Digital Seller: exploring role, responsibilities, and earnings

The Digital Seller is a new professional figure, which is beginning to establish itself and is gaining more and more importance, becoming part of companies to support the sales and marketing sector.

He is an essential professional for companies wishing to implement a good web-based sales system, both to make a difference in the market and to improve and be a winner over their competitors.

digital seller job description

The Digital Salesperson has a key role in the company. His main task is to take care of Digital Sales, i.e. to study and implement the best sales processes supported online.

In this article I will explain:

  • who is the Digital Sellers and what do they do;
  • how to become an expert in online sales and what skills are needed;
  • who the Digital Selling professionals are and how much they earn.

To embark on this career, you will understand how important it is to have a solid foundation in the new advanced sales techniques of Digital Selling and Social Selling.

I will also make you understand how online selling requires different skills from traditional selling and how acquiring them requires targeted theoretical training supported by practical experience.

If your goal is, therefore, to become a successful Digital Seller, my advice is to follow a targeted and complete path, such as the Digital Coach Digital Sales Course.

Who is the Digital Vendor?

The Digital Salesperson by definition is an online sales professional, who contributes to the achievement of corporate business goals.

As a salesperson, he or she aims to help companies increase their sales by creating contacts and maintaining relationships with customers and prospects (prospects and leads).

All this is done through digital channels and tools and also through direct contact with the buyer. It is, therefore, an evolution of what was the traditional seller or salesperson.

Basically, the digital salesperson, or Digital Seller, contributes to increasing corporate sales through the adoption of a mix of online tools and channels but also through one-to-one actions.

What a Salesperson Does in the Digital Field

The goal of the Digital Seller is to finalize the sale of products and services with the help of a multichannel strategy based mainly on digital tools, with the support of offline.

The offline activity mainly concerns human contact, which must be inserted at a strategic moment in the customer journey, i.e. when the Digital Seller seeks to get to know the potential customer better in order to build a relationship of trust.

Implementing an effective Digital Selling strategy involves the Digital Salesperson’s ability to manage a good sales funnel, both in B2B and B2C marketing.

In the first phase, the Digital Seller, through the study of keywords, must be able to intercept the searches that a user may make when he or she has a need or requirement.

digital selling objective

Then, it must find a way to get itself noticed and propose its products and services as a solution. Here it is important to create targeted landing pages and implement marketing actions aimed at generating “warm” contacts (lead generation) and building a relationship with them (lead nurturing).

Generating leads means obtaining the personal data of target users via these landing pages. Once the prospect’s data is acquired, the salesperson manages it to retain new contacts by “nurturing” them with interesting and relevant content.

Thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the Digital Seller can contact prospects and track their movements on the website. Knowing how to manage, update and control the contact database is very important in terms of results.

The salesperson must, therefore, be able to use the right tools to better coordinate these activities.

Digital vs. Traditional Sellers

Nowadays, Digital Sellers are increasingly replacing Traditional Sellers. The Traditional Salesperson is tied to outdated sales techniques, such as those typically implemented in a shop.

In old-style selling, it is virtually impossible to automate processes and control results. There can be no profiling of potential customers and the salesperson operating in this system does not apply new technologies to increase sales.

The Digital Seller, on the other hand, knows how to create a fully digitally supported sales process, thanks to an online strategy that allows him to intercept potential customers and maximize sales.

Online sales techniques are the evolution of traditional procedures and are supported by new technologies that come to the aid of the salesperson of the future.

He can use CRMs, websites, landing pages, social media, and techniques such as funnel marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation to his advantage. In general, this new salesperson specializes in Digital Selling and Social Selling.

Skills of the online sales expert

To be a Digital Salesperson, you absolutely must have several skills in digital marketing. It is certainly important that the online sales expert also has skills and knowledge in sales, as his ultimate goal is sales. In addition, he or she must possess cross-functional digital skills.

A Digital Seller must know funnel marketing, but must also know how to do lead generation using the most effective phrases to attract customers. He must also have content marketing skills to create landing pages and other forms of online content.

Since social media can help make the brand known and build its reputation, the marketer must have knowledge of social media marketing. In particular, he or she must know how to use social to sell, i.e. to do Social Selling.

Finally, the Digital Salesman must know how to integrate CRMs with other software. Some CRMs that can be used are Salesmate and Salesforce. Other tools that an online seller uses in his work are Semrush, Seozoom, Google Analytics, and Google Trends.

How to Become a Successful Seller in the Digital Age

As you may have guessed, to pursue a career as a Digital Salesperson you need to have extensive knowledge of digital marketing. In particular, it is useful to have a T-education, i.e. to have several horizontal skills and a specialization in some of them.

