Digital PR Consultant: what they do, and how much they earn

Today, we shall deepen our knowledge of the Digital PR Consultant, an important consulting figure who helps companies to increase the reach of their activities in external channels. For this, we had the opportunity to interview the professional Michele Rinaldi, Digital PR Consultant at Soluzione Group, who explained to us what his work consists of, what tools he uses, as well as what skills and attitudes are must-haves for those who want to pursue this profession.



Who is a Digital PR Consultant and what does he do?

Matteo Righi Wex

Michele Rinaldi

Digital PR Consultant is, effectively, an adjunct member of the marketing department of a company. He can work closely with other marketing colleagues because he works for the company as an integral part of the staff; Or, as in my case that I am responsible for a business unit of a communication agency, it does so in outsourcing (externally).

What matters, however, is that he has to work hand-in-hand with the marketing team. It must help him, in fact, to transform the marketing objectives of the various communication activities planned into digital activities that allow the brand to build and maintain a positive reputation over time. How?

Obviously through working on content, telling credible stories, and monitoring and identifying the people, i.e., influencers, consumers, customers, and all those who can help the company strengthen its online reputation.

Consequently, it would also be beneficial to generate, and build and create positive consensus around the brand, exploiting the potential and opportunities that all digital tools today make available to corporate marketing.

Matteo Righi Wex

What value does a Digital PR Consultant add to a company?

Michele Rinaldi

The added value is that this person can represent the eyes and ears of a company’s marketing office on the digital world. This means that whenever there is a new trend, both in content and technology, both fashion and hashtag of the moment, the Digital PR Consultant must know it, must monitor it.

Whenever we talk about the company, its brand, its products, the Digital PR Consultant must know it and must help corporate marketing manage these situations.

There are some definitions of brands where it is said that “the brand is nothing more than what is said about you when you are not there“. This is true for people but, clearly, it is even more truthful for a product, for a brand, and for a company.

Here, the Digital PR Consultant represents this added value because he is able, through the use of IT tools and software, to help marketing monitor and keep under control what is said about the brand when the marketing area is focused on other campaigns.

Matteo Righi Wex

What are the tools that a Digital PR Consultant must be able to use?

Michele Rinaldi

The tools are different. Surely, at the base, there must be a thorough knowledge of all the main digital and social platforms. Hence, it is important to know the different tools: to know what the pros are, what are the cons, and the demographics of people and clusters (specific groups ed.) that most frequent or do not frequent a particular social channel or a given digital platform.

This is of high importance because if we have to stimulate conversations with our users, with our customers, we need to know which the most suitable places are to stimulate and generate these conversations.

Definitely, it is also important to know the advertising and editorial mechanisms of the publishing groups. Because, clearly, a large slice of the web world is somehow dominated by publishing groups that, over time, have built a whole series of contents and editorial containers that we must keep in mind if we want to keep the level of visibility of an online brand high.

Finally, there is a whole series of more vertical online tools suitable for social listening professionals, monitoring, and detection of everything, all of which help the Digital PR Consultant to select the best influencers, to monitor brand reputation and everything that happens outside the company’s proprietary tools.

For these applications, the most famous tools are Blogmeter and Talkwalker, but then there are still other types. Each tool has its own specificities and lends itself more to perform certain functions and to help you achieve certain goals.

Matteo Righi Wex

What skills must one have to pursue this profession?

Michele Rinaldi

There are basically three types of skills: First type one must have are relational skills, in the sense that it must have a typical training of those who come from the world of public relations, which means knowing how to relate to all the company’s target audiences whether to manage a comment or for a request on Facebook, as well as to manage relationships with influencers.

Then one must clearly have a humanistic predisposition towards the production of content and, therefore, know how to write, know how to create content that can please and arouse interest in the readers to whom they are addressed.

I believe, then, that it is very important especially in the consulting part, and, let’s say, to combine the Digital PR terminology with the Consultant part, to have at least a general smattering of traditional marketing principles.

Because if we have to help the marketing department to achieve certain objectives, we must be able to interpret and grasp what their dynamics and projects are in order for us to return an action plan that is synergistically integrated with the other activities.

Matteo Righi Wex

How do I become a Digital PR Consultant?

Michele Rinaldi

It is necessary to study not only within the university path. Today, fortunately, compared to a long time ago, there are more and more specific degree courses that can give you useful basics and notions to enable you to pursue this profession.

Ours is a world where learning is continuous, you can never stop, you always have to stay up to date. That’s why I always recommend selecting a panel of sources, communities, discussion groups; on Linkedin and Facebook, on blogs and forums. In short, participate in all those occasions where you can share know-hows, where you can share mistakes made, learn from the mistakes of each other, and exchange experiences.

Here, I think this is very important to be able to become a Digital PR. Then you have to start somewhere, I always recommend taking any opportunity consistent with the work you want to do. Of internship, of learning, even if it is a short period, it is never time thrown away. We must face this work in a sponge mode and then be able to internalize more experiences and then be able to throw it out when we, ourselves, become responsible or co-responsible for a project from A to Z.

Matteo Righi Wex

How much does a Digital PR Consultant earn?

Michele RinaldiThe earnings of a Digital PR Consultant depend a lot on some key factors: seniority, type of employment, and work area. According to Payscale, a Digital PR Consultant should take an average of 40 euros per hour. A rather high salary but, all in all, fair for a figure who can really be able to increase the value of a brand.



Digital PR Consultant Hourly Salary


If you find the Digital PR Consultant profession interesting, I recommend attending the Digital PR Specialist Certification by Digital Coach.




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