Digital Content Specialist: find out his role and how much he earns

The Digital Content Specialist is a professional figure in rapid growth in all markets considering the expansion – supported by the results – of marketing based precisely on content. We talk about it with Francesco Iriti, Digital Content Specialist of Universal, an important digital group that has recently expanded to Dublin, where Francesco works.

Through his testimony, we will understand what are the peculiarities to carry out this role within an agency, the earnings in the sector in the Irish market, and above all the differences between the approach to digital matters with that of other European digital marketers with which Francesco confronts himself on a daily basis.

The role of the content specialist

Gianpiero Versace digital coach wexLet’s start by briefly summarizing the role of the content specialist.

Francesco Iriti content specialistBeyond academic definitions, every company has a different job description. It is a synthesis between marketing and content responsibility: it is the administration of the contents, the contact with the various publishers, the analysis of the results, and the optimization of the sites and contents based on the results produced.

Editorial calendar planning

Gianpiero Versace digital coach wexHow does the editorial calendar change according to the different topics covered?

Francesco Iriti content specialistGoogle Trends and the performances of the “old” articles certainly influence it a lot. Of course, there is no universal guideline for all sites. It always depends on the scope of the site, the nature of the same, and whether it is new or has undergone various changes over time.

The analysis is the basis of everything before intervening, but an analysis therefore previously needs to have good KPIs. Once the goals to be achieved have been defined and the costs to be incurred have been estimated, we proceed.

Here at YoUniversal Next we deal with numerous sites and the calendar varies according to the focus that the company has indicated, and the budget for the campaigns (Ads and Facebook). The reference market and the competitors must be carefully studied, clearly defining who we are and where we want to go. It is also important to evaluate when the user is accustomed to visiting certain sites.

Best days and times for posting content

Gianpiero Versace digital coach wexAnyone who deals with content always wonders what the best days and times of publication are…

Francesco Iriti content specialistThey vary from market to market. It is known that on weekdays, the lunch break and after-dinner hours are the ones during which it is possible to involve the most people on the site. However, this figure is relative and varies from site to site depending on the content that is provided.

Especially in niche sites talking about “best time” is a bit out of place, instead, it becomes much more important to define a long tail content calendar that can intercept as many searches as possible and that bring results in the long term.

Then, by measuring the results produced and identifying the articles more important – i.e. those that have performed better – the editorial calendar is further calibrated with a view to the future.

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Differences between Italian and European digital marketers

Gianpiero Versace digital coach wexCan you tell us what are the differences in digital approach and training among European marketers?

Francesco Iriti content specialistWorking with people of different nationalities opens my mind. Many times we get stuck in our way of thinking and acting that we think is the best. The first aspect to underline concerns the way in which we approach work. We are the ones most “anxious” to achieve the result.

The Irish face everything with more lightness and greater practicality. He studies for many years at the universities, and he stays on the books perhaps up to the age of 25-28 without achieving working practicality.

We are full of theories that only in some cases become practical. The Europeans, on the other hand, study for fewer years, but immediately come into contact with the world of work. This allows them to first absorb the characteristics of their professional sector, to quickly metabolize the real mechanisms, and also often – I must say – to better present the results obtained.

An often decisive aspect, to which we too should get used to and adapt to, who are capable of achieving great goals but on average not of “selling” them as our European colleagues do.

Differences between the Italian market and the Anglo-Saxon market

Gianpiero Versace digital coach wexWhat are the differences between the Irish/UK market compared to the others, with which you have dealt in the past?

Francesco Iriti content specialistIn the meantime, going back to what has just been said, language is a very important factor. From the point of view of individual professionals, it must be said that we tend to sell off a little more than the French and the British can count on the huge market they have available as they are native speakers of the most widespread languages.

From a business point of view, then, the market is quite saturated: there are many sites and many are copies of others. The further problem is that language limits us a lot because it is only used by our emigrated compatriots and this is the stage this multitude of sites address.

Many companies are realizing this and that’s why they open branches abroad: many think they are choices due to taxes, but it’s not like that. Being able to develop in huge markets such as those in English, French, and Spanish is an extraordinary opportunity.

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How much does a digital content specialist earn

Gianpiero Versace digital coach wexWhat are the initial and medium-term earnings for a content specialist in the Irish market?

Francesco Iriti content specialistPricing is different, as is the cost of living which is much higher. There are also enormous opportunities for growth: even in two years, it is possible to move from an executive role to a manager one. If you’re worth it, go ahead. From an economic point of view, a specialist varies according to the size of the company between 30 and 45 thousand.