This expert, in fact, performs several activities, for which multiple skills and competencies are needed. Precisely for this reason, a master’s degree or training course that allows one to know and learn how to use different digital tools and channels can make all the difference.

This is because it is important that the expert knows how to move between different software, CRMs, and specific tools such as those I mentioned earlier.

To become a Digital Salesperson, you may come from a previous experience in sales (preferably in the digital area) or from a position as a digital marketing specialist.

Becoming an online sales specialist, for example, can be the right stepping stone to success in this occupation. Sometimes it may be necessary to attend courses for salespeople.

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Emerging Professions in Digital Selling

So far I have explained how Digital Salespeople are an evolution of traditional salespeople and how they achieve sales targets using digital tools.

The careers of these new Digital Selling figures are rising rapidly and a number of professionals with specific skills in online sales techniques are beginning to establish themselves.

Each of these professionals has very specific tasks within the company, although they are all oriented toward improving company performance. Read on to learn more about these professionals.

digital salespeople

Digital Sales Manager

The Digital Sales Manager is the person who heads the online sales team and is, therefore, responsible for it. He is the expert in charge of establishing and developing the online sales strategy that the company will have to follow to achieve more sales.

As a manager, this Digital Sales Manager must necessarily have interpersonal skills that allow him to relate both with the members of his own team, to always push them to achieve their goals and drive the company’s business forward, and with the other company teams to be able to join forces and convert this into satisfactory results.

For example, it is important for the Digital Sales Manager to liaise with the Digital Marketing Manager to get important information on customers and prospects from the marketing team.

In addition, the digital sales manager must always provide and update detailed reports showing the results achieved by his team of several Digital Sales Executives.

Obviously, even though this figure is more of a managerial type, to get to this role it is important to know all the digital tools and channels for selling online so that you can manage and control the work that is done.

The course in online sales management is the type of training for the senior salesperson who wants to complete his or her profile by giving competitive tools to his or her team and accelerating sales development

Digital Sales Executive

The Digital Sales Executive is the professional responsible for the sales of the company’s products and services, i.e. the person in charge of achieving the set objectives, i.e. increasing sales with the help of digital.

He is therefore in charge of the actual sales operations between the company and its customers.

A Digital Sales Executive identifies prospects, intercepts them, contacts them, and makes business proposals to them. In addition, he/she manages already acquired customers by also doing up-selling and cross-selling.

To find new customers and retain those already obtained, these Digital Sales Executives must certainly have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a spirit of initiative, and, above all, a result orientation.

Also, in this case, it is necessary to be familiar with all the useful tools for developing the best sales strategy.

Digital Sales Account

The Digital Sales Account is another of those professions on the rise in our country. This expert has various tasks and objectives that are part of the planning and development of a digital strategy aimed at improving the company’s business.

In his case too, there is a use of different digital channels to improve and simplify the work of the expert who, in addition to increasing sales, must increase the visibility and credibility of the brand.

He achieves this by perfecting the company’s online positioning, doing brand awareness, and looking after its reputation.

To be a Digital Sales Account you must, therefore, have even more transversal skills and be able to apply a multichannel strategy aimed at digitization.

As in the other cases, this role also requires interpersonal skills in order to understand the needs of the company and its customers and to develop an effective strategy.

Furthermore, it is necessary for the person in this role to have skills in SEO, advertising, content marketing, social media, affiliate marketing and direct marketing.

How much does a Digital Seller earn?

Being a recent and evolving figure, the salary of the Digital Salesperson cannot yet be defined with certainty.

Incidentally, in this field, many years of experience can make a difference; the salary of someone starting out in one of these occupations will certainly differ from that of an expert.

salary of digital salesperson

The following is, therefore, average annual salaries, calculated by taking an average of the salaries of young and experienced professionals for each profession.

  • Digital Sales Executive: €27,500 per year.
  • Digital Sales Manager/Accounts: around €42,000 per year, although a successful manager with a lot of experience behind him/her can achieve higher earnings.

So, overall, the average salary of a Digital Vendor is around €36,000 per year.

Conclusions and free career counseling

Although the figure of the Digital Vendor is not yet clear and defined, it is beginning to be in great demand by companies. Some companies are realizing, in fact, how the way of selling classically used until a few years ago is limiting and no longer allows them to be sufficiently competitive.

For this reason, roles such as Digital Sales Managers, Executives, or Accounts will continue their rise and Digital Salespeople will become increasingly crucial to the success of companies that choose digitization to improve their business.

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