The professional role of the Digital Sales Executive

Sales management is the discipline that deals with developing and implementing sales strategies. The objective is to maximize the sales of products/services and achieve the set company targets.

Who is in charge of achieving it? Let’s find out together with Fabio Furiani, Digital Sales Executive.

What are the role and responsibilities of the Digital Sales Executive?

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fabio furianiA Digital Sales Executive is a professional who works in sales and is responsible for selling services or products to customers on behalf of a company either as an employee or as a sales associate or agent. The word Executive means that he/she manages a large portfolio of customers.


This digital professional also deals with existing or newly acquired customers through scouting or through leads that the company can pass on by trying to understand what their communication needs are.

And then structuring a project, a strategy that most often involves several services working in synergy with each other to meet their needs such as: wanting to increase turnover or seeking customer loyalty.

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student interviewer digital sales

What are the tools that you use most often to do your job effectively?

fabio furianiGeneric tools such as the Office package are certainly very important in any sector, but in Digital Sales there are also specific tools related to the company you work with.

For example, CRM to better manage your business, such as Salesforce, one of the world’s number one, and specific tools for the sector, such as Semrush, Seozoom, Google Analytics, and social insights, tools that you need to know very well in order to have a more solid argumentation when you are in front of the customer.

student interviewer digital sales

What is the difference between a Sales Manager and a Digital Sales Executive?

fabio furianiThe difference between the two roles is in the tasks they perform. The Sales Manager dedicates part of his activity to the management of other professionals, of collaborators.

On the other hand, the Digital Sales Executive deals exclusively with the commercial side, with direct sales, be it customer management or even business development.

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What is the right training to undertake in order to become a Digital Sales Executive?

fabio furianiOne certainly has to distinguish between the digital and the commercial sphere. As far as digital is concerned, there are excellent universities that provide in-depth preparation and excellent schools that are able to provide very valid classroom or online training.

In addition to the theoretical part, one should also be able to combine the practical part, because obviously getting one’s hands on the services, and the tools in one’s preparation means enjoying some concrete success stories that one can then present and propose to customers.

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On the other hand, from a business point of view, one has to be lucky enough to meet good trainers during one’s professional life, and in practice, there are several factors that go into making a good salesperson, a good professional, certainly determination and aptitude, which however one may develop at least a minimum base must be there, and then there are two factors:

  1. The organization
  2. The ability to change: a very important characteristic nowadays, as one must have the ability to adapt quickly to change and this is especially evident in the digital sector, which is constantly evolving.

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