therefore, staying updated on the latest developments in the use of SEO strategies, creating online promotion campaigns using performance measurement tools like Google Analytics, and implementing targeted email marketing programs are crucial.


To excel as a Digital Brand Manager, having a strongly innovative spirit and a keen inclination toward technological advancements is of great importance. The digital sector evolves daily, with new tools emerging constantly.

Continuous updating is, therefore, a vital aspect of consistently offering new solutions that capture consumers’ attention. For this reason, a Digital Brand Manager must use the most modern tools and innovative strategic solutions to effectively promote the brand and the corporate image it represents.

They should be capable of anticipating trends, foreseeing how the market will evolve, and identifying the tools and marketing techniques that can make a difference in the implementation of a successful brand marketing strategy.


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Personal Brand Manager: interview with Elisa Marino

What is her name? Elisa Marino, is 28 years old, with a strong passion for digital and online writing. Today, she serves as the Retail and Digital Brand Manager for a company that has been operating for over ten years in the fashion retail market: Nuna Lie.

digital brand manager job

My path has been quite straightforward. I chose a very specific university focused on Marketing and Communication, namely a three-year course, which provided me with theoretical knowledge and more. From the very beginning, I started collaborating with some companies, mainly thanks to my professors. After completing my studies, I immediately began working in Communication Agencies, further developing a more pragmatic approach to the field through direct contact with clients whom I managed and supported in communication campaigns.

After graduating, I started working at a communications agency, where I learned how to apply my skills to real-world projects. I also had the chance to work with a variety of clients, which gave me a broad understanding of the industry.

A few years later, I joined David Mayer Maman, a men’s clothing company. This allowed me to see how marketing and communications departments work within a corporate setting.

In 2018, I joined Nuna Lie, a women’s clothing company. Here, I began my career as a Digital Brand Manager. I had no prior experience in this field, so I had to learn everything from scratch.

I’m still learning and growing, but I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in digital marketing, up until that moment, Nuna Lie did not have an e-commerce site, nor any social platforms, and was not present online with other initiatives. Gradually, everything began to take shape, including strategic activities on the web. Over these years, the company has grown significantly, as has the digital department that I coordinate. Initially, it relied solely on me, but now it includes several collaborators under my responsibility. In short, it has been a rather linear but certainly challenging growth journey.

Three adjectives to describe a Digital Brand Manager

According to me, anyone working in the digital realm with brands aspiring to become a Digital Brand Manager must undoubtedly be creative. There is a strategic and campaign implementation aspect that requires not only skills but also a lot of creativity.

Simultaneously, it is crucial to be analytical, with a mathematical and strategic perspective, to monitor the actual progress of activities and adjust their characteristics during a campaign.

Lastly, and I believe this is a trait anyone in marketing, including digital, should have, is empathy. Understanding the other party, knowing who the customer is, and putting oneself in the consumer’s shoes are essential to creating a winning strategy.

How to best integrate Digital and Offline for successful Marketing?

A skilled Digital Brand Manager must integrate the offline world of physical stores with the online world of e-commerce, using a strategic omnichannel approach. To do this, it is essential not only to adapt e-commerce to physical stores or traditional marketing campaigns but also to have an analytical approach.

This involves closely monitoring people entering our stores, recognizing them through CRM system integration, and allowing the company to understand the consumers visiting the store and their purchases. This mirrors what already happens online every day through analysis tools like Google Analytics, extending it to physical stores.

Not all companies have implemented such systems; we at Nuna Lie have been doing it for several years, and I believe it is the foundation for establishing a multichannel strategy.

What are the best Social Networks for a fashion brand?

At Nuna Lie, we align with the market trends, especially in the fashion sector. The main channels where we are present are Facebook and Instagram, with Instagram becoming crucial for the fashion industry, not only due to the growth of influencers and bloggers with highly developed and followed Instagram channels.responsabilities of a brand manager

However, we are not actively present on Pinterest. Still, I find this platform useful, especially for fashion brands with an e-commerce oriented towards online sales abroad, targeting a broader market. Currently, Pinterest is a channel that can be perfectly developed by fashion brands in terms of corporate strategy.

How does Customer Journey management work?

There have been many changes and innovations in recent years. In traditional marketing, we used to study the 4 Ps of the marketing mix, where the product was at the center of a strategy. Today, this has completely changed, and now the consumer is at the center. I believe that one of the fundamental activities and phases for a company to invest in is undoubtedly to develop customer care that is seriously close to the consumer.

Customer care translates into numerous activities, as the same activities on social media are part of it.

Networks can be considered one of the fundamental channels for successful customer care. Also, a more direct relationship on online platforms with integrated chat or messaging systems is available.

Therefore, I firmly believe that customer care is one of the crucial pre and post-purchase points to consider because it can truly intervene and act in the development of all processes. This is also the trend we have adopted at Nuna Lie and that I continue to promote as a Digital Brand Manager for our brand.

How to become a Digital Brand Manager

Becoming a Digital Brand Manager requires a comprehensive knowledge of all areas and tools used in digital marketing. For this reason, it is essential to choose a comprehensive training path that no university can currently guarantee. With Digital Coach, you have a wealth of choices for the courses that will make you a perfect Digital Brand Manager.

It is the best step if you want to work in digital branding successfully because, through this course, you will learn to:

  • choose a digital marketing strategy, selecting the best channels and tools to achieve objectives;
  • optimize the presence of a website on search engines by applying SEO techniques for Google indexing;
  • define and create AdWords campaigns to promote the site;
  • acquire and retain customers through the creation of targeted email campaigns;
  • analyze the performance of website activities with analytics;
  • use the most common CMS like WordPress for website creation;
  • implement marketing actions based on the geographical location of potential customers;
  • manage a company’s social channels and create advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin;
  • implement the best strategies for creating articles for the company blog.

In this regard, you may also be interested in the Web Marketing Course by Digital Coach, where you can delve into all the key aspects of becoming a Digital Brand Manager.

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