Discord Specialist: who he is, what he does, how and where to work

The Discord Specialist is a digital professional often employed in the Community Management department of the messaging and video streaming application. This particular digital job consists of acting as a slow consultant and point of contact between user and platform, in order to always guarantee the best possible service and user experience.

Discord is an app that helps connect millions of users, mostly game players, from all over the world in a simple and intuitive way. It requires qualified personnel with the tools and knowledge to successfully and continuously guarantee the provision of services and thus ensure full customer satisfaction.

If you are an aspiring Discord Specialist but do not know where to start in order to obtain the essential skills to hone for a successful career within the platform, you are in the right place! Here you will find useful information to get a complete picture of this particular digital profession and thus get closer to your professional goals with a Social Media Manager course.

But what exactly does a Discord Specialist do? In this article, you will discover the characteristics and tasks of this community management expert.

More precisely, you will see:

  • what Discord is and how it works;
  • who the Discord specialist is and what he does;
  • how to become a professional on this platform;
  • how one can earn money with Discord;
  • courses and references you must have to work as a Discord Specialist.

Who is the Discord Specialist Moderator

The Discord Specialist is an internal platform resource or freelancer who works with the community management team for various gaming companies. This resource is essential in order to ensure the correct delivery of the services made available to users by the Discord messaging and video streaming application at all times.

The fundamental role of the Discord Specialist is therefore to optimize services, but not only. In fact, in addition to ensuring that all projects concerning the platform are delivered in the correct way and optimized, he or she must also make sure that the customer is satisfied and if not, analyze any problems and communicate them to the team so that the Community Managers are always supported.

Discord Specialist: what does it do?

The main task of the Discord Specialist is to follow and control all those processes relating to the management of a server in close cooperation with the team dedicated to the community management of video game players and others. The term ‘server’ refers to those areas of the platform where users can freely interact with each other, either by writing or speaking as needed.

discord specialist taskThese virtual “rooms” are the ideal place to exchange information at a distance, which is why the target audience that appreciates Discord the most is gamers.

It works in the same way as a Whatsapp or Telegram group, where you can share interests, and files, play games, and create forums.

The main difference between a group on other messaging applications and a Discord server is the fact that on the latter it is possible to create groups, better known as channels, and divide them all by subject categories.

The job of the Discord Specialist, employed in this area in the management of servers or channels, is mainly to monitor the proper functioning of the services offered, the moderation of users and disputes that may arise between members of an active community, and applying directives and policies governing proper behavior.

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Discord Specialist Job description

The Discord Specialist is a digital professional who has gained experience in all areas of the platform and especially in managing and setting up Discord servers. The ability to work in a team and problem-solving are indispensable aptitudes if you want to make a career in this role. The ability to analyze and prevent possible problems, especially with regard to the management of user communities, is essential for those practicing this profession.

His skills concern, on the one hand, specific competencies related to the use of the platform, and on the other hand, interpersonal skills related to team relations and user management. Managing this type of social community inevitably involves both verbal and written communication, which is why it is necessary for those in this digital profession to have an excellent command of both spoken and written English and, above all, strongly expressive and empathic skills.

How do you do your job?

The Discord Specialist can work remotely in smart working or from a fixed office. This professional simply needs a device connected to the Internet, which can be a laptop for example, in order to be able to carry out his or her tasks fully and autonomously.

Versatility is undoubtedly a distinguishing feature of this type of job. Three different types of work can be adapted according to need: traditional, smart working, and hybrid. This possibility of choosing and perhaps alternating the ways in which one does one’s work brings considerable advantages to organizations in terms of productivity, and the achievement of pre-established objectives and also has a considerable impact in terms of welfare.

Smart Working or agile working, even if provided only for a part of the working week, helps to loosen the physical constraints that can be a cause of stress and instead gives the worker employed in a digital profession, which can be the Discord Specialist’s activity, that freedom to manage commitments that contributes to improving his or her mental state, with a direct consequence of greater productivity and physical serenity.

The world of digital marketing, for which all you need is a computer and certified skills to work online from home, fits in with these particular contractual forms.

What are your responsibilities?

This kind of job involves many responsibilities and covers multiple areas. In fact, the responsibilities of the Discord Specialist are not limited to setting up and managing a server, although this is an essential prerogative, the tasks involve multiple processes. In fact, the digital profession requires one to be able to perform tasks related to:

  • monitor and analyze all those processes related to the management of a Discord server in multiple projects managed by the Community Management team;
  • must also make optimizations and improvements to ongoing projects, revise settings and integrate new projects simultaneously with others;
  • ensure that the customer is always able to use the service optimally by analyzing the performance reports of the Discord servers, as they must always be acceptable and suitable for the user’s purpose of use;
  • the Discord Specialist creates and shares documents for work improvement also at the team level, as well as the implementation of project-related processes to ensure that these are distributed and shared with all team members;
  • continuously communicate information and trends of the various projects to the relevant management teams;
  • it may also happen that this specialist has to deal with the management of direct customer interaction, although this is generally handled by CM Leads;
  • assisting the team in the design and implementation of the Discord policy by establishing the procedures and standards to be applied and then measuring the results and comparing them with previous data, finally ensuring that the necessary changes are made and that they are fully respected;
  • training sessions for other team members may also be requested, facilitating their learning processes;
  • in order to be considered an expert, it is necessary to keep up with the times and new trends, and events within the industry, and to comply and conform to industry standards.

