Digital Career Coach: roles, skills, and paths to success

If you want something done, do it yourself. Except for some exceptions. Well, today we are dealing with one of these exceptions.

In fact, we will explore the dynamics of coaching, to be more precise, we will discover every detail of the Digital Career Coach.

Know thyself! A suggestion, a piece of advice that resonates like a warning. Indeed, for the topic we are discussing today, it’s true.

Because everything, absolutely everything, starts with the knowledge we have about ourselves, which, as we know, is always partial, subjective, and often misleading.

When it comes to social life and relationships, it’s a pain, but when it comes to work, it’s a real tragedy.

Not knowing one’s worth and abilities only creates problems because you can’t chart a course without first determining your “position.” Once that’s done, you can move on to the compass.

With Natali Shlikhar, we will use these two tools today, or rather, Natali Shlikhar will explain how she uses them to help people assess their work position and catch the right wind with the bow pointing towards the best destination.

I’m Andrea Bonomi, a communication professional, in my ongoing training with Digital Coach, I’m interviewing Natali Shlikhar, Head of Digital Career Coach at Digital Coach®, the most important digital school.

Who is the Digital Career Coach?

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The Digital Career Coach is a professional figure whose goal is to help people, to guide them in pursuing their professional goals, such as finding a job.

Obviously, we are talking about the digital realm. Changing jobs, and advancing in a career, are people’s needs.

The Digital Career Coach is tasked with guiding people through a coordinated plan of action that begins with an initial analysis of the inclinations and aspirations of specific individuals who turn to them.

Profiling and identifying a person professionally and then repositioning them, helping them acquire the necessary digital skills, everything that today’s job market requires, while simultaneously working on their personal branding; this is what is expected of the Digital Career Coach.

Personally, I work on three major phases consisting of 12 steps.

First Phase

The work of the first phase involves identifying and professional orientation, a very important element.

Often, people don’t realize that they need to understand who they are, what they want to be, and where they want to go.

Unfortunately, many just jump into a field, following what worked for a friend, for example, while they should consider their background, abilities, and the time they have available.

You must focus on what you want to do for the next 5 or 10 years.

Second Phase

The second phase involves acquiring operational skills, technical skills that are essential to truly becoming a professional. This is crucial; it’s essential to engage with practical work because reading alone is not enough.

The next step involves building a work portfolio to demonstrate what you can really do because explaining what you want to do isn’t enough; you have to demonstrate it.

In the digital realm, it’s necessary to leave “traces” online, identifiable elements supporting your skills.

Third Phase

The third phase of the work concerns personal marketing branding, which is often overlooked. For a young person, this is more important than sending out hundreds of resumes.

To grow, it’s essential to work on your visibility, and on your image, and it’s not easy at all. Simply opening a LinkedIn profile and updating it completely with everything you’ve done is a significant and important task, but it’s not enough.

The visibility on social media is important; it needs to be curated and managed. A plan is necessary.

You need to build your network and, of course, achieve the visibility on that network that’s necessary; this is another aspect the Digital Career Coach works on.

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What does the Digital Career Coach do? Who is it useful for?

natali shlikhar as career coachWe like to address those professional figures who might find professional guidance in the digital field useful.

Today, digital skills, if you look at job offers, not talking about marketing communication, are all related, of course, to promotion.

But even production positions, which are a bit distant from communication, increasingly require digital skills.

So many professions – only specifically digital ones are more than 35 – plus those that are not yet digital but will soon be, like employees in marketing offices or product managers.

These are the figures in traditional departments that need to requalify and reposition themselves by adding a digital component.

For example, a product manager could become a digital product manager or digital project manager, to be more specific. Digital Career Coach is useful even for those involved in recruiting.

I remember a few years ago HR professionals struggled to find the right people for open positions in companies, and I recall the surge in registrations for these specific professional roles.

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What are the benefits of a Digital Career Coach?

natali shlikhar as career coachThe digital career coach is a guide who clearly understands the action plan to be implemented, while often people don’t have such a plan.

And I’m not just talking about young people; I’m not only talking about recent graduates or diploma holders. I’m also talking about people who already have a wealth of work experience.

For instance, we assist both 20-year-olds and individuals in the 35-45 age group, up to 57-year-old seniors.

So, it doesn’t depend on age. The digital career coach is a guide who knows where you need to go and knows how to guide their client.

The digital career coach behaves a bit like a doctor; first, they delve into your medical history, then they assess your health, and finally, they prescribe a treatment.

Evaluating your professional profile on your own is very difficult because you lack the necessary objectivity and distance to do it in a balanced way.

So, it’s important to assess our profile well, then our value as professionals, and then develop hypotheses and paths to follow based on our aspirations and abilities.

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The digital career coach provides potential directions that could suit you: the digital career coach always gives you a range of choices because it’s not them deciding for you; they merely guide you in considering various paths, all of which are tailored to you as a complex individual.

They can do this knowledgeably because, in their professional career, the digital career coach has worked with dozens and dozens of professionals.

Even now, I receive thanks from people I’ve coached, and today, they’ve changed jobs or maybe found their way back to their previous jobs, and that really pleases me.

These kinds of acknowledgments from people are priceless because you know that what you did one or two years ago really helped someone get back on track.


