Web Digital Trafficker: discover definition, role and salary

What is a digital trafficker?

Would you be interested in working in an advertising agency, media center, e-commerce, or in the media department of large companies? Then becoming a Web Digital trafficker could be right for you.

Real experts of communication on the web, in the management of Adv campaigns, Web Digital traffickers play a fundamental role within a company. As you can easily guess from the very etymology of the word, advertising agencies or concessionaires rely on these digital field specialists to generate and convert web traffic from users potentially interested in their products and services.

We cannot speak of a single specific task: the task of the Web Digital trafficker can range from the analysis of data traffic to the management of Email Marketing DEM campaigns up to the implementation of Affiliation techniques, Location Based Marketing, Real Time Bidding, etc.

Interview with a digital web trafficker

In this interview, we will deepen the role and qualities that this professional figure must have with the help of Irene Danesi, Junior Web Digital trafficker Specialist of B2X Srl.

Julia Gennari

Tell us a who the Web Trafficker is

irene danesiHi, I’m Irene Danesi and I work for B2x, an outsourcing company for e-commerce companies/customers. I take care of bringing “quality” traffic to the site. More precisely, as far as my work as a Web trafficker is concerned, I deal with the paid part, i.e. building business strategies through the use of platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, rather than generating traffic through the affiliate channel, all in line with the customer’s needs (e-commerce in my case).

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Julia Gennari

What skills should he have?

irene danesiSurely, a trafficker digital must know how to implement efficient Media Mix strategies. I believe that it is important to have basic knowledge of Marketing and Economics, together with a great passion for Digital. It is not necessary to have programming skills, even if a general smattering can certainly be a point in favor of being able to relate to the technicians and therefore arrive at a more complete strategy. An example? Doing this work also means being able to understand the data tracking mechanism to identify the most important channels to consider in terms of online traffic.

Julia Gennari

What tools does a digital ad trafficker use?

irene danesiReconnecting to the subject of skills, a Web trafficker must know how to use tools such as Google Ads and Analytics, as well as Business Manager and the proprietary platforms of publisher and affiliation companies with which the Web trafficker interfaces. For example, knowing Google Ads helps you better understand the progress of your campaigns when dealing with leads or conversions generated by platforms such as Criteo, a remarketing company, or Awin, which deals with affiliations. In essence, knowing other platforms as well as a plus that can help you become as independent as possible from external agencies.

Julia Gennari

With which figures does the Web Digital Trafficker relate within a company?

irene danesiWithin a company, the digital trafficker interacts with the Marketing department, in my specific case with the e-commerce Store Managers, and therefore with those who manage the website. It then interfaces with external agencies and, as I mentioned previously, with technicians and programmers. During the construction and setting of the various campaigns, it is important to know how to relate to a team of experts, especially those who deal with SEO or communication.

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Julia Gennari

What path do you recommend to follow to become a Web Digital Trafficker?

irene danesiIt depends on one’s skills and one’s subjectivity. In my very personal opinion, I would recommend following a course in Marketing and Economics, but also post-graduate Masters focused on Digital Marketing and online and offline refresher courses. Staying informed is the key for those who want to take this path.

Julia Gennari

What is the average salary of a digital trafficker?

irene danesiIt all depends on the size of the company, the city, and the country where you work. Generally speaking, it is estimated between $25-30K for a junior figure.

Julia Gennari

Any advice for those who want to take this path?

irene danesiCuriosity, sensitivity, and attention to the customer and above all to social networks. Understanding user behavior also through other communication channels is undoubtedly a trump card for being able to identify the target and acquire new customers.

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