It should be specified that the gross 30,000 euros is equivalent, according to Irish tariffs, to around 2000, 2100 euros net per month. Then going up, until you get to the role of manager, you get close to 45,000, which is around €2,800 net, working from Monday to Friday. The benefits must then be evaluated.

We must not forget, for example, that one is deprived of health coverage and, one must think about it individually. Other benefits can be more holidays, parking vouchers, meal vouchers, and much more. The fact remains that working abroad is an extraordinarily important experience for human and professional growth.

Another Digital Content Specialist interview

The Digital Content Specialist is a key digital profession. He is responsible for conveying the company’s content through all available means: website, app, email marketing tools, blogs, or newsletters. Depending on contexts and sectors, this professional can have different objectives: from brand awareness to engagement or the development of revenues through e-commerce activities.

His ability is to create, develop and monitor the progress of all digital content and know how to direct them and make them profitable and consistent with the company strategy. Today, for the work and digital professions column, we interviewed Mauro Voltan, Digital Content Specialist of UCI Cinemas who explains the roles and responsibilities of this profile.

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Who is the Digital Content Specialist?

Mauro Voltan digital contentThe digital content specialist is the person who, within the company, deals with the management of all the content in the digital world and with all the means used to convey it. The website, mobile applications, newsletters, email marketing, and monitoring tools.


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How do you become a Digital Content Specialist?

Mauro Voltan digital contentUniversities are not yet preparing for training in the digital world. You grow with experience in various companies, with passion and individual study of valuable tools such as google analytics or Google ads, and thanks to specific training courses. The digital world is a world that is constantly evolving and you must always be up to date.


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What is your job description?

Mauro Voltan digital contentIn many companies, digital professions do not have rigid job descriptions. For example, the digital content specialist, my current role, can be synonymous with the digital marketing manager or digital manager. I am responsible for the digital strategy of UCI Cinemas.

I deal with the management of the website and the activities necessary to advertise it; email marketing activities; of the management of mobile apps, both in terms of content and analysis of the purchase funnels of the apps themselves.

Finally, I take care of all those marketing activities that aim to increase revenues from tickets sold through the site to the app. Within UCI Cinemas we also do a lot of activity based on top movies such as The Hunger Games or Jurassic World. My goal is to increase sales and brand awareness through digital activity. Finally, I do database-building activities.

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What is the average salary of a Digital Content Specialist? How much does he earn?

Mauro Voltan digital contentAccording to recent research by Michael Page, one of the most important head-hunting companies in the world, the salary of figures in the digital world varies according to three key parameters: previous digital experience, the age of the resources, and the size of the company.

Currently, I would say that for a digital content specialist the average RAL is between €33,000 and €43,000, excluding bonuses and incentives.

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What are the basic skills you need to possess?

Mauro Voltan digital contentUntil now, when accessing a profession in the field of marketing, a good mastery of Excel and PowerPoint was required. A professional in the digital world will have a good knowledge of google analytics, will need to know the fundamental KPIs to measure the performance of actions, and will have a basic knowledge of Ads and the whole Google world.

It is also important to have a clear overview of the SEM world and all display advertising activities and to always be updated on all the news.

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Which professionals do you interact with?

Mauro Voltan digital contentI interact a lot with the heads of digital media centers, with the digital marketing managers of the partner companies, and, when we do special projects on top movies, I interface with the accounts, the social media managers, and the SEO managers of the centers. media and companies.


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What tools should he be able to use?

Mauro Voltan digital contentHe must certainly know how to use Google Analytics to understand which content generates more or less traffic within the site and then take action to increase it. It must also be able to monitor the progress of SEM campaigns on Google Ads. Must have the ability to use email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp.

The priority for a digital content specialist is to know how to use the tools capable of monitoring the redemptions of all actions.

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In which contexts does a digital content specialist work?

Mauro Voltan digital contentWe are at the beginning and many companies do not yet have specialized digital marketers, even if they are starting to implement specific areas. In the near future, digital areas within marketing departments will increase and acquire greater importance.

There are companies and sectors that will sooner include digital content specialist figures because they have a greater propensity for the web or develop lead generation activities, or they are companies that operate in the e-commerce sector.

To date, there may still be overlapping roles between digital marketing managers and digital content specialists, especially in companies that do not yet have an important digital area. I think soon all the key digital marketing roles will be separated.




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