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How to become a Digital Career Coach?

natali shlikhar as career coachEveryone has their own path. But first and foremost, from my perspective, you must genuinely care about people.

If you don’t have this attitude, digital career coaching might not be the right job for you.

You must be really tough because you’re not the parent or friend of the person you’re helping; you’re someone who wants their good and wants them to achieve their goal.

Then, if you also have a background in professional development, not only personal growth but also some recruiting skills, it’s obviously useful.

This is because the psychological aspect is always important for doing this job. Naturally, you can’t become a digital career coach if you yourself don’t know the digital realm.

You must know it very well, have studied it in detail, and always stay up-to-date. For example, I am also a digital project social media manager, so I’m also involved in this operationally in the digital field.

To be a digital career coach, it’s very important to be active in the digital realm because you can’t guide someone toward this specialized career if you’re not immersed in this reality on a daily basis.


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Who does the Digital Career Coach interact with?

natali shlikhar as career coachNaturally, the digital career coach interacts with numerous professionals who are actively engaged in the field.

Essentially, this includes all figures related to digital marketing such as digital marketing managers, SEO experts, social media managers, and even marketing heads of various companies as well as business owners.

Often, there are interactions with IT managers seeking specific professionals for their teams, and I connect with them annually through LinkedIn. So, the digital career coach has a significantly extensive professional network.

This role serves as a bridge between various professionals in the industry, including HR professionals seeking specific talent, marketing heads, and entrepreneurs.

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How much can a Digital Career Coach earn?

natali shlikhar as career coachIt depends on how this job is carried out. If one works for a company in personnel recruitment, they receive a salary.

The amount varies based on their position. Of course, one can supplement their income with private consulting sessions.

For freelancers, the earnings depend on what they charge per hour, as a consultation session typically lasts at least an hour.

Within our school, we offer a service that includes a package of 4 hours of digital career coaching, which is included in our top-tier courses. I usually conduct these sessions within the first 4 or 5 months of the course.

Some individuals require more sessions. So, for some students, I also conduct the fifth, sixth, or even seventh hour of digital career coaching, depending on their specific needs.

There are individuals who progress more slowly and need more time to adapt to the digital world, while others move faster.

Consider that a digital career coach conducts between twenty to thirty career coaching sessions per month. So, if a freelancer charges at least $75 per hour, you can do the math.

However, it also depends on who you are working with. If, for instance, you work with a young individual, the digital career coaching process is clearer and more straightforward.

But if you are working with an executive or a manager, their history is more complex. So, you need to prepare much earlier and in greater depth.

My job also involves conducting “mock interviews,” just like real job interviews. Naturally, this service is considered more valuable.

Some individuals are able to achieve their career goals right from the initial sessions.

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How do you see the future development of this profession?

natali shlikhar as career coach

Talking about the present, it isn’t very easy for everyone right now because life has changed so much in these past 9 months.

Of course, digital technology has grown significantly, just like the demand in the job market. Digital professions are growing because many are emphasizing digital, even those who didn’t believe they needed it before.

Many businesses have closed or requalified themselves, adding new services through digital means, so they increasingly need professionals in this field.

So, there’s a lot of work for us, for my team, and for the Digital Career Coach. We have a lot of work both due to the growing demand from businesses for digital services and specifically for “digitizing people.”

digital profession development

Many individuals need support because they’ve lost confidence in their abilities. Therefore, in this changing and disorienting world, the role of the digital career coach is essential.

I realize that even young people – not only those who have had some work experience but those over 30/35 years old – find it hard to navigate this chaos.

They need someone who believes in them, gives them the right advice, and a timeline of actions to take to gain both the skills and the lost confidence. This is done by helping them achieve their initial goals and their initial satisfaction.

When people manage to create their website and build their LinkedIn page, they gain the basic satisfaction and confidence needed to continue their professional requalification journey. Many people need this.

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With the communication methods that have developed in recent months, it will be easier to perform this job, so naturally, this professional figure could help many people.

In any case, I believe the demand will be there and will continue to be because the digital career coach is like your personal trainer in the professional field.

They are someone who guides you, with the difference that if the personal trainer in the gym is more related to your leisure, the digital career coach deals with one of the most critical facets of your life: your work.

Because we know very well that when a person finds themselves without a job, they enter a state of great personal difficulty.

For this reason, I believe that the digital career coach is a figure who could really make a difference in people’s lives. A prepared, competent professional with a mindset that can make a difference in your life.


Well Natali, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us, which will undoubtedly be valuable.

I am sure that this interview will be read by many people and that certainly, both in the present and in the future, they will always need a guide or a person who will lead and accompany them toward the best for themselves.

So thank you again Natali Shlikhar, Head of Digital Career Coach at Digital Coach, the most important school, regarding professions in the digital field.

Well, if you’ve reached this point of the article, it’s time for you to assess your professional situation, and resume sailing with the wind at your back.

You’re lucky because you can start for free by asking for a career orientation consultation with one of our coaches.

I bid you farewell with the words of pilot Alfred Unser Jr, “Life is like a circuit, you have to keep going, you may even have a setback, but if you don’t face ‘that curve,’ you’ll never learn to overcome it”.

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