E-Commerce Specialist: who he is, what he does and how much he earns

The E-Commerce Specialist, as the term implies, is a specialist in electronic commerce. Specialist in online sales, he is necessarily a multifaceted professional.

In this interview with Jaspal Singh, E-Commerce Specialist of Indian origins who has been busy for some time between Italy, the United Kingdom and India, we will analyze the role, characteristics and skills of this leading professional figure in the digital world and increasingly in demand by the Work. You will find out various things: what this figure does, how much the E-commerce Specialist earns, the differences with the E-commerce Manager and much more.

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Who is an E-commerce specialist?

You can both watch the video of the interview on YouTube and read it below in the article. At the end of the interview, you’ll know exactly how to put yourself in the game to become a successful E-commerce specialist!

e-commerce specialist interviewer

What does the E-Commerce Specialist do?

e-commerce specialist professionalThe E-Commerce Specialist is a professional who mainly deals with studying, planning and implementing strategies, innovative online sales solutions (products or services) within client companies, both BTC and BTB. You are a figure who has a key role in the e-commerce sector because you have a 360° view of how an e-commerce is created and how it develops based on the size of the company and the volume of turnover you want get the latter. You have very important responsibilities because you have the task of achieving those objectives defined with the entrepreneur or the company. He is a very political figure who must have certain knowledge and skills.

e-commerce specialist strategy

e-commerce specialist interviewer

How to become an E-commerce Specialist?

What kind of training should an E-Commerce Specialist have and what was your training path?

e-commerce specialist professionalFor the type of training that an e-commerce expert should have, as happened to me, it is important that you focus mainly on the e-commerce field for several years. Maybe on development and then on marketing, or even just exclusively on marketing and e-commerce management. You must have several years of experience in the administration of an e-commerce site, your own or someone else’s. What is important is that there is concrete experience in the field. At the same time there must be constant training on all marketing strategies and all the technical aspects for the development of an online business.

In my case, I have done various activities in web marketing starting as a developer of e-commerce sites. A real programmer who deals with site development on CMS platforms. From there I started with search engine optimization activities, then SEO and SEM. I got there through various training courses and then started with other businesses, like marketing automation. I went from being an e-commerce specialist to holding business development consultancy positions in certain companies.

e-commerce specialist interviewer

What are the skills for e-commerce specialist?

What are the strategic skills that an E-Commerce Specialist absolutely must possess?

e-commerce specialist professionalBeing a specialist, it is very important that he has both technical know-how and IT knowledge, especially related to Digital Marketing, such as SEO, SEM, email marketing or affiliate marketing. In short, he must have all this digital knowledge but at the same time he must have business knowledge on the development of a traditional company.

Therefore to know at least in general all the aspects of a business process, organization and development of a company. The peculiar aspect, the key element that an E-Commerce Specialist must possess, is a great capacity for analysis and problem solving, but must also be able to coordinate a team of professionals and must be able to interface with the various departments within a company.

e-commerce specialist interviewer

E-Commerce Specialist Vs E-Commerce manager?

e-commerce specialist professionalThis is a question that I frequently read online because the activities of an E-Commerce Manager and an E-Commerce Specialist often overlap, but there are differences: the e-commerce manager is a commercial director of electronic commerce and generally manages a single e-commerce.

The E-commerce specialist, on the other hand, is a professional who has gained a more substantial experience in the management of various e-commerce, in various sectors. So you are an independent professional rather than an internal professional, you are a consultant rather than a sales manager. Both then relate to other professional figures in ecommerce.

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e-commerce specialist interviewer

What training course to enter this profession?

Do you think it is useful to attend a training course to undertake this profession?

e-commerce specialist professionalI believe that for the e-commerce specialist it is essential not only to attend one, but more than one. It is important to be constant in one’s training and in studying new techniques because this is a constantly evolving market. Being connected to digital there are always news and updates and will continue to be there. So having a good foundation and following specialized training courses in this area and in the e-commerce field is essential.


e-commerce specialist interviewer

How much can an E-commerce Specialist earn?

e-commerce specialist professionalHis net income, being self-employed, is not identified by a busy professional but we are talking about turnover. According to some statistics and job descriptions for E-Commerce Specialists that I have read, we are talking about revenues, turnovers, exceeding 100,000 euros per year. Let’s say that between 80,000 and 100,000 is the minimum for e-commerce specialists who operate on a European but also Italian level.

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Tips for an e-commerce specialist

What advice would you give to a person embarking on this type of career?

e-commerce specialist professionalAs we have said so far, it is essential to train and continue to study. Keep up to date with the innovations and techniques of the future. Have a lot of experience and be very curious. So: training, experience and a lot of curiosity. And a lot of passion, of course, for e-commerce and for one’s work.

In conclusion, now that you’ve read the interview, to learn about online store platforms I suggest you read the article dedicated to e-commerce software or WooCommerce vs PrestaShop.

If you enjoyed this interview with Jaspal Singh and you are looking for further information on the work of an E-Commerce Specialist or, more generally, on the duties of an e-commerce employee, I suggest you read the mini e-commerce guide and also consult the pages of the E-Commerce Manager course and of the E-Commerce Specialist course.

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