E-commerce Project Manager: best definition, role and salary

The E-commerce Project Manager (“responsible for the e-commerce project”) is a typical example of a Digital Project Manager. It is a very complex figure. It has an operational management role, but not only; is responsible for the evaluation, planning, and implementation of the online sales project.

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Interview with an e-commerce project manager

Today, for the section Jobs and digital professions, we interviewed Valentina Sala, an esteemed e-commerce project manager, as well as an expert in Web Marketing and Social Media and author of some articles on e-commerce, among which I would like to point out “E-commerce: made-to-measure is better!“.

divina recchia

Who is the E-commerce Project Manager?

Valentina SalaThe E-commerce Project Manager, known as “project manager” is a key figure in the creation of corporate e-commerce; in fact, it has the task of carrying out the project through a development strategy and the subsequent maintenance of the set objectives. The best strategies are based on a marketing plan through specific market analyses. Depending on the size of the company, the E-commerce Project Manager can be a figure external to the client company or internal to it.

Divina Recchia

Can you tell us about the job description of the e-commerce project manager?

Valentina Sala

There are several points that an E-commerce Manager must define for the creation of an online sales site. First of all, the action strategy must be defined which will go alongside a market analysis and a targeted business plan that will allow us to make our site competitive and easily manageable. An e-commerce manager must know how to juggle the best and most effective web marketing and reporting tools and achieve the highest possible profits for the customer with these.

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Divina Recchia

What can be the average salary of an E-commerce Project Manager?

Valentina SalaTo answer the question of how much the E-commerce Project Manager earns, several aspects need to be analyzed, since the development of e-commerce is lagging compared to other European and non-European countries, the e-commerce manager is a figure that is establishing itself above all in recent years. The salary will be related to the size of the project, the skills of the e-commerce manager himself, the tasks entrusted to him, and the size of the client company. Broadly speaking, I can tell you that a gross salary can range from $30,000 to $80,000.

Divina Recchia

What skills should an E-commerce Project Manager possess?

Valentina SalaThis is one of the most important questions. Speaking to you from my personal experience, I can tell you that a broad, specific, and in-depth knowledge of web marketing tools, both mobile and on-site, is essential. As with physical stores, also in this case, the E-commerce project Manager’s knowledge of retail is extremely important. Using this knowledge we could define various keywords which, with the study of the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and other parameters provided by Analytics and similar tools, will allow us to understand if the project we are implementing is effective or can be improved.

This will pave the way for excellent indexing, which we will then have to maintain over time through Adwords campaigns, SEO, E-mail marketing, and other tools to help us identify small or large critical issues to better organize the e-commerce project.

Divina Recchia

Earlier you mentioned the tools, which ones do you need to be able to master best?

Valentina SalaThe most important tool to know and master is Analytics; which by communicating directly with Google, allows us to cross and compare data to perform in-depth analyzes of the market and the behavior of web users within our site. It is also essential to know which are the best-selling products, and the bottlenecks that arise during the purchasing process and therefore correct them to ensure easy and intuitive navigation for the user. In addition to statistical tools, we can use e-mail marketing platforms, social portals, and copyrighted content to promote our site to bring the customer to the call to action.

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Divina Recchia

From which companies do the greatest job requests come?

Valentina SalaThroughout my 10-year work experience, requests for the creation of e-commerce sites have varied greatly. Initially, it was a niche market, reserved for multinational companies structured with an effective organization that made it easier to build a B2C (business-to-customer) relationship. Nowadays, however, the greatest requests come from medium and small businesses which, especially in this period of crisis, seek to increase their turnover through online sales. Among the sectors that most focus on e-commerce, we find: clothing, technologies and lately travel and food agencies. Above all, the latter promises important future developments.

Divina Recchia

How do you become an E-commerce Project Manager?

Valentina SalaGood question! When I entered this world, there were still very few schools that taught economics courses aimed at e-commerce. We talked mostly about Web Marketing. Over time, I have been able to see that study paths aimed at e-commerce, specific online courses for the management of online sales projects, and very effective communication tools have been created. Surely experience in this field remains essential to know the costs, the strategies for saving, the problems that have to be faced, and other skills that a purely theoretical course of study cannot give.

It must be said that even if e-commerce today is seen as a still uncommon form of commerce, it is part of the purchasing habits of a large percentage of consumers. There is a very complex back-end that defines a logical and structured purchasing path from start to finish, requiring significant investments on the part of client companies. The organization of efficient logistics, coordination of shipments, and the procurement of materials are fundamental steps that should not be underestimated; and this is where the figure of the E-Commerce Project Manager.

Divina Recchia

What other professionals do you interact with?

Valentina SalaAn E-commerce Project Manager is in close and constant contact with all other e-commerce professionals. From the logistics manager, who deals with the movement of the sold products, to the IT department which includes programmers and developers, who translate ideas into code, from the designers who define the visual standards of the site, to the buyers who make the purchases and can be o owners themselves for small companies or professional buyers for larger companies, up to various copywriters and e-mail marketing managers.

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Divina Recchia

Could you describe to us a bit about your place of work?

Valentina SalaAs far as my work is concerned, I have worked in large companies structured with open spaces where it was possible to interface directly with the various project departments to make work more efficient. However, there are smaller companies that rely on an external E-commerce Manager, who can work peacefully from home, interfacing with the various managers via conference calls. However, the fact remains that to maximize results it is almost essential to have contact with the objects that are going to be sold, by visiting warehouses and touching the products that will then be sold online.

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