What tools does the Discord Specialist use?

To successfully complete his work, the Discord Specialist needs appropriate tools and software.

In addition to the use of programs that can facilitate the organization of work, time, and resources, this professional must be in possession of a laptop connected to the Internet and an in-depth knowledge of the messaging and streaming platform Discord in order to work.

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How to work for Discord: 4 useful tips

Knowing the mental and physical requirements of the Discord Specialist is important to ensure that they possess the skills that will ensure their suitability for the role. What are these requirements and skills?

discord platformCertainly, the basic requirement is perfect knowledge of the Discord platform in all respects, good communication skills in English, and above all the ability to act as a moderator and mediator in discussions and debates between users.

How can one demonstrate and acquire these particular skills and knowledge for working with Discord?

There are various ways to assimilate the requirements necessary to have a profile in line with this digital job. To find out how to do the job of Discord Specialist, below you will find 3 tips that will explain how you can get started with skills and job opportunities within the favorite platform of video game players.

Attend a specific course

Taking part in a training course specifically for this profession is undoubtedly one of the quickest and most direct ways of acquiring the skills and competencies needed to carry out all the tasks of a Discord Specialist. In fact, the professional employed in this job position, as explained in detail above, must cope with a variety of tasks as well as be able to successfully handle frequent accumulations of stress.

Among the skills to be acquired, in addition to operational skills that may be the use of tools and programs, is the need to learn the various procedures of crisis management and community management. User management is a challenging practice that ranges from setting and specifying behavioral norms to individual user management.

Discord Moderator Academy

One of the paths you should definitely take if you want to become a Discord Specialist is undoubtedly to study and fully understand how the platform works so that you can use it to the full.

Before embarking on such a multifaceted profession, comprehensive training through a Community Manager and Social Media Course with certification is necessary. This is followed by a course to learn how the app works and to start approaching this world.

There is a section of the official website that provides a series of courses covering parts of the tasks you will be performing. The Discord Moderator Academy, as this comprehensive set of resources is called, includes courses at all levels for both beginners and veterans that explain the principles of moderation, community management, and more.

In order to be able to pursue a career as a Discord Specialist, one of the main prerequisites is certainly the fact of possessing good community management skills at a professional level to properly manage user communities. In fact, this application is to all intents and purposes a virtual space that allows anyone to create a community dedicated to their passions such as games, the creation of art and NFT, or simply to spend time with old friends and meet new ones without location constraints.

For this reason, moderators are indispensable for the creation of places where people can feel safe and welcome by putting into practice the policies and rules of the various groups. Another fundamental function required by the digital profession of the moderator is to actively contribute to the improvement of communities, thereby optimizing the user experience and making these digital communities places where people want to return.

Freelance Discord Expert

Being a freelance Discord Specialist means belonging to the category of self-employed and independent workers. This figure offers his or her services to companies, organizations, or individuals. These digital professionals are hired on a fee-for-service basis and it is possible to find opportunities and collaborations that also involve the Discord platform.

In fact, companies and private individuals increasingly prefer freelancers to large corporations, in order to obtain faster and more personalized services, so this figure has increasingly made its way into the world of work. Another factor that has influenced the rapid spread of this profession undoubtedly comes from the legislative world. Even in Italy, the passing of laws facilitating the tax regimes and protections of freelancers has made many consider this type of career.

Administer a Discord server

To work as a Discord Specialist, one of the skills that is definitely appreciated is the ability to create and manage a server.

manage discord serverThe Server is the basic unit that can be compared to a WhatsApp group but with functionality and performance adapted to the needs of the target group, which in this case are mostly gamers.

To be able to manage a Discord server, it is necessary to know all the basics and functionalities of the platform:

  • customization;
  • population;
  • creation of channels;
  • role management.

Conclusions and Career Advice

In conclusion, how does one get started as a Discord Specialist Moderator? This digital profession is a fundamental resource for the correct use of the services provided by the application and, above all, for the creation of places where privacy and respect are mutual and for all users.

So, the key step is to get to know the platform as well as possible and to become an expert in all those fundamental practices in both server creation and community management.

Choosing to undertake study courses as Social Media and Community Manager and courses and tutorials to deepen the use of the platform, is certainly a wise decision for those who want to enter this reality. The added value, however, is the experience that can only be gained in the field, putting the procedures learned into practice on a daily basis and always improving.

If this article has convinced you to consider this career, book your Free Coaching and be guided by a digital marketing expert on the right path to take.

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